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  • Bài giảng Địa chất biển đại cương - Phần 5: Trầm tích biển sâu cung cấp cho các bạn các khái niệm, sơ đồ phân tích trầm tích đáy biển toàn cầu, cơ chế vận chuyển trầm tích biển sâu, cơ chế hình thành trầm tích turbidite và các nội dung khác.

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  • Sediment tracing is a young and rapidly growing branch of sedimentology. Successful sediment tracing began in the mid 1950’s with the advent of radioactive and fluorescent-marking techniques. Although still in infancy, modern tracing techniques clearly offer the means for delineating the dynamics of many different sedimentary environments. This particular sediment-tracing study was begun in 1959 during the writer’s graduate studies under Dr. K. 0. Emery at the University of Southern California. Due to the interest and encouragement of Dr.

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  • Margin deltas are the last ones that were formed in a shelf break zone, when a sea level has slowdown during last time of a forced regression and the beginning of the success transgression. The margin deltas are abruptly thickened in the zone of shelf break, became thinner landward and basinward. Because they were formed in the shelf edge, they have a relatively high sand/clay ratio, prone to turbidite. In the northern part of the Red River basin, during the Miocene the margin deltas had developed eastward from the plot 103, i.e. from the borehole 103-TH-1X, 103-TG-1X and...

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