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  • Charity Hisle is a social media consultant, speaker and trainer. After several years in the printing and Multifamily industries, she developed a love for social media marketing and became excited about the implications of social media marketing for small business. In an effort to generate awareness concerning the benefits of leveraging social media, she established an engagement training blog and became a full-time social media consultant.

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  • In the Google world of today, people are accustomed to searching websites based on their own unique sets of criteria, otherwise known as filtered search. Because of this, Craigslist ads need great titles, various keywords for additional search criteria, and unit-specific rent and location information. When searching Craigslist, the first requirements are to choose the search geographic location and the apts/housing. Results shown on this page are considered by many to be the most valuable placement. Ads are often repeatedly posted in order to maintain a presence on page 1.

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  • The literature review and web-searches provided basic information on different types of financing mechanisms globally, in the EU and other European countries. These consisted mainly of scientific and professional publications. The purpose was to analyse the marketing difficulties of non-market forest goods and services, to develop a typology of financing mechanisms, to give a theoretical characterisation of different types of financing mechanisms, and to provide an overview of the current use of financing mechanisms in the EU MS.

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  • Before using the “EDORA cube” to provide a framework for a “broad-brush” review of socio- economic performance across “non-urban” Europe (section 3) it will be helpful to provide a simple statistical assessment of the “independence” of the D-P and Structural types. The distinctiveness of the types may be assessed in a variety of different ways. For example the statistical differences between the types of each typology may be tested on the basis of the indicators used in the classification.

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