Unit testing policy

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  • This research sets the propositions as how factors like innovation, resource development and the imports of energy can help ensure renewable energy consumption in Indonesia for the period of 1995-2019. The independent variables for research are innovation, research and development, and energy import. The dependent variable is renewable energy consumption and the control variables are population growth and energy consumption.

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  • The thesis aims at building a factor model affecting corporate social responsibility (CSR) implementation in businesses; scale test of factors affecting CSR implementation; Conclusion on the trend and the influence of the factors on the implementation of CSR in enterprises of Vietnam National Textile and Garment Group as a basis for proposing policy implications and solutions to enhance the performance of responsibilities. society at the unit.

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  • The issue of disparity and inequalities between black and minority ethnic groups and the majority white population in rates of mental ill health and equality of service in terms of experience and outcomes has figured in government policy since Labour took office in 1997. The death of an African-Caribbean patient named David Bennett in a secure psychiatric unit whilst detained under the Mental Health Act (1983) and the subsequent inquiry report published in 2003 found the NHS to be “institutionally racist”.

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  • This book began as a study of Japanese public policy, more specifically the legal, ethical, and political dimensions of health policy debates in Japan. Having studied medico-legal conflicts in the United States, and the tensions they generated between public health and individual rights, state power and personal privacy, medical paternalism and patients’ rights, I decided to examine how such concerns were addressed in Japan with regard to AIDS policy and the definition of death.

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  • The structure of the paper is as follows. Section 2 discusses the literature on both measuring competition and the bank interest rate pass-through. Section 3 describes the Boone indicator of competition and Section 4 the employed interest rate pass-through model of the error-correction type and the applied panel unit root and cointegration tests. Section 5 presents the various data sets used. The results on the various tests and estimates of the spread model and the error correction model equations are shown in Section 6. Finally, Section 7 summarises and concludes....

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  • Despite meager funding for pain research in the United States, the field of pain medicine is highly active, as demonstrated by growth in the number of pain medicine publications and journals, develop- ment of pain medicine associations, passage of pain medicine legislation for the military and Veterans Affairs, and most recently, congressional activity to pass the National Pain Care Policy Act of 2009.

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  • The PHP ecosystem has changed dramatically in the past six years. Prior to PHP 5’s advent, we PHP developers were primarily creating our projects on an ad-hoc basis, each project differing from its predecessor; if we paid attention, each project improved on the previous— but there was no guarantee. While tools and practices existed for managing code quality and standards, they were still maturing, and not in widespread use.

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