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Urinary tract endometriosis

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  • (BQ) Continued part 1, part 2 of the document Gynecology and obstetrics (Sixth edition) has contents: Benign disorders of the upper genital tract, endometriosis and adenomyosis, pelvic organ prolapse, urinary incontinence, puberty, the menstrual cycle, and menopause, abnor malities of the menstrual cycle,… and other contents. Invite you to consult the details.

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  • Food technology and safety research financed by the European Commission has the obvious objective of enhancing the quality of life, in the short term as well as in a long-term perspective. Research as such is most often seen as a long-term activity and even the most applied research should be regarded as an investment for future benefits. Nevertheless, the EU should address research on short-term issues, in order to meet the needs of rapid and accurate information in cases of emerging transnational crises. ...

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  • Likewise, understanding your audience will help you select the best channels for reaching specific audiences with your messages. People access information in different ways, at different times of the day, and for different reasons. Using market research, metrics, and other data to define your audience needs will be important in selecting the most effective channels. Each social media channel is different in the way it engages communities and manages content.

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  • With the recent increase in shareholder activism, companies are increasingly considering roles for lead directors in communicating with shareholders. Although management remains principally responsible for investor relations, having a lead director who can assist in certain types of commu- nications may add a useful voice.

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  • Animation is currently one of the emerging outsourcing services offered by the Philippines. With the beginnings of animation in the country being traced as early as the 1980’s, this fairly long history lends the Philippines its reputation as one of the stronger Asian players in the global animation industry today. However, considering that the country had first-mover advantage, its current share of the global animation market remains marginal when compared to the international demand for animation work.

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  • To limit mortality among baby chicks in the free-range system, take steps to protect the mother hen and the chicks from predators, thieves and rain. Put them in a simple, separate shelter that is roomy and airy and can be closed securely. Draughts and low temperatures during the first few days are particularly dangerous for the baby chicks. Although a run is handy, it is also risky, due to possible worm infections. It is important to move the run regularly, especially in wet weather. Fold units are very suitable mobile housing units for young chicks (figure 8 and figure 9)....

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  • Crisis-driven layoffs are on the rise in many OECD countries and experience from previous recessions shows that many skilled workers will become unemployed (see the example of Korea in Box 1). High-tech industries (like IT, aeronautics or pharmaceuticals) and knowledge-intensive services (like financial services) are announcing layoffs almost daily. This human capital will quickly depreciate if the downturn is protracted.

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  • High skill and talent levels are crucial for economic success. The skill levels of both the current overall workforce and people entering the workforce from the education system are important. Management and leadership skills impact substantially on organisational performance. According to the Management Matters study, management practices in New Zealand manufacturing rank 10th of 14 OECD countries covered. People management is particularly weak. A skilled and educated workforce is also important.

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  • In the U.S the turn around from increasing to lower levels in outstanding mortgages went even further than in the U.K. In the U.S. individual households reduced their home mortgage level by about $1 trillion in the period 2008 to Q3 2012.This represented about 10% of all outstanding home mortgages. The pressure of selling off “repossessed homes” was also much stronger than in the U.K. In the U.S. 5.35 million second hand homes were brought into the housing market since 2006. This should be compared to the housing need of about 1.6 million new homes per annum in...

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  • Complex software-based systems today power the Nation’s most advanced defense, security, and economic capabilities. Such systems also play central roles in science and engineering discovery, and thus are essential in addressing this century’s grand challenges (e.g., low-cost, carbon-neutral, and renewable energy; clean water; next-generation health care; extreme manufacturing; space exploration, etc.). These large-scale systems typically must remain operational, useful, and relevant for decades.

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  • Although the Apollonian aesthetic and the more general valuation of reason and control became the dominant tradition, the core ideas of the Dionysian aesthetics continued as a minor theme in philosophy, art, and culture. For example, the idea that the world does not fully yield to the power of reason inspired continued and diverse expression in the philos- ophy of Nietzsche, Schoepenhauer, Kierkegaard, Sartre, and Camus.

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  • Herder finds this definition rather abstract, however, insufficiently descriptive of actual aesthetic experience of beautiful objects, insufficiently articulated to describe concretely which objects of which kinds are connected to which feelings (of which kinds). To understand the meaning of “beauty” so defined, Herder claims, we must trace this definition back to the sense experience upon which it is grounded, and which it purports to describe.

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  • During the price presentation, a great way to close is to ask, “Out of these three membership options, which one are you leaning toward?” But this is where many rookie salespeople make a mistake. Most times the prospect will point to or tell the salesperson which option they prefer. The common mistake that a rookie salesperson makes is that they will not begin immediately filling out the membership agreement. They will continue talking, potentially changing the prospects mind after they have already said yes. ...

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  • Sunlight is now-a-days considered to be a source of energy which is implemented in various day to day applications. Solar energy is being used to produce electricity through sunlight. With the help of this technology we aim to make solar energy powered car. Preliminarily our objective would be to implement our idea on a remote control toy car and afterwards with help of this prototype we can extend our future work on building an actual car powered by the solar energy which is both cost effective and of course environment friendly. We also intend to solve the problem of...

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  • In DWI/DUI cases involving child passengers or victims, traffic prosecutors should consider the applicability of generic child endangerment or abuse statutes. In People v. Cruz, 576 N.Y.S. 978 (N.Y. Criminal Ct. 1991), the defendant drove his car with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .18 grams per deciliter with his two children in the car. The court recognized the inherent dangers of impaired driving and held that there was sufficient evidence to find the defendant guilty of endangering the welfare of a child. Similarly, in State v. Miller, 1995 Ohio App.

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  • Provide Consumers With Choices to Reduce Costs and Save Energy: Volatile gasoline prices reinforce the need for innovation that will make it easier and more affordable for consumers to buy more advanced and fuel-efficient vehicles, use alternative means of transportation, weatherize their homes and workplaces, and in doing so, save money and protect the environment. These measures help families’ pocketbooks, reduce our dependence on finite energy sources and help create jobs here in the United States....

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  • This expression says that an advertisement covers a notification if and only if it covers each individual attribute in the notification. Note that this is the dual of subscriptions, which define the minimal set of attributes that a notifi- cation must contain. In contrast to subscriptions, when a filter is used as an advertisement, multiple constraints for the same attribute are interpreted as a disjunction rather than as a conjunction; only one of the constraints need be satisfied. Table III shows some examples of the relation ÁN A .

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  • Global declines in HIV-related morbidity and mortality reflect the enormous progress made in HIV services over the past decade. Nevertheless, HIV prevalence and the demand on HIV diagnosis, treatment and care services continue to increase. Given the resource-constrained environment it will be more important than ever to select the appropriate interventions and service-delivery approach.

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  • The third task is to assign predecessors for each task if there are any. A predecessor is a task that has to be completed before the next task can begin. Once can’t decorate a hall until one rents it. One can’t have a band play until one hires the band. The fourth task is to assign the resources to each task. In this case, we have four individuals working on the dinner and auction. The goal is to keep them busy getting the dinner done without working any one of them too long...

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  • Flowcharts provide a visual representation of a process or processes which often allow a better understanding of how the process is intended to work. Project communications may be extremely complex depending on the size and scope of the project and the number of stakeholders. A flowchart provides all stakeholders with a better understanding of the steps involved with the distribution of all project communications. The communication flowchart below was created to aid in project communication. This flowchart provides a framework for the project team to follow for this project.

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