Vaginal wall prolapse

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  • A four years old Golden Retriever bitch was presented for the treatment following complaint of protrusion of oedematous tissue through the vulva lip. Clinical examination revealed a pear shaped pendulous mass was hanging from the vaginal wall. The treatment involved application of antiseptic gel and amputation of the protruded mass. The bitch had completely recovered after the surgery with no recurrence of prolapsed at next season.

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  • The Bartholin's glands or greater vestibular glands are two glands located slightly posterior and to the left and right of the opening of the vaginal wall about 2.5 cm caudal to vagina. A 6 years old Murrah cross bred buffalo was reported as vaginal prolapse. Clinical examination revels, is unilateral bartholin gland cyst having 6 x 5.5 cm diameter. It was treated with 2% Lugol’s iodine solution, after evacuation of fluid from the cyst under caudal epidural anesthesia. After treatment animal recovered uneventfully and there is no recurrence. This is the first case report in buffalo.

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  • This paper studies performance effects of appointing other firms' executive directors to corporate boards in the UK. Consistent with the explicit advantages associated with non-executive directors, as set out in the various UK corporate governance codes, our basic hypothesis maintains that, in the presence of director fixed effects, the appointment of an executive director as non-executive director will have a positive impact on the appointing company‟s performance.

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  • In the second-level of the nested CES demand system, consumers choose between a domestically produced and an aggregate imported high-value or low-value poultry product. So if imports become more expensive relative to domestically produced poultry, consumers will substitute away from imports. At the third-level, consumers choose between aggregate high-value and low-value poultry products.

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  • Our review of the research finds that the ECE industry benefits the California economy by promoting and facilitating parents’ ability to participate in the paid workforce. Research has found that high-quality and reliable child care increases worker productivity and improves businesses’ bottom line. Access to ECE reduces absenteeism and decreases turnover. ECE is especially important to the careers and earnings of mothers. Parents’ ability to pursue education is also tied to the availability of ECE. ...

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  • All sessions should begin with a 10-12 minute warm-up. This should be made up of 6-8 minutes of easy jogging and then some drills to take your limbs through a wide range of motion, such as high knees and butt kicks. It is also a good option to complete some short stride outs, especially prior to speed sessions. It is also essential to complete an 8-10 minute cool down at the end of each session. This will enhance recovery will allow you to back up for your next session feeling fresher and ready to go. In the...

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  • The survey results indicate that the majority of students in almost all of the scenarios preferred the modern electronic soundtrack. Furthermore, in each case, regardless of whether a majority was reached, the positive response to this music outweighed the negative response. Focus group comments for the Caligari screening, for example, noted that the DJ Spooky music was “more effective” and allowed for a “better experience” for students.

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  • The agency has also proposed establishing a new safety standard (FMVSS No. 126) to require electronic stability control (ESC) on all light duty passenger vehicles beginning in MY 2009. 8 ESC can prevent a large percentage of loss-of-control crashes which expose vehicles to the off- road tripping mechanisms that cause most rollovers. By reducing exposure to run-off-the-road crashes, an ESC requirement would result in a large reduction in rollover fatalities.

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  • New cars are supplied by auto manufacturers via a network of legally separate but captive retail dealerships. Whether the increased demand for high-fuel eciency cars and decreased demand for low fuel-eciency cars will show up primarily in the prices or in the market shares of new cars depends on the elasticity of the combined response in this supply chain. There are several reasons to think that supply may not be perfectly inelastic, and that therefore at least part of the response will show up in quantities.

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  • This paper draws upon data from a research project undertaken in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. vii The focus on consumers/end users to develop a broad and situated view of the consumption of counterfeit goods led the data collection to focus primarily on counterfeit versions of leisure goods (e.g., fashion clothes, music, film, games, and other software). The distinction between leisure goods and other types of counterfeit items is not merely one of convenience.

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  • These four categories really depend in the main on the idea that in some circumstances, God and religion justify war. This is the ‘just war’ doctrine. The notion of ‘just war’ is based on the violence-of-God tradition, attempting to solidify the relationship between God and war. However, any arguments regarding divine war are built upon understandings of divine justice. Analyzing the concept of ‘just war’, Richard Kirby contends that ‘it is not that the variable attributes of the war which are problematic; it’s the elasticity of the concept of justice’.

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  • An event fact sheet differs from a press release in that it includes only the bare bones of the event, answering the important questions of who, what, where, when, and why. It can be sent either in lieu of or in conjunction with a press release. Event fact sheets should be sent to the Calendar/Events Editor. Every publication’s deadline differs slightly, but most are around two weeks before publication. Monthly magazines will have earlier deadlines. Check with the publication for an exact deadline. See Appendix 3 for a sample event fact sheet.

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  • The wide adoption of the Internet has fundamentally altered the ways in which we communicate, gather information, conduct businesses and make purchases. As the use of the World Wide Web and email skyrocketed, computer scientists and physicists rushed to characterize this new phenomenon. While initially they were surprised by the tremendous variety the Internet demonstrated in the size of its features, they soon discovered a widespread pattern in their measurements: there are many small elements contained within the Web, but few large ones.

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  • Custom incentives include measures that result in a reduction in electric and/or natural gas energy usage because of an improvement in system efficiency, i.e., a net decrease in energy use without a reduction in the level of service. Installing a lower wattage lamp in place of a higher wattage lamp of the same type will not qualify for an incentive; however, should the lighting system (i.e., lamp, ballast and fixture) demon- strably improve the total lumens per watt delivered, an incentive will be considered.

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  • In 1996, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and Mexico s Petr leos Mexicanos (PEMEX) began sponsoring this project to characterize the nature and sources of suspended particulate matter found in the ambient air in Mexico City. This collaborative effort follows another program sponsored by DOE and PEMEX in the early 1990 s to study gas phase pollutants and photochemical oxidants in the Valle de Mexico. 3,4 The high altitude, the year- round sunshine, and the complex atmospheric chemistry characteristic of Mexico City create a challenging laboratory for scientific research.

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  • Compliance with the program is near universal. Since the first day the restrictions were imple- mented they have been enforced vigorously by the city police. 4 One of the advantages of basing the restrictions on license plates is that vehicles violating the ban are easy to spot. Mexican law stipulates that vehicles that violate the ban are to be impounded for 48 hours and their owners are to pay a fine equivalent to $200 U.S. dollars.

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  • Once you’ve saved money for investing, consider carefully all your options and think about what diversification strategy makes sense for you. While the SEC cannot recommend any particular investment product, you should know that a vast array of invest- ment products exists—including stocks and stock mutual funds, corporate and municipal bonds, bond mutual funds, certificates of deposit, money market funds, and U.S. Treasury securities. Diversification can’t guarantee that your investments won’t suffer if the market drops.

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  • Japan is one of many countries that is reconsidering the role of its postal savings system as it prepares for the financial realities of the 21st century.

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  • We need an international agreement on liquidity standards for banks and large investment banks. Much of this crisis has been about liquidity. If you look over the past several decades, you see that large banks in some G-7 countries have reduced significantly the share of narrow liquid assets, like treasuries, in their total assets. This trend has been exacerbated recently by off–balance sheet vehicles; they get their liquidity on the liability side by very short-term borrowing.

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  • Management of acute pain, especially post-operative pain, in patients on high dose opioids is a challenge that requires in-depth knowledge of pharmacokinetics and the formulation of a careful management plan to avoid withdrawal symptoms and inadequate pain management. • Chronic pain after cancer surgery may occur in up to 50% of patients. Risk factors for the development of chronic pain after breast cancer surgery include: young age, chemo and radiotherapy, poor post-operative pain control and certain surgical factors.

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