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  • We consider a specialization of an untwisted quantum affine algebra of type ADE at a nonzero complex number, which may or may not be a root of unity. The Grothendieck ring of its finite dimensional representations has two bases, simple modules and standard modules. We identify entries of the transition matrix with special values of “computable” polynomials, similar to Kazhdan-Lusztig polynomials. At the same time we “compute” q-characters for all simple modules. The result is based on “computations” of Betti numbers of graded/cyclic quiver varieties.

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  • Competition in Product Variety: Theory and Evidence I begin by describing the allocation of effectiveness in illustrative equilibria, then describe the simulation and its results. Finally, at the end of this section I return to the basic model to discuss its allocative implications and the likely effects of endogenizing school effectiveness.

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  • By means of analytic methods the quasi-projectivity of the moduli space of algebraically polarized varieties with a not necessarily reduced complex structure is proven including the case of nonuniruled polarized varieties. Contents Introduction Singular hermitian metrics Deformation theory of framed manifolds; V -structures Cyclic coverings Canonically polarized framed manifolds Singular Hermitian metrics for families of canonically polarized framed manifolds 7.

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  • Let G be a connected reductive group. The late Ramanathan gave a notion of (semi)stable principal G-bundle on a Riemann surface and constructed a projective moduli space of such objects. We generalize Ramanathan’s notion and construction to higher dimension, allowing also objects which we call semistable principal G-sheaves, in order to obtain a projective moduli space: a principal G-sheaf on a projective variety X is a triple (P, E, ψ), where E is a torsion free sheaf on X, P is a principal G-bundle on the open set U where E is locally free and ψ is an isomorphism...

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  • Objectives: Identifying the salinity tolerance and phenotype of the rice lines which carrying the Saltollocus (donor plant), imported from International Rice Research Institute, as well as selecting the popularly grown rice cultivar were used as the recipient plant Applying marker assisted backcrossing (MABC) to pyramid salinity tolerance Saltol locus into Bac Thom 7, in order to generate the high quality rice variety with salinity tolerance for growing the coastal areas in Red River Delta.

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  • Research Objectives: selecting the imported soybean varieties that have good growth and development, are suitable with the ecological conditions of Thai Nguyen; determining some intensive cultivation techniques that are suitable for the prospect variety.

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  • Objective of the project: Assess of current status of tomato production in Red River delta in recent years, drawing techniques and strategy need to be improved; evaluate some imported hybrid tomato varieties that are suitable for Red River delta with good adaptation, high productivity, good disease resistance in order to contribute to diversity of tomato varieties; establish technical guidelines of production for selected varieties; build a production model of hybrid tomato in off-season with large scale in some locals of Red River delta.

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  • Objectives of thesic: Isolation, point mutation of P5CS gene conferring drought tolerance and transformion into soybean varieties of Vietnam: Comparing the DNA sequence of P5CS isolated from different soybean varieties and producing mutant P5CS without feedback inhibition by proline.

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  • It is based on research of some agricultural biological characteristics of some lines and varieties of pomelo plants available prospect and consistent with conditions of Thai Nguyen Province, along with relevant technical measures to improve productivity and quality of the products.

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  • Since the Meiji period, the composition of Japanʼs foreign trade has had many changes. Along with the.development of the economy, more and more products are available for export and, at the same time, more varieties of goods are imported for domestic consumption and production.

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  • Grateful acknowledgement is made to the following sources for permission to reproduce material in this book previously published elsewhere. Every effort has been made to trace copyright holders, but if any have been inadvertently overlooked the publisher will be pleased to make the necessary arrangement at the first opportunity.

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  • This authoritative new work analyses European plant intellectual property rights. Whilst the focus of the work is on Europe, and in particular the European Patent Convention, the Council Regulation on Community Plant Variety Rights and the EU Directive on the Legal Protection of Biotechnological Inventions, these provisions are discussed within the context of international legislation, including the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPs) and the Convention on Biological Diversity.

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  • Quantum dots are one of the most promising types of nanoparticles, which are exceptionally useful for variety of new applications Because of their unique properties. Examples of such applications include optics and LASER, electronics, and biological applications. The variety of quantum dot applications is so wide, that it is impossible for a single book to cover all the latest developments and the new trends of applications.

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  • This paper underlines the idea of endogenous growth theory that new or higher quality products have significant impacts on productivity and economic growth. Different with previous studies, this paper uses a quite comprehensive definition of variety, which distinguishes the country of origin of the products. With disaggregated level of export data of Japan from 1980 to 2000, the empirical results suggest that nearly half of the industries studied have positive and significant relationship between varieties and Total Factor Productivity (TFP).

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  • Tham khảo sách 'species and varieties, their origin by mutation, by hugo devries', khoa học tự nhiên, công nghệ sinh học phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Introduction 2. The strategy 3. Some preliminaries 3.1. Mumford-Tate groups 3.2. Variations of Z-Hodge structure on Shimura varieties 3.3. Representations of tori 4. Lower bounds for Galois orbits 4.2. Galois orbits and Mumford-Tate groups 4.3. Getting rid of G 4.4. Proof of Proposition 4.3.9 5. Images under Hecke correspondences 6. Density of Hecke orbits 7. Proof of the main result 7.3. The case where i is bounded 7.4. The case where i is not bounded 1. Introduction The aim of this article is to prove a special case of the following conjecture of Andr´ and Oort on subvarieties...

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  • For an -adic sheaf on a variety of arbitrary dimension over a perfect field, we define the Swan class measuring the wild ramification as a 0-cycle class supported on the ramification locus. We prove a Lefschetz trace formula for open varieties and a generalization of the Grothendieck-Ogg-Shararevich formula using the Swan class. Let F be a perfect field and U be a separated and smooth scheme of finite type purely of dimension d over F . In this paper, we study ramification of a finite ´tale scheme V over U along the boundary, by introducing a map (0.1)...

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo nghiên cứu khoa học của trường đại học nông nghiệp 1 đề tài: Một số kết quả nghiên cứu về giống đậu t-ơng mới D140 Results from studies on new soybean variety D140...

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  • Is it not wondrous strange that there should be Such different tempers twixt my friend and me? I burn with heat when I tobacco take, But he on th' other side with cold doth shake: To both 'tis physick, and like physick works, The cause o' th' various operation lurks Not in tobacco, which is still the same, But in the difference of our bodies frame: What's meat to this man, poison is to that, And what makes this man lean, makes that man fat; What quenches one's thirst, makes another dry; And what makes this man wel, makes that man dye....

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  • How do the environments in which businesses operate condition their success or failure? Such questions have long been of interest in the fields of business, economics and politics. They have gained in importance as a result of heightened competitive pressures associated with "globalization". While some see certain institutions as burdens, others see them as a blessing. This book thoroughly examines the main claims of the most important contribution--the Varieties of Capitalism paradigm--to this debate in recent years....

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