Violence theory

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  • Social Work and family violence theories, assessment, and intervention includes: introduction to family violence, child maltreatment, identifying and investigating child maltreatment, the criminal justice system and child maltreatment,...

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  • It is clear from the pages that follow that the physical abuse of one individual by another, or by both individuals of each other, is an integral component of some intimate relationships, perhaps many intimate relationships. This book is not about the violence as much as it is a reflection on our responses to—or our lack of responses to—that violation of physical integrity and the accompanying emotional and mental trauma. As these next pages indicate, we all too often fail to recognize the signs of physical violence.

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  • if you answer “yes” to any of the above questions, then this guide is for you. This guide is for you, or someone you know who has, or plans to seek, a protection order and may travel across county, state, territorial, tribal, or international lines, on to military installations, or within U.S. maritime jurisdictions. This information is intended to help you understand the full faith and credit provision of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), 18 U.S.C.

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  • For thousands of years, there have been widespread beliefs that moon cycles affect human behavior. Specifically, people around the world believe that abnormal human behavior peaks around the full moon, increasing the propensity for psychotic disorders, violence, and other deviant behavior. 1 These beliefs can be traced all the way to ancient Greece and Rome, throughout the Middle Ages, and to the present, where they are commonly found in much professional folklore, most notably for the police and the emergency and medical services.

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  • Bài viết trình bày quan niệm của các nhà nghiên cứu về bạo lực học đường, các lý thuyết trong nghiên cứu bạo lực học đường và đưa ra kết luận cho việc lý giải nguyên nhân, nguồn gốc dẫn đến bạo lực học đường.

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  • Various hypotheses have been advanced to explain the high prevalence of mental health problems during the perinatal period, ranging from biological (e.g., hormones and neurochemical modifications) to psychological (e.g., personality types and ways of thinking) and social determinants (e.g., gender disparities in access to education and income-generating opportunities, social roles, disproportionate burden of unpaid work, exposure to family violence, low autonomy, poverty and coincidental adversity) explanations.

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