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Web services security

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  • Ebook "Beginning Ajax with PHP: From novice to professional" presents the following content: Chapter 1 introducing ajax, chapter 2 ajax basics, chapter 3 php and ajax, chapter 4 database-driven ajax, chapter 5 forms, chapter 6 images, chapter 7 a real-world ajax application, chapter 8 ergonomic display, chapter 9 web services, chapter 10 spatially enabled web applications, chapter 11 cross-browser issues, chapter 12 security, chapter 13 testing and debugging, chapter 14 the DOM.

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  • Ebook Hacking exposed: Linux security secrets solutions - Part 2 includes contents: Chapter 8 elevating user privileges; chapter 9 password cracking; chapter 10 how hackers maintain access; chapter 11 mail and ftp security; chapter 12 web servers and dynamic content; chapter 13 access control and firewalls; appendixe a keeping your programs current; appendixe b turning off unneeded services; appendixe c online resources; appendixe d case studies.

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  • Ebook Maximum linux security (2nd edition): Part 2 includes contents: Chapter 11 FTP security, chapter 12 mail security, chapter 13 TELNET and SSH security, chapter 14 web server security, chapter 15 secure web protocols, chapter 16 secure web development, chapter 17 file sharing security, chapter 18 denial-of-service attacks, chapter 19 Linux and firewalls, chapter 20 intrusion detection, chapter 21 logs and audit trails, chapter 22 disaster recovery.

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  • In ebook Operating systems and middleware: Supporting controlled interaction – Part 2, the following content will be discussed: Chapter 7 processes and protection; chapter 8 files and other persistent storage; chapter 9 networking; chapter 10 messaging, rpc, and web services; chapter 11 security, chapter 12 stacks.

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  • Ebook Penetration tester’s: Open source toolkit (Volume 2) – Part 1 includes contents: Chapter 1 reconnaissance, chapter 2 enumeration and scanning, chapter 3 hacking database services, chapter 4 web server and web application testing, chapter 5 wireless penetration testing using BackTrack 2.

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  • Ebook Firewalls and internet security (Second edition): Part 1 includes content: Chapter 1 introduction; chapter 2 a security review of protocols: lower layers; chapter 3 security review: the upper layers; chapter 4 the web: threat or menace?; chapter 5 classes of attacks; chapter 6 the hacker's workbench, and other munitions; chapter 7 authentication; chapter 8 using some tools and services.

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  • Ebook Data Networks, IP and the Internet: Protocols, Design and Operation - Part 2 includes content: Chapter 9 managing the network; chapter 10 data networking and internet applications; chapter 11 the worldwide web (www); chapter 12 electronic mail (email); chapter 13 data network security; chapter 14 quality of service (QOS), network performance and optimisation; chapter 15 challenges ahead for IP.

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  • Ebook CEHv9 Certified Ethical Hacker Version 9 (Study guide): Part 2 includes contents: Chapter 11: denial of service, chapter 12: session hijacking, chapter 13: web servers and applications, chapter 14: SQL injection, chapter 15: hacking wi-fi and bluetooth, chapter 16: mobile device security, chapter 17: evasion, chapter 18: cloud technologies and security, chapter 19: physical security.

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  • Ebook Google hacking for penetration testers (Volume 2): Part 2 includes contents: Chapter 7: ten simple security searches that work; chapter 8: tracking down web servers, login portals, and network hardware; chapter 9: usernames, passwords, and secret stuff, oh my!; chapter 10: hacking google services; chapter 11: Google hacking showcase; chapter 12: protecting yourself from google hackers.

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  • Ebook Hacking exposed web applications: Web application security secrets and solutions (Third edition) – Part 2 includes contents: Chapter 6 input injection attacks, chapter 7 attacking XML web services, chapter 8 attacking web application management, chapter 9 hacking web clients, chapter 10 the enterprise web application security program, A: Web application security checklist, B: Web hacking tools and techniques cribsheet.

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  • Ebook Hacking exposed Linux: Linux security secrets & solutions (Third edition) – Part 2 includes contents: Chapter 13 web application hacking, chapter 14 mail services, chapter 15 name services, chapter 16 reliability: static analysis of C code, chapter 17 security tweaks in the Linux Kernel, Appendixes A Management and Maintenance, Appendixes B Linux Forensics and Data Recovery, Appendixes C BSD.

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  • Ebook Hacking exposed web applications: Web application security secrets and solutions (First edition) – Part 2 includes contents: Chapter 5 authentication; chapter 6 authorization; chapter 7 attacking session state management; chapter 8 input validation attacks; chapter 9 attacking web datastores; chapter 10 attacking web services; chapter 11 hacking web application management; chapter 12 web client hacking; chapter 13 case studies; appendixes a web site security checklist; appendixes b web hacking tools and techniques cribsheet; appendixes c using libwhisker; appendixes d urlscan installa...

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  • This paper presents the state of the arts in security risk assessment of web systems. The process of assessing security risks and the process of developing and operating information systems in general, web systems in particular, are depicted step by step, showing how the risk assessment is performed during the deployment and the operation of web systems.

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  • Ebook "Beginning amazon web services with node.js" includes contents: Chapter 1: Getting Started with Amazon Web Services; Chapter 2: Working with AWS OpsWorks; Chapter 3: OpsWorks Part II: Databases and Scaling; Chapter 4: CloudFront and DNS Management; Chapter 5: Simple Storage Service and Content Delivery; Chapter 6: Simple Email Service; Chapter 7: Monitoring the Application; Chapter 8: Securing the Application.

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  • Ebook "Mobile developers guide to the galaxy" includes content: Prologue, conceptional design for mobile, blackberry java apps, windows phone & windows rt, going cross platform, mobile sites & web technologies, mobile analytics, implementing rich media, implementing location based services, near field communication, implementing haptic vibration, implementing augmented reality, application security,...and other contents.

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  • Ebook Red hat Linux networking and system administration: Part 1 includes contents: Chapter 1: duties of the system administrator, chapter 2: planning the network, chapter 3: installing red hat Linux, chapter 4: red hat Linux file system, chapter 5: red hat system configuration files, Chapter 6: TCP/IP networking, chapter 7: the network file system, chapter 8: the network information system, chapter 9: connecting to Microsoft Networks, chapter 10: connecting to apple networks, chapter 11: what are internet services? chapter 12: the domain name system, chapter 13: configuring FTP services, c...

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  • Ebook Building DMZs for enterprise networks: Part 2 presents the following content: Chapter 9 DMZ router and switch security, Chapter 10 DMZ-based vpn services, Chapter 11 Implementing wireless DMZs, Chapter 12 Sun solaris bastion hosts, Chapter 13 Windows 2000 bastion hosts, Chapter 14 Hacking the DMZ, Chapter 15 Intrusion detection in the DMZ, Appendix A IIS web server hardening.

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  • Ebook CompTIA Security+: Study guide & practice exam (2nd ed) - Part 1 Chapter 1 general security concepts: access control, authentication, and auditing; chapter 2 general security concepts: attacks; chapter 3 communication security: remote access and messaging; chapter 4 communication security: wireless; chapter 5 communication security: web based services.

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  • Ebook Foundations of Mac OS X leopard security Part 2 includes contents: Chapter 9 securing a wireless network; chapter 10 file services; chapter 11 web site security; chapter 12 remote connectivity; chapter 13 server security; chapter 14 network scanning, intrusion detection, and intrusion prevention tools; chapter 15 backup and fault tolerance; chapter 16 forensics.

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  • Ebook Hack proofing sun solaris 8 Part 2 includes contents: Chapter 6 securing your network, chapter 7 providing secure web and mail services, chapter 8 configuring solaris as a secure router and firewall, chapter 9 using squid on solaris, chapter 10 dissecting hacks, chapter 11 detecting and denying hacks.

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