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  • The main contents of "Ebook Beginning PHP and MySQL: From novice to professional (3/e) - Part 2" include all of the following: Web services, secure PHP programming, SQLite, building web sites for the world, MVC and the Zend framework, introducing MySQL, installing and configuring MySQL, the many MySQL clients, MySQL storage engines and datatypes, securing MySQL, using PHP with MySQL, introducing PDO, stored routines, MySQL triggers, MySQL views, practical database queries, indexes and searching, transactions, importing and exporting data.

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  • Web technologies and e-services: Lecture 12. This lesson provides students with content about: what is web security; HTTPS; session management; authentication; common web attacks;... Please take a close look at the course content!

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  • Cuốn "Các chương trình mẫu .NET (Visual Basic .NET, ASP.NET, .NET Framework, Data Access, Security, Networking)" giới thiệu tới người đọc các kiến thức về windows forms, security, kết hợp nhiều phần, file, web development, web services, các chủ đề cao cấp, xử lý dữ liệu. Sách gồm có 10 chủ đề lớn, phần 1 ebook sau đây gồm có các nội dung sau: Windows form, security, kết hợp nhiều phần, file, web development, web services, language. Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo để biết thêm các nội dung chi tiết.

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  • Part 2 of book "Cloud application architectures: Building applications and Infrastructure in the Cloud" provide students with knowledge about: data security; network security; host security; disaster recovery planning; disasters in the cloud; disaster management; scaling a cloud infrastructure; capacity planning; amazon web services reference;...

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  • This book "Building Web Services with Java: Making sense of XML, SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI (Second edition)" is meant for computing technical professionals with some experience building Web applications and distributed computing systems. Part 2 of book include: enterprise web services; web services and J2EE; web services and stateful resources; securing web services; web services reliable messaging; web services transactions; orchestrating web services; web services in the real world; web services interoperability;...

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  • Nối tiếp phần 1, tài liệu Xây dựng và triển khai ứng dụng thương mại điện tử (Tập 2): Phần 2 tiếp tục trình bày những nội dung về đối tượng của ADO.NET và List Controls; ASP.NET và XML; truy cập dữ liệu SQL server với định dạng XML; xây dựng và kết hợp Web services vào ASP.NET; tìm kiếm, phân trang, điều hướng kết quả tìm kiếm bằng ASP.

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  • E-business (electronic business) is the conducting of business on the Internet, not only buying and selling but also servicing customers and collaborating with business partners. In this chapter, the following content will be discussed: e-business = Web + I/T; C2C, B2C, B2B, C2A, B2A; E banks, E trade etc etc; infrastructure, virtual market, security.

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  • After studying this chapter you will be able to understand: Promoting a web application, content management, usage analysis, web security overview, secure transmission of data, user’s security issues, service provider’s issues.

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  • In this article, we analyze the information security risks of web services, evaluate existing solutions, and then select the most effective policies for the education database system. We have implemented security policies including authentication, authorization. In which authentication is based on OAuth 2.0 and JSON web tokens (JWT).

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  • Fast flux networks represent a special type of botnets that are used to provide highly available web services to a backend server, which usually hosts malicious content. Detection of fast flux networks continues to be a challenging issue because of the similar behavior between these networks and other legitimate infrastructures, such as CDNs and server farms. This paper proposes Fast Flux Watch (FF-Watch), a mechanism for online detection of fast flux agents. FF-Watch is envisioned to exist as a software agent at leaf routers that connect stub networks to the Internet.

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  • The world is experiencing an evolution of Smart Cities. These emerge from innovations in information technology that, while they create new economic and social opportunities, pose challenges to our security and expectations of privacy. Humans are already interconnected via smart phones and gadgets. Smart energy meters, security devices and smart appliances are being used in many cities. Homes, cars, public venues and other social systems are now on their path to the full connectivity known as the ‘‘Internet of Things.’’ Standards are evolving for all of these potentially connected systems.

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  • Tài liệu "Internet Services: Phần 4" trình bày 8 nội dung sau: FTP, The secure shell (SSH), DNS, web server, squid server, mail server, firewall server, DS server. Chi tiết nội dung phần IV giáo trình mời các bạn tham khảo.

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  • (bq) the book then expands to take into account safe operations (like using captchas and safe execution of remote procedure calls) and then finishes up with creating a safe environment. along the way, we’ve added new information on securing your mysql databases and restful services, and we’ve updated most sections with current thinking on web security for the php developer. we also reviewed each url to make sure that links were still active.

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  • (bq) part 2 book "ceh - tm - official certified ethical hacker review guide" has contents: sniffers, denial of service and session hijacking; hacking web servers, web application vulnerabilities, and web based password cracking techniques; sql injection and buffer overflows; wireless hacking; physical security,...and other contents.

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  • (bq) part 2 book "tcp/ip essentials - a lab-based approach" has contents: tcp study, tulticast and realtime service; the web, dhcp, ntp and nat; network management and security.

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  • This is a practical guide to building your own firewall. It provides step-by-step explanations of how to design and install a firewall at your site and how to configure Internet services such as electronic mail, FTP, the World Wide Web, and others to work with a firewall. Firewalls are complex, though, and we can't boil everything down to simple rules.

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  • Grid Computing: Lecture 4 - Seminar Review inludes topics Grid Computing Middleware, Grid Resource Management, Grid Computing Security, Applications of SOA and Web Services, Semantic Grid, Grid & E-Science, Grid Economics, Cloud Computing.

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  • Network Security: Chapter 7 - Web Security provides about SSL (Secure Socket Layer), SSL Architectur, SSL Record Protocol Services, SSL Record Protocol Operation, SSL Change Cipher Spec Protocol, SSL Alert Protocol, SSL Handshake Protocol and something else.

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  • "Hacker's Challenge" will consist of 20-25 hacking scenarios followed by the solution for each. The challenges/chapters are organized by increasing levels of complexity, and covers many hot topics, including Web content, VPNs, Denial of Service, wireless issues, e-commerce, email attacks and more. It includes input from top names in the industry - in addition to Mike Schiffman, consultants from the top security firms, such as Guardent, Foundstone, @Stake,, In-Q-Tel, Arbor Networks, LoudCloud and more contribute their expertise.

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  • Use ISA Server to: Provide proxy and caching services to conserve Internet bandwidth. Configure dial-up connections to the Internet. Block all inbound network traffic. Provide secure configurations using network templates and server publishing wizards.

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