Week 1 class 5

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  • Week 1 class 5 written objective by the end of this lesson the ss will be able to practice asking and answering about the address through listening, read and complete the text well and sing the song the wheels on the bus beautifully. Language focus listening skill, reading, writing skill, speaking skill resources ss’ books, recording, posters,…

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  • Giáo án lets go 1 - UNIT 3: LET’S LEARN Week: 21 Period: 42 I. Objectives: By the end of the lesson, students will be able to: - Identify objects (plural) and ask about objects (plural) II. Teaching aids: - Teacher cards ( 1 – 16, 33 - 34 classroom objects ), wall chart, tape recorder. III. Procedures: Tim e Stages and Contents Teacher ’s activitie s Student’s activities 5’ I. WARM UP: Musical ball S1 : What’s this? S2 : It’s a cassette. S3 : What are these? S4 : They’re tables. - Giving class 04 sticks. - Take any -...

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  • Aim: Practising comparatives with “ more /less/fewer”. Objective: By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to tell the sentences of comparatives of “many/much/little/few”. Aids : posters 1. Revision : Finding Friends Ss make a tick for the information about Mr Jone’s work. Days off Week vacation 40 2 3 Notes: hours per week week vacation kỳ nghỉ tuần Hours per week T. asks 1 or 2 ss to tell before the class: “ Mr. Jones works about 40 hours per week. He gets 2 days off every week. He also has a three-week summer vacation.” 2. Presentation : a....

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  • 1. In all the world, there (be) __________ only 14 mountains that (reach) __________above 8,000 meters. 2. He sometimes (come) __________ to see his parents. 3. When I (come) __________, she (leave) __________for Dalat ten minutes ago. 4. My grandfather never (fly) __________ in an airplane, and he has no intention of ever doing so. 5. We just (decide) __________ that we (undertake) the job. 6. He told me that he (take) __________ a trip to California the following week. 7. I knew that this road (be) __________ too narrow. 8. Right now I (attend) __________ class.

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  • EXERCISE 28. Length of time. (Chart 5-13) Direcrdons: Create sentences using it + take to express length of time. 1. I drove to Madrid. (Length of time: three days) + It took me three dayr w driw to Madrid. 2. I walk to class. (Length of time: twenty minutes) 3 . Gino finished the test. (Length of time: an hour and a halfl 4. We will drive to the airport. (Length of time:fony-five minutes) 5 . Alan hitchhiked to Alaska. (Length ojtime: two weeks) 6 . I wash my clothes at the laundromat. (Length of time: two hours) EXERCISE 29. Length of tlme. (Chart...

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