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Xml and databases

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  • Lecture Database Systems - Chapter 6-7: SQL (Structured Query Language) has present the contents the company database; SQL developments: an overview; defining the company database schema; ambiguous attribute names; unspecified WHERE-clause; substring pattern matching and arithmetic operators;...

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  • After studying this chapter you will be able to understand: Understand what XML is and how it is used within business-to-business transactions, understand XML Schemas and XSL Transforms and how they are used within the context of XML, read and process data that is stored in an XML document, read data from a relational database and transform it into its equivalent XML, transform one XML document into a new XML document using an XSLT document.

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  • Lecture Principles of distributed database systems - Chapter 17: Web data management. In this chapter students will be able to: Web data management, web models, web search and querying, distributed XML processing, properties of web data, web graph, web data modeling, search engine architecture,...

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  • In this paper we start with a brief summary of the existing approaches commonly used in heterogeneous database integration followed by a new and unique approach of integration of heterogeneous databases based on XML. Compared to conventional models, this model is simple, efficient and cost effective and hence can be widely used in businesses spread across multiple locations.

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  • In this work, our objective is to give a survey on the classification of XML documents. As XML documents are basically text documents containing the content and structure information, they can be classified based on i) structure only and ii) a combination of both structure and content. This paper gives a brief survey based on this classification.

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  • The main advantages of this approach are interoperability and feature-level data sharing. Web services technologies with WFS make use of XML database to store geospatial data as GML. In this paper, we analyzed different interfaces provided by WFS like GetCapabilities, DescribeFeatureType and GetFeature and integrate it with Geoserver open source GIS to limit access of data and transactions.

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  • XML provides a way to represent data that have nested structure, and furthermore allows a great deal of flexibility in structuring of data, which is important for certain kinds of nontraditional data. Chapter 23 covers the XML standard for data representation, which is seeing increasing use in the exchange and storage of complex data. The chapter also describes query languages for XML.

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  • In this chapter, you will learn about LINQ to Objects, which allows you to apply LINQ expressions to containers of data (arrays, collections, custom types). This information will serve you well when we examine how to apply LINQ expressions to relational databases (via LINQ to ADO) and XML documents.

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  • Chapter 7 - Database processing applications and business intelligence. In this chapter, you will learn: Understand and be able to set up Web database processing, learn the basic concepts of Extensible Markup Language (XML), learn the basic concepts of business intelligence (BI) systems, learn the basic concepts of OLAP and data mining.

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  • PHP 5 Basic Language, PHP 5 OO Language, PHP 5 Advanced OOP and Design Patterns, How to Write a Web Application with PHP, Databases with PHP 5, Error Handling, XML with PHP 5,... As the main contents of the ebook PHP 5 Power Programming. Invite you to consult.

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  • After completing this unit, you should be able to: List the characteristics of an XML document that help determine the right type of database, define and describe content management databases, compare relational database structures to XML document structures, list the limitations of relational data tables with structured data, define and describe what Object-Oriented databases provide, describe the status of XML-based queries.

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  • This chapter includes content: Distributed databases & client-server architectures, spatial and temporal database, multimedia databases, geographic information systems, XML, data warehousing, outsourcing database services, big data. Inviting you to refer lecture for more information.

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  • This teaches you the fundamentals of databases, including relational database theory, logical and physical database design, and the SQL language. Advanced topics include using functions, stored procedures and XML.

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  • Introduction to Java technology Trend of application framework The XML server XML support in Java technology spectrum Native XML database Conclusion 4 .What is Java? Java is a generalpurpose, concurrent, class-based, objectoriented language. “Green team” in 1991 “Oak” language Going public in May 1995. .

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  • The 'mission statement' for the Simple-Talk Crib Sheet is: 'For the things you need to know, rather than want to know' As a developer, DBA or manager, you may not want to know all about XML, replication or Reporting Services, but if you next project uses one or more of these technologies heavily then the best place to start is from the 'jungle roof'. Crib Sheets aim to give you the broad view. Each one tackles a key area of database development, administration or deployment and provides both a management view and a technical view of that topic. Each starts...

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  • The paper describes a software demo integrating Natural Language Generation (NLG) techniques with recent developments in XML web technology. The NLG techniques include a form of template-based generation, transformation of text plan trees to text specification trees, and a multi-stage pipeline architecture. The web technology includes XSLT transformation processors, an XML database, a Java servlet engine, the Cocoon web publishing framework and a Java speech synthesizer. The software is all free, open-source. ...

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  • In this paper we describe the X-TRACT workbench, which enables efficient termbased querying against a domain-specific literature corpus. Its main aim is to aid domain specialists in locating and extracting new knowledge from scientific literature corpora. Before querying, a corpus is automatically terminologically analysed by the ATRACT system, which performs terminology recognition based on the C/NCvalue method enhanced by incorporation of term variation handling.

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  • These pages can provide information responding to a visitor’s different requests. They are easy to build and completely integrated with HTML files. How does ASP work? Let’s take a closer look at the “inner structure" of ASP pages. These are specific web pages containing pieces of code written in different scripting languages which will be processed by the server. Text HTML/XML tags ASP Scripts

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  • Textual or relational database: which choice will better meet our needs? Once you have defined your requirements for document management and delivery, you have to choose the type of database that can meet your needs. To make the right choice, it is useful to understand the basic principles and benefits provided by the two main types of databases: textual and relational.

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  • Off and on, I run a workshop called XML for Mere Mortals. The title attracts an audience that’s much wider than your typical Web developer needing to bone up on the subject. I train technical writers, project managers, database geeks—even the occasional business owner who’s trying to get a handle on the exciting possib ilities of XML.

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