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  • This course is designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of XML and its significant derivative companion technologies: XML Schema, Namespaces, XPath, and XSL Transformations. Document Type Declarations (DTDs) are also introduced. The course is targeted to Information Technology professionals involved in the exchange of information using XML as the data transport mechanism.

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  • XSLT Designer converts XML documents into HTML without you having to know a single thing about XSLT "programming!". The XSLT Stylesheet is automatically created for you! There are only a few steps: • Load the Schema that forms the basis of your HTML document • Assign a working XML document which provides preview data • Drag and drop the specific schema elements into XSLT Designer window • View the results in the integrated Internet Explorer window The XSLT Stylesheet is automatically created for you!...

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  • Composite applications aid businesses by stitching together various componented business capabilities. In the current enterprise scenario, empowering business users to react quickly to the rapidly changing business environment is the top most priority. With the advent of composite applications the 'reuse' paradigm has moved from the technical aspect to the business aspect. You no longer re-use a service but re-use a business process. Now, enterprises can define their own behaviors optimized for their businesses through metadata and flows.

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  • XML s'impose comme format de données pour structurer la plupart des échanges informatiques. En tant que tel, il fait partie intégrante de la culture générale de tout informaticien. Enfin un livre pour comprendre XML et avoir une vue d'ensemble de ses langages et applications. Cet ouvrage de cours et exercices couvre l'utilisation du formalisme XML et de ses très nombreux outils connexes en une vision d'ensemble rigoureuse.

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  • Here we study the architecture and characteristics of the broker network. We are using a particular internal structure for the events (defined in XML but currently implemented as a Java object). We assume a sophisticated matching of publishers and subscribers defined as general topic objects (defined by an XML Schema that we have designed). However these are not the central issues to be discussed here. Our study should be useful whether events are defined and transported in Java/RMI or XML/SOAP or other mechanisms; it does not depend on the details of matching publishers and subscribers.

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  • The book addresses some of the most recent issues, with the theoretical and methodological aspects, of evolutionary multi-objective optimization problems and the various design challenges using different hybrid intelligent approaches. Multi-objective optimization has been available for about two decades, and its application in real-world problems is continuously increasing.

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  • Bio-inspired computational algorithms are always hot research topics in artificial intelligence communities. Biology is a bewildering source of inspiration for the design of intelligent artifacts that are capable of efficient and autonomous operation in unknown and changing environments. It is difficult to resist the fascination of creating artifacts that display elements of lifelike intelligence, thus needing techniques for control, optimization, prediction, security, design, and so on.

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  • XML provides a way to represent data that have nested structure, and furthermore allows a great deal of flexibility in structuring of data, which is important for certain kinds of nontraditional data. Chapter 23 covers the XML standard for data representation, which is seeing increasing use in the exchange and storage of complex data. The chapter also describes query languages for XML.

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