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nội dung của này là bản quyền được bảo vệ bởi carolyn a smith và năm 2010. không có một phần của hướng dẫn này có thể được chia sẻ, sao chép hoặc bán mà không được sự cho phép từ mỗi nỗ lực đã được thực hiện để đảm bảo rằng nội dung của tài liệu hướng dẫn này là chính xác, vì vậy không chịu trách nhiệm đối với bất kỳ thiệt hại hay mất mát như là kết quả của việc sử dụng các mẹo và các thông tin trong cuốn sách này....

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  1. BLOG GPS ©2010
  2. Disclaimer The content of this eBook is copyright protected by Carolyn A Smith and 2010. No part of this guide may be shared, copied or sold without prior permission from Every effort has been made to ensure that the contents of this guide are accurate, so takes no responsibility for any damage or loss as results of using the tips and information in this book. The guide includes promotions of some affiliate links throughout the book, and we appreciate if you’re using them if you decide to purchase any of the tools/software/plugins we recommend. It helps us tremendously and enables us to provide more quality content to share with everyone. We sincerely hope that the content of this book will aid your blogging business endeavors. To Your Success! -BlogMillion BLOG GPS ©2010
  3. INTRODUCTION Many people have heard about how everyday people are finding financial success by blogging online. Blogging is as easy as writing a diary but many have turned it into money making online job opportunity. This eBook is written for the beginner as a guide to blogging since many don’t know where to start. Just like you use a GPS to navigate your car from point A to point B the Blog GSP Navigation System will give you A to B instructions on starting your blog. In this free eBook you will learn from what a blog is to having all the knowledge and tools you need to start a blog of your own and generate income all from sharing your thoughts with the world via the internet. I created the Blog GPS to help my team members create blogs of their own. We belonged to a very lucrative MLM Opportunity which provided a state of the art turn-key website what that really means is it was a cookie cutter site. The problem with having these websites was that most of them were exactly the same. First of all they were subdomains, a duplicated template, and who ever posted their url onto the web first gained that coveted position. By creating personalized individual blogs my team and I were able to break away from the pack and generate unique content and posts on the internet promoting the business opportunity. So if you are in an MLM, Affiliate Program, or just want to know how to create a blog this beginners guide is perfect for you. To Your Success Carolyn A Smith -Blog Million BLOG GPS ©2010
  4. WHAT IS A BLOG? A blog is an online personal diary and for the men you can refer to it as a journal of thoughts. In this personal place you write about the things that interest you and what you would like to talk about. BY DEFINITION So you may follow what I mean I have listed a few key words you will need to know to help you follow this eBook easily. A person who owns, posts, and maintains a blog is a blogger. The duty of posting the information for others to read is blogging. I know it sounds funny to say the blogger is blogging on his blog but it will make sense by the time you finish reading. Blog – a diary or online journal. Blogger - a person who writes a blog. Content - The actual text of the most recent post. Comments - An area for readers of the blog to add their comments. Archives - A link to view the archive section which contains older posts. Subscriber – A person who chooses to receive updates to your blog as they are published. BLOG GPS ©2010
  5. WHY BLOG? You may be wondering what the big deal is about blogging. I believe that anyone who feels they have something to say have now found by creating a blog the way to say it. Bloggers do not face the negativity of “trying” to share what they think and hope it’s received properly. They just do it! (Looking for my Nike endorsement) A blog can be therapeutic, it can be informative, dramatic, entertaining, or it can be a daily ranting that you personally don’t have an audience for. The Internet is the perfect venue that allows you to share your voice. You would be surprised by how many people who may feel just like you! Bloggers have the opportunity of reaching thousands globally each and every day. Blogging has become a popular hobby with the average person on the internet just like you and me. The range of blog topics runs the gamut from how to clean a fish tank to understanding science formulas. I do not personally suggest blogging about your personal life in “detail” because of obvious reasons; but to share a passion, opinion, or hobby is the safest idea. At this point you know what a blog is and that average people all over the world are reading and writing blogs of their own. BLOG GPS ©2010
  6. Acquiring GPS Signal……. PLEASE START DRIVING GETTING STARTED Publishing your thoughts is easy and free. It takes a few minutes and a couple of easy to follow steps and you will be a blogger in no time. You need a home on the Internet to put your blog. This place will also provide you with an address for finding the blog on the internet which is your Url. This is known as "hosting". Here are a few blogging websites to choose from: BLOG GPS ©2010
  7. FREE VS PAID HOSTING For this eBook I am going to show you how to use free hosting; but will touch on the difference very quickly of what a paid hosting service can provide. Have you ever heard the term “Nothing in life is for free”? Well there are advantages and disadvantages to using a free hosting service for your blog. DISADVANTAGES: The downside of using a free service is that you maybe limited to the full features the host can provide a paying user. Some services will only allow one author on your blog but will allow unlimited authors if you pay for the service. A free host will place advertising in or above your blog. Why would they do that? Why wouldn’t they? You are using their hosting site for free; so they will help keep it affordable by showing their clients advertisements on your page to your viewers. This advertising may be in the form of a banner over the top of your site or along the side or bottom. Using a free host your domain name will be part of another domain, perhaps vs. this is known as a subdomain. We will cover domain names later in the eBook. ADVANTAGES: The obvious advantage is it’s FREE! As a beginner this is a great way to start blogging because you can try it out and see if you have what it takes to be a blogger. If you find it is not something you like, what have you lost? Nothing except a few minutes of your time. If you become a dedicated blogger, you can upgrade your service options when you feel more comfortable. BLOG GPS ©2010
  8. BLOG BASICS Most blogs contain the following components: Header – What Your blog is called. Subject- What your blog is about. Title- What will create interest on the internet. Content – The text you create for your blog including video and images. Time/Date Stamp – Shows how current your posts are so that your reader knows they are receiving the most current information. Comments – If you allow your readers to provide a comment this is where they will post it. BLOG GPS ©2010
  9. We will use as our host site for this eBook example. CREATE YOUR BLOG Go to to create your blog. You can take a tour of the site, view a video tutorial, or read about blogger from posts made by blogger users. You will be asked to provide an email address. If you already have one with Gmail, Google Groups, or Orkut simply log into your account first; then create your blog because you can login to Blogger with your Google Account and now you have one less username and password to remember. To choose an available URL you need to think about what you want your internet address to become so that surfers will find your blog. The more relevant to the topic or niche the better. If you change your mind and want a different URL later, making the change is easy to do. Customize your template So that your blog is not a blank piece of paper, blogger provides templates for you to choose from. Pick the theme that you like the best. The blogs are editable so you can customize them to your taste. You can also add interesting widgets, photos, videos, slideshows, user polls, and AdSense ads! Blogger is very user friendly so you can adjust the fonts and text colors on the template with ease. Adding photo’s and video’s are a greet way to generate interest in your blog and drive traffic to your page. Once you have created the traffic I just referred to; give your readers the option to follow your blog by adding the follow gadget to your layout. When your readers click the "Follow This Blog" link this will add your blog to their personal dashboard in their Blogger/Google Reader account they now will know when you post new content and hopefully share it with others. BLOG GPS ©2010
  10. Add the share button to your entries for the ease of the reader to forward your blog to their friends and family. The comments feature/feedback for your blog can be turned on or off. It’s a bit of a gamble and depends on what your writing about and how open you are to others including competitors commenting on your page where others can read it. Always allow your readers an option of becoming a subscriber to your blog so they're notified whenever you publish a new blog post. GROUP BLOGGING With Blogger, it's easy to create a team blog, allowing multiple bloggers to contribute to a single blog. You select which team members have administrative authorization and those who are just going to be authors. You can also choose to make your blog private and restrict who can view it. This puts you in full control of your blog. Can I Write My Blog From My Desktop? Usually speaking blogging takes place right within your web browser. You log in to your blog, create a new post, just as you might write an email, providing a subject line or title, and then a body of text beneath. The problem with writing online is that browsers can and will crash, if you lose your web connection before saving it’s a wrap, all that work gone into cyber space. I am not trying to scare you but by using a desktop blogging application you avoid this happening. You type out your blog post first on your desktop then submit it electronically to your blog. BLOG GPS ©2010
  11. Windows Blog Editors Personally, my own favorite Windows-based blog editing application is Windows Live Writer. It's totally free, easy to use and did I mention totally free? Windows Live Writer is a FREE, Windows-only offline blogging software program. Fully integrated with other services of the Live family, Live Writer supports spell checking, and the embedding of any media content. Not supported: tags, pings, multi-blog posting, and Twitter notifications. There are many other desktop applications of great quality and they can be found on the internet for Mac and Linux users. A. At this point you've chosen where to host your blog, and you've set yourself up with a desktop editor. BLOG GPS ©2010
  12. CONTENT  What Should I Write About? The biggest question that a blogger often faces is what they should write about. What you write about depends on why you are blogging in the first place. Find your niche market – Who do you want to reach with your blog? Do you have a topic you are passionate about? Do you search for things on the internet and after all the time you spend searching, finally find your answer? Turn the answer into a blog post. This is a great topic by all by itself. Believe me if you were looking for the answer and couldn’t find it immediately; someone else will be searching in frustration soon, so why not provide it for the next searcher? Try to avoid a saturated topic where there are a gazillion posts about the same thing because chances are after your friends and family read your post you will be over shadowed by bloggers with a larger following on the same topic. Make your topic unique, interesting and genuine. A blog should not read like a commercial advertisement but what it is. Information shared by an everyday person on their views about a certain topic. The more people who value or trust what a blogger has to say, the more people will link to and recommend the blog they enjoy or have found value from. One of the great things about blogging is that you do not have to be a professional writer to have a popular blog. To make your blog popular make it honest, pleasing to the eye, and interesting enough for them to come back. BLOG GPS ©2010
  13. THE TITLE Perhaps the most important part of any blog post is the title. I know you think it should be the content but that’s the second most important here’s why. On the Internet, headlines are often displayed out of context. A reader will click on the topic that catches their attention even when it’s not what they are actually looking for! It’s the nature of the beast. The more creative you are with your title without being outright deceitful the better your chances are for having your blog clicked on. Go on the web and search for a topic then mentally take note of the headlines which catch your attention. Do they have something in common? Compare the font size, bold, text, there is something that makes those links stand out to you more than the others. Can you imagine if they all contained the same exact information but you picked one above the others for something as simple as bolding the font? Once you have settled on your dynamic attention getting title what will your reader see? You have a 5 second window to share what it is you want to get across. I am really being generous with giving 5 seconds especially if you are writing about a maxed out topic. So for the few seconds of time you have to hold your visitors attention add a few pictures and video to make your post more entertaining. A picture can say a thousand words so be sure the image you choose sends a message then you can cut down on some of the text for an easier reading experience. Free or images for sale can be found on the internet or use images that you personally own. Do not just steal images from the internet because you do not want someone to do it to you. BLOG GPS ©2010
  14. When formatting the content break your post up into small paragraphs. Create headlines bolded or in a little larger font than the rest of the text. Internet readers will skim over the page looking for highlights and strong points rather than reading every word. Make sure your colors aren’t offensive and by that I mean loud and clashing. Use text that is easy to read not too large and not too small or in a crazy font. A pretty page will make your blog pleasing to the eye and make your readers more likely to stay on your page longer. B. Your blog is up and running, and once you hit “publish” it is live on the internet. If you are interested in starting to make money with your blog content, you will need to promote your blog to as many people as possible. PROMOTING YOUR BLOG  Keyword search When you’re setting up a blog, you should decide who you’re main Niche or target group will be then generate keywords according to the visitors you like to attract. Use the Google Keyword Tool – it’s FREE and easy to use. Go to Chose 2 short tailed keywords with a lot of competition (More than 200,000 “High” or “Very high”) Chose 3 long tailed keywords with less competition (Less than 200,000 or “Average”) These 5 keywords will be 5 of the categories in your blog. BLOG GPS ©2010
  15. Do you see how this works? Provide what the searchers are looking for based on the terms they request in their searches online. You are bound to be the blog they find! C. You have researched the 5 words that will generate the most traffic for your blog to become the hottest on the internet. DOMAIN NAMES There are several sites where you can purchase a domain name. For this eBook example we are using GoDaddy as our domain provider. A domain costs anywhere from $10.00 to $.89 a year and it’s worth the cost to have the name you desire for your blog or website. When you are choosing what to name your site think about what you are writing about. If your website/blog is about “Internet Marketing”, then the 2 words “internet” and “marketing” should be included in your domain name. If the exact name you desire is unavailable godaddy will not force you to wrack your brain thinking of a new one. They will provide alternative versions of what you originally wanted to try and make your name as close to what you wanted. Search engines are still fond of .com’s so if your name is available buy it! Get Your GoDaddy Account – Click Here D. You now own the name that you desire and can promote your blog as an individual not as a subdomain of someone else’s site. BLOG GPS ©2010
  16. PLUGINS Jeff Johnson created a FREE plugin and it’s highly recommended. Click here to get it, install it and then set it up and install ALL the plugins recommend within the plugin itself. They’re all FREE! Instant Affiliate Traffic Video: Traffic Launcher Formula Cheat Sheets Join Traffic Voodoo:  All-in-One-SEO pack This plugin is an important part of SEO. This plugin sets up your blog's title tags and Meta tags to include keywords and descriptions. CLICK HERE  Google Sitemap Generator Search engines give priority to sites with optimized sitemaps. CLICK HERE  Sociable Truly a favorite plugin adds links to the bottom of every article allowing your viewers to share your articles with their favorite social networking sites such as Digg, Technorati, and Twitter. The exposure this can generate for your blog is baffling! CLICK HERE  Ping Optimizer Blog pinging notifies blog servers that your blog has recently published new content. Your new content is shared across other BLOG GPS ©2010
  17. networks, increasing your blog's exposure. Abuse of the ping can get you flagged and you do not want to have that happen. CLICK HERE  TweetMeMe TweetmeMe Plugin (FREE) - The TweetMeme retweet button easily allows your blog to be retweeted and it shows a live count of the number of times your blogpost has been tweeted. CLICK HERE Get your blog/website indexed at Google Go to Choose “Add new site” – then enter your url address E. By utilizing all of the plugins you are maximizing your blogging efforts and should see a tsunami of traffic. POSTING YOUR BLOG Search Engines need to know your brand new blog exists. By submitting your site to these popular Networking Sites and search engines you can generate unique traffic views.  Technorati You can include your name, photo and a description next to your blog on any Technorati search results. You can list your blog in up to 20 categories for Technorati's Blog Finder, increasing your visibility. As a bonus you also have a chance at being the featured blog appearing on Technorati's home page. BLOG GPS ©2010
  18. Facebook Joining this social networking site is a must do – create a Facebook account for every blog and generate a following. Squidoo the Google Search Engines love Squidoo, so make sure to set up a lens as soon as possible. Twitter You will need to keep on your toes to use this account correctly. It thrives on constant posting and updates. Create a separate account for every blog account. Create a separate account for every blog account. Enroll with all of the bookmarking sites you like within (create separate accounts for every account) TwitterFeed Create a separate account for every blog. Connect TwitterFeed and Twitter accounts to maximize exposure. When you have linked all of the accounts together – every time you post a blog post, it will automatically be posted to Twitter, and your entire favorite social networking sites you have enrolled with via How’s that for maximizing your time! Make sure to follow us on Twitter BLOG GPS ©2010
  19. F. Social Networking is the new way to make friends. HOW TO MAKE MONEY WITH YOUR BLOG Monetizing Your Blog In my personal opinion, if you have given the effort to read this eBook to this point, chosen to implement the tools and systems provided; then you should take my advice and turn your blog into a commercial enterprise. Maximize your R.O.I., I know you think you don’t have an R.O.I. to be concerned about, but you do. You have invested your time into building your blog and you should make it profitable. The opportunity is there so why not create income with it? Search engines favor websites that are updated regularly, have great content, and blogging regularly is a great way to make sure that your content is always fresh. The effort of maintaining your blog will be easy to do if your blog is generating additional income. One of the best ways to monetize your blog is by incorporating Adsense, this advertising program works within any blog and it can generate a lot of money for you. Adsense shows ads along side your blog which are compatible with the topic you have written about. To get started with Adsense, go to and sign up for your free account. You then choose what type of ads you want displayed on your blog. Adsense is a cost per click advertising program, which means that every time a visitor clicks on an ad shown on your blog you get paid. Cha-ching! Google does not disclose exactly how much you earn for each click BLOG GPS ©2010
  20. before you sign up, but you can track your earning daily, once you have started running Adsense and calculate how much you are making per click. I sincerely hope you have enjoyed the book. If you do the above steps, rest assured that your blog will receive lots of unique traffic and you’ll be generating income in no time. CONCLUSION To be successful in your affiliate marketing/internet marketing business and you don’t have a lot of money to invest in your business but time. Follow these steps to maximize your blogging efforts. 1. Set up your blog. At this point you already know how to do that. 2. It is very important to post regularly on your blog; three times a week is a good start. When you reach 100 posts you will see the difference in your blog traffic. 3. Begin to turn your blog posts into articles. Submit one article a week to “top ten article directories”. 4. Join a credible Affiliate Program and post a link into each of your posts. Be sure the link is relevant to the topic or at least matches your niche market of viewers. Here is an example: Your blog topic is about a motivational book you have just read “Napoleon Hill’s Keys To Success” and how everyone should go out and read it. You give your raving review then you monetize your blog by providing a link from Amazon (affiliate program) directly to the book title. Your blog can now generate income for you based on your content. You have also provided the ease of purchase to your viewer making their experience on your blog more valuable. BLOG GPS ©2010



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