Cracking part 60

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Cracking part 60

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  1. HFX International - HFX international is "determined to bring the underground together as a single unified society, so that more can be accomplished". Hacking Files - Links to hacking sites, cracking programs, and forum. Harsha's Infopage - Selected RFCs, hacking tutorials, and links to other hacking sites. India Cracked - Lists Indian sites that have been hacked and links to news articles. Groovy Hack - Descriptions of exploits, hacking tips, and forum. - Encryption programs and other security-related software, news, list of hacked websites, and articles about hacking. Stuff-Box - Search and download tools and drivers. DUFFmeng Software - Destructive software and articles about phreaking. Hakemu - Password cracking software. Net Ninja's Dojo - Password cracking programs and a beginner's guide to hacking Windows. SC - Hacking kit and mirrors of hacked websites. MatriX Crew 2000 - Game cracks, hacking, nukes, war utilities. - Offers hacker clothing, software, cracks, cyberpunk column and book clubs, tips, chat rooms, live video broadcasts, game reviews and online surveys. Black Oasis - Computer security, text library, exploits, hacking information, and hyperlinks. The Compound - Hacking, Phreaking, Cracking, texts and tools. source code and defence progs. Arizona Hacker Information Forum - Information about meetings and articles about hacking. Hackers of Israel Unite - Articles about hacking and Unix software utilities. Untitled5 - Articles about UNIX and Windows security, exploits, and copies of selected RFCs. Includes source code for encryption algorithms. Northern Ireland Hackers and Phreakers - Articles about UNIX hacking and phreaking.
  2. Altern8ive UK - Articles about hacking, scripts, list of explots, and tools. Archive of Hacked Websites - List and pictures of hacked sites. DefSon - Hacking tutorials and links to exploits. Sickboy's Pages - Source code, binaries, tutorials, text files, projects. Mr John's Underground Startpage - Link list divided into categories. crack, hack, MP3 and satellite. No pop-ups. Toro´s Place - Link list of MP3, FTP, cracks, games, cheats and other sites L0pht Heavy Industries - The L0pht is a collaborative group of whitehat hackers who publish full-disclosure advisories, usually including demonstration exploits. Fyodor's Exploit World - A large and descriptive exploit archive organized by affected operating systems. Security Bugware - Massive security alert archive featuring full exploit details in most cases. SecuriTeam - A frequently updated and detailed exploit information archive. USSR Labs - Security research team that publishes advisories and hosts a large updated exploit archive sorted by date. Freaks Macintosh Archives - Macintosh Hacking site filled with MacOS compatible exploits. Defaced - Mail list for news on defaced web sites. Phreak Security - Exploits and advisories, sorted by operating systems and affected server software. Outpost9 - Exploit archive sorted by operating system. MC² Security Wire - Security information site that features a searchable exploit database that includes links to patch information. DOuiD - Small security site with several exploits and scanner software. Hacking Heathcote - This site contains exploits and tutorials specifically focused towards hacking RM networks. MIRC Hackers - Extensive information on IRC channel takeover.
  3. Welcome, visitor There already exist a lot of cracking sites. So, why another one? This site focuses on spreading the 'reversing knowledge' So... no cracks here! If you are looking for cracks or serials, you landed on the wrong site :p .This site is 100 % legal according the european laws. Our main goal is to offer a deeper insight in win32 assembly. You can learn it here!! "Give a man a crack, and he'll be hungry again tomorrow, teach him how to crack, and he'll never be hungry again" +ORC Read and learn. Ignorance is bliss, but knowledge is power... Over the years there have been a few great groups directed towards reverse engineering. They have come and gone, and new ones have risen up. A few stood out from the crowd, but always in time they took their place among the rest, except with their sites being mirrored and their knowledge they brought to the people stored for a time. When we came together as a group, RET was nothing more than an idea, but over the last while, we have become stronger and stronger as a group and are well on our way to producing a great amount of very useful tools and information. Our goal is to always move one step further than the rest of the knowledge out there so that we might increase our understanding and the understanding of people around us. Welcome to the Reverse Engineering Team. You are free to gather whatever information suits your fancy from us and contribute what you like to the dicussions on our boards. If you have an idea bring it forth, and we'll discuss it, have fun, and never stop learning. ~The Reverse Engineering Team ~ Welcome to the new BiW reversing site! NewsSoon this place will be the new BiW Reversing site. We hope you will like it, and you won't hesitate to contribute to the site. All ideas, gfx art, help is welcome, mail detten (at) reversing (dot) be if you are interested. We expect that the site will be fully functional by the end of february. Stay tuned ;) Welcome to Programmer's Tools, a web site dedicated for all kinds of tools and utitlities for the true WinBloze programmer ;). You'll find here a collection of packers, crypters (protectors), unpackers, decrypters (unprotectors), compilers, decompilers, debuggers, patchers, docs, some fun stuff and other utils. Here are also some related links. The purpose of this archive section is to keep protools with up-to-date things and still have older stuff archived.
  4. I'm always 'open' for any suggestions, comments, additions to the content of this site, the web design, etc ... Also feel free to add link to this site :). I'm not responsible for the content (probably pr0n) of, it's used to be the Programmer's Tools domain but someone overtook it :(. This page contains binaries, sources and informations for coders. Coder is man writing his programs in assembly language, sometimes in C. Programs presented here are mostly written for x86 CPUs and Microsoft operating systems. Here you'll find information on how to program Windows using Assembly Language. I love assembly language and have programmed in asm since DOS days. When Windows "killed" DOS, I thought assembly language died with it. I could not be further from the truth! Assembly programming on Win32 platform is quite possible and easy. The Universitas Virtualis Research Project team welcomes you. So you think you're good enough to break the protection? You want to see how good you are in reversing applications? And you want to do it the legal way? Then you're at the right place! We try in our Tutorials everything as simply and clearly as representing possible. Whether this succeeded to us, hmm, of it should you you probably convince. Should you with any Tutorial of problems have, possibly even errors find, then does not hesitate us of it to report... The indicated degrees of difficulty are estimated from us and do not have to agree necessarily with those from you. Regards it as approximate characterisation. A problem, which will strengthened arise in the future, are the different operating systems, with which we work. The probably most well-known example is the API hmemcpy. While this offers a outstanding BREAK POINT under Win 9x, one must look for each other under 2k/XP another way, in order to be able to breaken in the program. In addition it comes that by the different operating systems also the behavior of SoftIce can be possibly different, than it stands in the Tutorial. Straight one for Newbiez could be this rather difficult or confusing. Anyway... read! WEBSITE CỦA MỘT SỐ CRACKER Pumqara's site. Unpacking,Protection,Coding... Author of CryptoSearcher
  5. Good crypto source codes,a lot of solved crackmes Author of Generic UPX Unpacker a Bulgarian Reverser BLaCk-eye's site Teddy Roger's site Tác giả: zeroman_ltk(UDS) Diễn đàn của các nhóm cracker nổi tiếng Đây là nơi các nhóm cracker đưa ra các bản crack release của các phần mềm cho bạn download và cũng là nơi họ thảo luận, bạn cũng có thể đăng ký để yêu cầu crack hoặc hỏi kinh nghiệm crack, phá mã ,... của họ. Các bạn có thể dễ dàng tìm ra các thông tin về họ thông qua các gói crack, patch trên mạng( xem file .NFO trong các gói ZIP hay RAR) REA(Việt Nam) TSRH một nhóm cracker rất nổi tiếng Nhóm Serial2000 Nhóm DAMN Nhóm Fighting For Fun Nhóm Seek 'n' Destroy Web1: Web2: Diễn đàn Nhóm MasterPower 2k ( R E S i S T A N C E I S F U T i L E) (F i G H T i N G - F o R - F u N ) (CRACK IN MOROC)
  6. Tác giả: freewarez(  
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