Discover The 4 Key Secrets To Playing The Auction House In World Of Warcraft

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Discover The 4 Key Secrets To Playing The Auction House In World Of Warcraft

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Khám phá bí mật của 4 khóa Để Playing Nhà bán đấu giá Tại World Of Warcraft Khi nói đến chơi World of Warcraft, vàng là một phải có cho bất kỳ cầu thủ. Nó không quan trọng mà phía bạn đang ở trên, trong đó chủng tộc bạn đang có, hoặc có ngành nghề bạn chọn - nếu bạn không có vàng, bạn không nhận được bánh và hàng hoá mà bạn cần. Tuy nhiên, luôn có một số cầu thủ mà dường như chỉ được cán bằng vàng. Và không có vấn đề trình độ của họ, họ...

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  1. Discover The 4 Key Secrets To Playing The Auction House In World Of Warcraft When it comes to playing the World of Warcraft, gold is a must have for any player. It does not matter which side you are on, which race you are, or which professions you choose – if you do not have gold, you do not get the gear and goods you need. Yet, there are always some players that seem to just be rolling in gold. And no matter their level, they have all the highest priced gear, the best mounts, all of their training, awesome rare weapons, and more. You want their gold and you want to have everything that they have. So, how do you do it? Well, there are many great ways that you can make the gold you need in the game, but there are some special secrets that the richest players do not want you to know when it comes to playing the auction house. Here are four secrets to playing the auction house that you should know: Secret 1: Download the auctioneer addon that helps you scan the auction house. This addon will help you scan the auction house for items that are priced lower than normal. When you find good items that normally sell high for really cheap amounts, you can purchase them cheap and then resell them high. This can make some great profits, especially if you know the best items to purchase for your server, such as ghost mushrooms, black dragon scales, and other specialty items that certain classes need for class specific quests. Secret 2: Save up some gold and then buy out all of one specific item that normally sells high. When you purchase everything on the auction house (especially on the weekends) and then put them right back on the auction house for higher than they were listed, you can make a pretty decent profit. This works best for herbs, cloth, and other mats. While this does take some gold to do, it is worth it. Secret 3. Save up all your good items to sell on the weekend. This means like blue or purple items, specialty items, mats, and other things that players need. Stack them all up over the week and them put them all on the auction house at once during the weekend and price them a bit higher than normal. You will find that those “weekend warriors” will purchase everything on the auction house when they are looking to make something specific, or if they are looking for a special piece of armor. Weekends are the best money makers and you can actually double what you would normally make throughout the week. Secret 4. Search out the mat lists for some of the rare patterns and recipes, then farm the mats. There are certain items that players will need for either patterns, recipes, quests, weapons, armor, and so on that most players either do not have time, or do not want, to farm. So, by farming these mats, you can make a ton of cash on the auction house without much effort. Yes, these secrets are pretty easy. You are probably kicking yourself for not thinking of them earlier. Either way, you now know a few of the best auction house secrets that the richest players use when it comes to making money on the auction house. Want to learn more about making gold on the auction house? Then you need the ultimate gold making guide, and you will find it here:
  2. Discover 10 Little Known Places To Grind For Gold In The World Of Warcraft Everyone knows that when you are out grinding certain mobs, you will find those that drop money. Some drop a little, some drop a lot, but it all adds up pretty fast if you know where to grind. So, where are these great places to grind, you ask? Well, here are 10 great places to grind for gold in the World of Warcraft: Place 1: In Winterspring, at the Lake of Kel-The-rell, you will find Suffering and Anguished Highborne ghosts that are around the level 52-55 range. These all drop money, normally silver from 2-10 pieces each. Place 2: In Tanaris, at the Lost Rigger Cove, you will find the Southsea Pirates. These mobs range from level 42-45, and always drop silver. Place 3: In the Western Plaguelands, you will find Hearthglen. This is one of the Scarlet cities here, and you will find Scarlet Priests, Sentinels, Paladins, etc. All of these mobs are levels 53-56 elites, and all drop money. Place 4: In the Eastern Plaguelands, you will find the Undercroft, which is where the Moss-flay-er Zombies live. These weak mobs are all around level 50 and all drop lots of silver. Place 5: In Westfall, you will find the De-fi-as Trappers on the western shore. These guys spawn fast, are in the lower 30 level range, and always drop money and usually cloth. Place 6: In Un-go-ro Crater, you will find the Tar Elementals. These are the only mobs here that drop money, and you can make a good amount of cash here grinding. Place 7: In Silverpine Forest, there are groups of Wizards and Mages that always drop money. These are great for those who are level 12-20, and you can gain some good cloth and other vendor items as well. Place 8: In the Barrens, you will find the Oasis where there are mobs that range from level 12-17. These always drop money, and usually some great vendor items for this level range. Place 9: In Thousand Needles, you will find two different camps of centaurs and harpies that are level 20-25. These drop tons of silver, and it adds up fast. Plus, they respawn fast, so by the time you make it through one camp and are ready to head back, it's already full again. Place 10: In Stranglethorn Vale, right outside of Grom-gaul you will find a group of trolls that are level 23-27. These always drop money and usually some great vendor items as well. So, there you have it. 10 of the best places to grind for gold in the World of Warcraft. Yes, these are just the ones that are on the main continents, not in the Outlands. To learn where to go in the Outlands for some great gold grinding, you will have to go to and buy the best World of Warcraft gold guide on the market today.
  3. Learn 5 Secrets You MUST Know About Farming Mats In The World Of Warcraft When it comes to professions in the World of Warcraft, most players still do not fully understand the right techniques when it comes to getting the mats that they need to make their items and level up their professions. Tailoring, Enchanting, Engineering, Alchemy, Leatherworking, Blacksmithing, Jewelcrafting – it does not matter what profession you choose, you have to have mats to make anything. Sure, you can simply buy them on the auction house, but this gets really expensive, especially as you level your professions up. So, what do you do? Easy, you use some of your play time to grind or gather up the mats that you need the most for your professions. Here are five things that every World of Warcraft player needs to know about farming mats: Secret 1: Mats are actually pretty easy to get, with the exception of a few. This is true for all professions. Most of the mats that you will need are really simple to get if you just take the time to gather them. There are always those few that are rare and will cost you time or money to gather, but for about 98% of the mats that you will need, you can easily gather them. Secret 2: Always have one gathering profession that goes along with your craft. By always having a gathering profession, you can gather the majority of the mats that you will need to make items to level up your crafting profession. Secret 3: Take at least one hour a week to simply do “mat runs”. This means that for one hour per week, you simply head through the game, gathering mats. Find the best areas to gather them, and get everything you possibly can together. Then, you can make items and sell them on the auction house during the weekend to make some cash. Secret 4: Always farm extra mats. If you always have extra mats, you can put them on the auction house on the weekends for those players who would rather just buy them than farm them. This is a great way to make extra money. Secret 5: Always level up your gathering professions whenever you can, even if it gets higher than your crafting profession. Even if you can not use the mats yet, always level your gathering profession when you have the chance. This way, you not only have good mats to sell on the auction house, you can also stack some in the bank for when you do need them. No matter which professions you choose, you should always take the time to gather your mats so you can level your professions and make the money you need. To learn more about some of the best places to find those rare mats that are really expensive, head over to and you too will know those secret places that those rich players know!
  4. Learn 5 Simple Tips For Playing The World Of Warcraft Auction House For Gold On The Weekends When it comes to playing the auction house in the World of Warcraft, you will find that there are some days of the week that are better than others. For example, if you are wanting to win items that have cheap bid amounts, you place your bids on Tuesday nights late, right before Blizzard shuts down the servers for updates or restarts. Of course, there are some other great tips and tricks to playing the auction house on certain days of the week, and here are five simple tips to help you out: Tip 1: Weekends, weekends, weekends. This is the busiest time on any server, as some people are not lucky enough to be able to play every day. So, this is the time that you want to save up mats, greens, blues, epics, or any other items to place on the auction house. You will get the most money on the weekends, and chances are that you will sell out as well. Tip 2: Price matters. When it comes to playing the auction house on the weekends, you want to cheat a bit. You either have your auctioneer addon search for the prices or you do it yourself, then you price your items lower than the others. If this means taking a bit of a cut below what the other players are charging, don't fret about it. By pricing your items a little below the lowest item, you are bound to sell your items. Tip 3: Weekends mean better pickings for items that are priced too low. This means that you can manipulate the auction house on the weekends if you have the money to spend in the first place. Cloth is a great example of this, on the weekends you will always find people who have a ton of different cloths and sell them cheaper than they should. You buy them all out, driving up the prices and then make a good amount of cash selling them for a higher price on the auction house. Tip 4: Save up items that bring in a lot of money for the weekends. Items like Felcloth, Essence of Earth, and other rare items that always go for tons of gold should be saved for the weekend and then put on a short auction so they will go fast. Rare items will always bring in more money on the weekends than throughout the week days. Tip 5: Download the most up-to-date versions of auctioneer and other auction house software that will help you keep track of prices and what the items you need are going for. These addons are essential to any player who wants to play the auction house right and win. While these are only a few of the things that you can do to help make a killing on the auction house on the weekends, you will find that these will help you double your money if you do them right. To learn more about the tricks and secrets to playing the auction house on World of Warcraft, head over to and find out all you could ever need to know.
  5. Discover The 4 Reasons Why The Outlands Are Better For Making Gold In The World Of Warcraft When it comes to making gold for your toon in the World of Warcraft, there are always going to be certain places that are better than others. For those who have purchased the Burning Crusade expansion pack and headed to the Outlands, they already know why the Outlands are so much better when it comes to making gold. But, for those who are either just starting out in the World of Warcraft, or who have not hit the Outlands yet, here are four reasons that the Outlands are so much better for making gold for your toon: Reason 1: In the Outlands, even the gray vendor items sell for over 1 gold each. This means that even throw away trash item drops are worth gold and are worth carrying back to a vendor to sell. You can make a fair amount of gold by just selling the trash drops that you will get from mobs in the Outlands. Reason 2: In the Outlands, most humanoid mobs will drop 1 gold or more. There are some that will drop large amounts of silver as well, but this adds up so fast that you do not even realize it. The amount of gold that you can farm by just grinding humanoid mobs for an hour is amazing no matter where in the Outlands you are. Reason 3: In the Outlands, the drop rates for green, blue, and purple items skyrockets compared to the main continents in the World of Warcraft. No matter where you are in the Outlands, you will immediately notice that the item drops are much better. From armor to weapons, the drops that fall from random mobs in the Outlands will increase your gold substantially since they will sell for a ton more on the auction house – if you decide not to use them yourself. Reason 4: In the Outlands, there are very few mobs that will not drop anything. Cash, items, mats – almost every mob in the Outlands will drop something that you can either use or sell for money. This means that your output for making gold increases and your toon will gain from that cash as well. Yes, these are only four of the reasons that you should head to the Outlands as soon as you possibly can. There are more, and there is a list of where you should grind in the Outlands to make the most of your time in-game. To find out more, head over to
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