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Nghệ thuật xếp hình Nhật Bản:transforming_heart_2

Chia sẻ: Nhut Thinh | Ngày: | Loại File: PDF | Số trang:2

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Nghệ thuật xếp hình: transforming_heart_2. Tài liệu rất có ích, nó giúp bạn nâng cao kỹ năng gấp tất cả mọi thứ bằng giấy. Bạn có thể gấp thành thạo những gì bạn thích cho riêng mình và cho bạn bè bạn.

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Nội dung Text: Nghệ thuật xếp hình Nhật Bản:transforming_heart_2

  1. Transforming Heart by Kalei Anne Lundberg copyright 2001 These diagrams are offered for personal use; for ny other use, please contact me for permission at 150% 1. Do the star precrease and 2. Valley fold and unfold. collapse into a waterbomb base. 3. Valley fold the top two free points 4. Open sink the top point. to the top, crease and unfold. Repeat the procedure on the back side. 5. Petal fold. 6. This is roughly what you should see while the petal fold is in progress. Repeat the maneuver on the back side. Heart page 1 of 2
  2. 1800 9. Inside reverse fold to 7. Rotate the model 1800. 8. Mountain fold the top meet the crease line. layer to the inside of the model. 11. Turn the model over to 12. Repeat step 9 & 10. 10. Valley fold the rest of the layers to the inside distribute the weight of the over top of the small folds evenly. triangle to lock. Lifting the bottom points 13. Tah Dah!!!! Mount turns the model into a tulip on a flower stem and gives you two pages to express yourself upon. Variations: For 3D Fantasy Heart I: Undo the lock made in steps 9 & 10, inside reverse fold the corner as one, reform the small inside reverses in the center of each side, lift the bottom points and spread the wings of the sink. For cards: Skipping the sink fold in step four will produce a 2 page book or card. Several animal and human faces can be made by starting in step 8 and using the top flaps to make various ear shapes, hair styles, eyes, etc. and put a small accordion pleated nose on the first page flap. Experiment is addictive. Heart page 2 of 2



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