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A.Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from that of the others. 1. A. facsimile B. transfer C. spacious D. fax 2. A. subscribe B. facsimile C. pride D.

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Nội dung Text: ÔN THI HỌC KỲ HAI – KHỐI 11

  1. THANH BINH 1 HIGH SCHOOL ÔN THI HỌC KỲ HAI – KHỐI 11 A.Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from that of the others. 1. A. facsimile B. transfer C. spacious D. fax 2. A. subscribe B. facsimile C. pride D. provide 3. A. survive B. prohibit C. fertilizer D. environment 4. A. exhaust B. source C. enormous D. cause 5. A. sun B. solar C. safe D. sure 6. A. heat B. great C. release D. reach 7. A. weather B. growth C. wealthy D. geothermal 8. A. admire B. avid C. variety D. while 9. A. occupy B. simply C. accompany D. hobby 10. A. practised B. stamped C. indulged D. accomplished 11. A. coughs B. kisses C. misses D. finishes 12. A. raised B. ranked C. surpassed D. laughed 13. A. loves B. laughs C. theories D. belongings 14. A. geothermal B. power C. solar D. hydro 15. A. exactly B. exist C. exhaust D. extinct B.Choose the word that has the main stress placed differently from the others. 1. A. technology B. competitive C. facsimile D. document 2.A. courteous B. subscribe C. service D. customer 3.A. transit B. transmit C. transact D. translate 4.A. capacity B. communal C. secure D. imagine 5.A. installation B. disadvantage C. dissatisfied D. disappointed 6. A. ignorant B. continual C. gigantic D. indulge 7. A. occupy B. admire C. organize D. classify 8. A. category B. regular C. relative D. equipment 9. A. enjoyable B. recreation C. pursuit D. decision 10. A. sophisticated B. painting C. interesting D. popular 11. A. household B. television C. entertainment D. music 12. A. undertaken B. population C. karaoke D. spectator 13. A. pastime B. enormous C. activity D. important 14. A. together B. pyramid C. reminder D. appointment 15. A. hobby B. guitar C. modest D. common C. Vocabulary 1. The staff of the hotel are always friendly and courteous. A. efficient B. polite C. helpful D. perfect 2. Many organizations have been set up and funds have been raised. A. established B. collapsed C. delayed D. decreased 3. Laws have been introduced to prohibit the killing of endangered animals. A. advised B. decreased C. ban D. encouraged 4. I wish you a speedy recovery from your illness to return to work soon . A. thoughtful B. gradual C. courteous D. quick 5. Nuclear power is cleaner than coal. A. strength B. might C. rule D. energy 6. Solar energy is not only plentiful but also infinite. A. strong B. rapid C. limited D. without limit 7. The pollution problem is very complicated to solve. A. quick B. easy C. complex D. prompt 8. These ideas have now been completely discarded. A. come up with B. got rid of C. put forward D. put into practice 9. The most important thing is to keep yourself occupied. A. busy B. relaxed C. comfortable D. free 10. My uncle, who is an accomplished guitarist, taught me how to play. A. skilful B. famous C. perfect D. modest 11. Cycling and karate are among her hobbies. A. pursuit B. entertainment C. amusement D. pastime TEACHER: DUONG MAI NHU HOA
  2. THANH BINH 1 HIGH SCHOOL 12. Yuri Gagarin lifted off into space aboard the Vostok 1 A. attracted B. occured C. reacted D. launched 13. The world “ astronaut” means: ……………. A. hero B. telegram C. spaceman D. orbit 14. Gagarin became the first person to eat and drink in zero gravity .It means ……………. A. conquest B. weightlessness C. spacecraft D. experiment 15. The Great Pyramid of Giza is one of the famous man-made wonders of the world. A. artificial B. natural C. modern D. enternal 16. We are proud of our ……staff, who are always friendly and efficient . A. well-done B. well-apponted C. well-behaved D. well- trained 17. Dinosaurs became…….millions of years ago. A. disappear B. extinct C. last D. endangered 18. Many rare…….. of animals are in danger of extinction. A. species B. classes C. being D. pairs 19. Oil, coal natural gas are……… A. solar system B. nuclear power C. hydropower D. fossil fuels 20. You can play for the goods on……….. A. deliver B. delivery C. deliverable D. delivering 21. England was one of the first countries to………… A. industry B. industrial C. industrialize D. industriallization 22. Their………is rejected due to some problems of pollution . A. suggest B. suggestion C. suggestive D. suggestible 23. This vase is quite rare and is almost a …………….'s item. A. collect B. collective C. collection D. collector 24. There are some hobbies that I ……………. in for a while besides reading and collecting. A. occupy B. accomplish C. fascinate D. indulge 25. Spectator sports are………………………. A. sports people take part in B. sports people often watch C. beautyful sports D. planted 26. The singer was ……………. on the piano by her sister. A. played B. performed C. accompanied D. helped D. GRAMMAR. Yesterday I went to ……………I had never been to before. A. Thanh Ba Post Office , that B. Thanh Ba Post Office where C. Thanh Ba Post Office which D. Thanh Ba Post Office , which He often finds fault with ………………he describes as having no talent. A. John Smith , whom B. John Smith , that C. John Smith , whose D. John Smith who Water is one of the precious resources …………for our life. A. we depend on which B. which we depend C. on which we depend D. on that we depend 23. Do you know that environmentalist ………….?. A. with whom I used to work B. with that I used to work C. with I used to work D. with who I used to work The musicians …………………yesterday have played together for many years . A. to who we listened B. who we listened to C. to that we listened D. to whom we listened The student ……………………had an impressive record. A . the prize was awarded B. that the prize was awarded C. to whom the prize was awarded D. who the prize was awarded I pulled off the sheets ………………….. the furniture. A. to cover B. covered C. that covering D. covering 47. The nuclear power plant …………………… last year will come to operate tomorrow. A. completing B. to complete C. completed D. which completed 48.Lady Astor was the first woman …………………her seat in Parliament. A. take B. to take C. taking D. who takes TEACHER: DUONG MAI NHU HOA
  3. THANH BINH 1 HIGH SCHOOL 49. Scientists will find ways …………..our supplies of coal , oil , and gas. A. to increase B. increasing C. that increasing D. increased 50 . Airplanes ……….in the twentieth century is one of the sources of pollution. A. which invented B. to invent C. invented D. that is invented She is the only one in the discussion ……….to using nuclear power . A. objects B. objected C. to object D. whom objects Jonny was the last applicant …………for a position in that energy station . A. to interview B. which is interviewed C. interviewing D. to be intervieweded 41. Is there any oil ………….? A. using B. being used C. to be used D. to use 42.I have something interesting ………………….. A. told you B. to tell you C. that tells you D. telling you The old man ………….a black suit is a famous energy researcher. A. to wear B. wearing C. whom is wearing wearing The dishes are dirty, …………….? A.aren’t they B.weren’t they C. are they D.were they 33. This shirt is too big for me, …………….? A.isn’t it B.isn’t this C.doesn’t it D.doesn’t this 34.After a lot of difficulty, he ……………. to open the door A.can B.was able C.could D.had to 35. Nobody wanted to prepare for the meal, …………….? A.did he B.did she C.didn’t they D.did they 36. There are a lot of wonderful books in this library, …………….? A.aren’t they B.are they C.aren’t there D.are there 37.She will be flying to New York this time tomorrow, …………….? A.will she B.won’t she she D.isn’t she 38.Let him go, …………….? A.shall we B.should you C.will you D.should we 39.Nothing has changed in this town, …………….? A.has it B.doesn’t it C.hasn’t it D.does it 40.Mary wasn’t at home when I phoned but I ……………. contact her at her office A.could B.can C.was able to D.must 41.I am your closest friend, …………….? not I B.aren’t I I D.don’t I 43.He hasn’t done it yet, …………….? A.hasn’t he B.hadn’t he C.has he D.had he 44.You have to work overtime today, …………….? you B.have you C.haven’t you D.don’t you . It …………… that many people are homeless after the floods. A. reports B. reported C. is reported D. was reported 58. Prisoner …………… to have escaped by climbing over a wall. A. thinks B. thought C. is thinking D. is thought 59. What’s wrong with your car? – I think it needs ……………. A. check B. checking C. to check D. be checked 60. I think you should …………… . A. have your hair be cut B. have your hair cut C. cut your hair D. have your hair been cut . Children …………… to show respect to their teachers. A. teach B. are teaching C. are taught D. taught 47. This businessman…………… to own a lot of land around the city A. is said B. is saying C. said D. says 48. The fire is thought …………… . A. having started deliberately B. to start deliberately C. to have been started deliberately D. being started deliberately 49. The students …………… to work harder for the next exam. TEACHER: DUONG MAI NHU HOA
  4. THANH BINH 1 HIGH SCHOOL A. are supposed B. suppose C. are supposing D. have supposed 50. The beautiful is …………… to overcome the evil in the end. A. believe B. believed C. believing D. to believe 51. You are expected …………… the safety regulations of the school. A. know B. knowing C. to know D. being known 52. …………… that we have to leave the building. A. We have informed B. It has been informed C. It has been informed us D. we have been informed 53. The missing boy …………… to be wearing a white sweater and blue jeans. A. believes B. believed C. is believed D. has believed 54. Originally, the book was in English, but a few years ago, it …………… into Vietnamese. A. translated B. is translated C. was translated D. has translated 55. The man is my teacher . I am grateful to him . A. The man whom I grateful to him is my teacher . C. The man is my teacher who I am grateful B. The man whom I am grateful to is my teacher D. The man to him I am grateful is my teacher . 56. Ngoc is friendly . We are talking about her . A. Ngoc , we are talking about , is friendly . C. Ngoc , about her we are talking , is friendly . B. Ngoc, whom we are talking about is friendly D. Ngoc , about whom we are talking, is friendly 57. A pilot is a person who flies an aircraft . A. A person who called a pilot flies an aircraft . C. A person that flies an aircraft is called a pilot . B. A pilot is someone who flies an aircraft . D. Both B and C are correct . 58. That is the student . I borrowed his book last week . A. That is the student I borrowed whose book last week. B. The student whose book I borrowed that is . C. That is the student , whose book I borrowed last week D. That is the student whose book I borrowed last week 58.We like the computer . We bought it yesterday. A. We like the computer which we bought it yesterday C. We like the computer we bought yesterday. B. We like the computer we bought which yesterday D. The computer we like we bought yesterday . 59.People often say that he is a talented actor A. People are often said that he is a talented actor B. He is often said to be a talented actor C. He is often said that he is a talented actor D. People are often said that he is to be a talented actor 60. She is said to be 40 years old A. She said she’s about 40 years old C. It is said that she’s 40 years old B. She was told not to be over 40 D. People guessed she was not 40 . 61. People think that he was born in a rich family A. That is thought he was born in a rich family B. He was thought to be born in a rich family C. That he was born in a rich family is thought D. He is thought to have been born in a rich family 62. It is believed that the man escaped in a stolen car A. The man is believed to escape in a stolen car B. The man is believed to have escaped in a stolen car C. The man is believed to be escaped in a stolen car D. They believed that the man stolen car 63.It is said that many people are homeless after the floods A. Many people say to be homeless after the floods B. Many people said are homeless after the floods C. Many people are said to be homeless after the floods D. Many people are said to have been homeless after the floods 64.They think visiting the pyramids is interesting A. The pyramids are thought interesting to be visited B. It is thought the pyramids are visited interesting C.Visiting the pyramids is thought to be interesting D. Visiting the pyramids is thought to have been interesting 65. John is said to have been stolen the money. TEACHER: DUONG MAI NHU HOA
  5. THANH BINH 1 HIGH SCHOOL A. It is said John steals the money. B. It is said John stole the money. C. People said John steals the money. D. People say John steals the money. 66. England won the World Cup in 1966. A. It was in 1966 that England won the World Cup.B. It was on 1966 that England won the World Cup. C. It was in 1966 when England won the World Cup.D. It was 1966 in that England won the World Cup. 67. We will leave for Paris in April. A. It is April we will leave for Paris. B. It is in April that we will leave for Paris. C. It was in April that we will leave for Paris. D. It is in April when we will leave for Paris. E. Speaking 1. A:” Let’s have a pizza.” - B: “ ………………………..” A. Not ready B. No problem C. No glad D. Not at all 2. “ Hello! BBC1………………………………………?” A. Which can I help you B. When can I help you C. Where can I help you D. How can I help you 3. A:” Would you like some more tea ?” - B:”……………………” A. Yes, please B. Here you are C. It doesn’t matter D. I’m OK 4. Customer: “ Excuse me? “ - Shopkeeper : “ Yes, …………….? “ A. Can you help me B. How can I help you C. what happens D. help me 5. A: “ Would you like to go to the movies tonight ?” - B: ”…………………..” A. No I don’t like B. Yes I’d like C. Of course D. I’d love to 6. “What can I do for you?” -“ …………….” A.No.You can’t B.Thanks.I’ll do it C. Thank you.I’m just looking D.Yes.Do it please F. Correcting 1. It was in 1971 that transatlantic supersonic transportation became commercially availability. A B C D 2. It was in 1875 Anna Winlock then joined the staff of the astronomical observatory at Harvard University A B C D 3.You and I went there together , weren’t we ? A B C D 4.He became the first person to eating and drink in zero in space . A B C D 5. A dam is a wall building across a river to stop the river’s flow and collect the water. A B CD 6. The man with who I spoke in the meeting used to work here. A B C D 7. The song to that we listened last night was beautiful. A B C D G. READING A. One of the most famous monuments in the world, the Statue of Liberty, was presented to the United States of America in the nineteenth century by the people of France. The great statue, which was designed by the sculptor Auguste Bartholdi, took ten years to complete.The actual figure was made of copper supported by a metal framework which had been especially constructed by Eiffel.Before it could be transported to the United States, a site had to be found for it and a pedestal had to be built.The site chosen was an island at the entrance of New York Harbour.By 1884, a statue which was 151 feet tall, had been erected in Paris.The following year, it was taken to pieces and sent to America. By the end of October 1886, the statue had been put together again and it was officially presented to the American people by Bartholdi. Ever since then, the great monument has been a symbol of liberty for the millions of people who have passed through New York Harbour to make their homes in America. 1. The Statue of Liberty………………. A. is the most famous monument in the world B. was designed and constructed by the American sculptors C. is located in the centre of New York D. is among the most famous monuments in the world 2. The Statue of Liberty …………… A. was sent to America in 1884 B. was sent to America in 1885 C. was sent to America in 1886 D. was never sent to America 3. The Statue of Liberty……………………. A. was sold to the USA by the French people B. was given to the American people as a present by the French people TEACHER: DUONG MAI NHU HOA
  6. THANH BINH 1 HIGH SCHOOL C. was presented to the USA in the 18th century by the people of France D. was designed and constructed according to the order placed by the French 4. The Statue of Liberty was first erected………….. A. in New York B. on an island at the entrance of New York Harbour C. in Paris D. in Eiffel Tower 5. The Statue of Liberty was made of …………………. A. copper B. copper with mental framework C. concrete D. concrete with metal framework B. The Asian Games owns it origins to small Asian multi- sport competitions held every two years from 1913 to 1934 under a number of names. The Far Eastern Championship Games were created to show unity and cooperation among three nations: Japan, the Philippines and China. The first games were held in Manila in 1913. Other Asian nations participated after it was organized. It was discontinued in 1938 when Japan invaded China and consequently annexed the Philippines which led to the expansion of World War II in the Pacific. After World War II, many of the new independent Asian countries wanted to use a new type of competition where Asian solidarity should be strengthened by mutual understanding. In August 1948, during the 14 th Olympic Games in London, Indian IOC representative Guru Dutt Sondhi proposed to sports leaders of the Asian teams the idea of holding the Asian Games. In February, 1949, the Asian Athletic Federation was formally formed and used the name Asian Games federation. It was decided to hold the first Asian Games in 1951 in New Delhi, the capital of India. Since 1954, the Asian Games have been held every four years. 1. The first Far Eastern Championship Games were held in A. Japan B. The Philippines C. China D. India 2. The word discontinued is closet in meaning to A. repeated B. continuous C. discovered D. cancelled 3. World War II happened A. to put an end to the Far Eastern Championship Games. B. and the Far Eastern Championship Games were held in Japan. C. when the Philippines invaded another Asian country. D. when Japan, the Philippines and China fought one another. 4. The Asian Games Federation was formed in A. Manila in 1913 B. August 1948 C. February 1949 D. 1951 in India 5. Which of the following statements is NOT true? A. After World War II, more countries in Asian became independent. B. Three Asian nations participated in the far Eastern Championship Games 1915. C. The Asian Games were first held as a suggestion of an Indian IOC representative. D. The Asian Games are regularly held once every four years. C. The telephone was invented in the1876 by Alexander Graham Bell, a Scotsman (1)----- became a US citizen. The word “telephone” had been in existence since the 1830s and had been (2) ------ to a number of inventions designed to produce sounds. Bell had become interested in the possibility of long- distance speech through his work with the deaf. He was twenty- eight and his assistant, Thomas Watson, was (3)------ twenty- one when they (4)------ their great success on 10 th March 1876. Despite their long and close association, Bell’s first (5) ------ by telephone was not “ Tom, come here, I want you”, but “ Mr. Watson, come here, I want you” 1. A- where B- which C- who D- whose 2. A- joined B- named C- employed D- applied 3. A- quite B- just C- simply D- lately 4. A- achieved B- managed C- succeeded D- fulfilled 5. A- communicate B- communicative C- communication D- communicatively D. Up to now, Thailand (1) ___ the host country of the Asian Games four times. In 1996, Thailand held the Games for the first time. It was the 5th Games with 18 countries (2) ____ . In 1970, South Korea dropped its plan to host the Games ( 3) _____ security threats from North Korea, and the ( 4) ___ host Thailand administered the Games in Bangkok using the fund of South Korea. In 1978, Pakistan dropped its plan to host the Games due to conflicts with Bangladesh and India. Thailand ( 5) ___ to help and the Games was held in Bangkok, Thailand from 6 to 20 December 1998. 1. A- is B- will be C- was D- has been 2. A- to compete B- competing C- competed D- compete 3.A- as B- due to C- because D- despite 4.A- previous B- advanced C- old D- before 5.A- suggested B- advised C- offered D- made TEACHER: DUONG MAI NHU HOA



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