Phần Mềm-Tiện Ích part 15

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Phần Mềm-Tiện Ích part 15

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Tuxpaint - Programming: ActivePerl - Dev C++ - Dev Pascal - Eclipse -

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  1. Tuxpaint - Programming: ActivePerl - Dev C++ - Dev Pascal - Eclipse - Freepascal - jEdit - PHP Hypertext Parser - Python - Ruby - SharpDevelop - Pop-up Blockers: Google Toolbar - NoAds - PopUp Stopper - Privoxy - Proxomitron - System Information and monitoring: AIDA32 - CPU-Z - Gkrellm - Motherboard monitor - WCPUID - Video codes : DivX Codec - FFDSHOW - Kazaa Lite Codec Pack - Nimo Codec Pack - Quicktime Alternative - Real Player Alternative - Video players : BsPlayer - Cygwin MPlayer - MaximusDVD - Media Player Classic - VideoLan -
  2. Video tools: DVD Shrink - DScaler - FlasKMPEG - GSpot - VirtualDub - VirtualDubMod - xviD - Zwei-Stein Video Editor - Web browsers: Firefox - Internet Explorer - K-Meleon - Mozilla - Netscape - Web servers: Abyss - Aprelium Abyss - Apache - Sambar - Savant - TinyWeb - Webcam Software: booruWebCam - Pryme - Checksum Utilities: fsum - hksfv - md5sum - md5summer - General Utilities And Other Applications: AnalogX - AppRocket - Celestia - Cygwin - Dirkey - EditPad Lite -
  3. Inno Setup - Memtest-86 - MWSnap - NetTime - Nullsoft Installer - Peerguardian - QuickSFV - png2ico - Stickies - Sysinternals - TClockEx - Vim - 3D Imaging : POV-Ray - zeGraph - ModelPress - Cult3D - Alice - Image Editors : Brush Strokes - BIMP - PicWalker - Video : ImageToAVI - Combimovie - Tech Alert Page - There are over 50 Downloads Thêm Best Free Anti-Virus Software Updated I normally recommend the Norton Anti-virus suite but I'm fully aware that some folks simply can't afford to buy it. If you fall into this category then you should check out AVG
  4. Antivirus 6.0 Free Edition. This product has been continuously refined since it was first released in 1991 and now offers very impressive protection capabilities. Additionally, it's relatively small, light on resources, has regular automatic updates and handles email scanning. There is a free and a pro version, the only difference being that the free version has a few non-critical features disabled and has no technical support. Even so, it's an impressive package and a offers the financially challenged a real alternative to the major anti-virus suites. NOTE: AVG are currently upgrading all users to the more advanced version 7 engine. This will include users of the free version of V6.. (5MB) Best Free Adware/Spyware/Scumware Remover Updated Spybot Search and Destroy quickly hunts down all those odious applications that are secretly bundled in with many "advertiser-supported" utilities. It also provides active protection against the current plague of browser hijackers, auto-dialers and other surreptitiously downloaded scumware products. My second choice in this category is Ad- aware SE. It's free too and has a simpler user interface though the free version lacks the active protection offered by Spybot. I use both Spybot and Ad-aware as they tend to find slightly different things. I recommend that you use both as well. (2.5MB) (1.7MB) Best Free Malware Prevention New These days all users face a real risk of malicious programs secretly installing themselves on your computer. Anti-virus and anti-spyware products help reduce the chance of infection but you can really enhance your protection by installing WinPatrol, which provides a vital "last ditch" defense layer by telling you when a product is trying to change any of the critical settings on your PC such as the registry and auto-start areas. WinPatrol simply throws up a dialog asking whether you want to allow the change or not. It's simple but highly effective. The only downside is the messages can confuse some inexperienced users. That reservation aside, this is a product that should be on every PC. (785KB)
  5. Best Free Browser New Internet Explorer is a great browser but it has become such a target for malicious exploit that it now has become a security risk. There are several excellent alternatives but my top pick goes to Mozilla FireFox. It's faster and leaner than Internet Explorer and since the release of version 1PR, it's stable and reliable. It loads a little slower than IE but once running, it zips along at lightning speed. With tabbed browsing and more free extensions than you could ever want, it offers a major upgrade in your browsing experience. Unlike IE, it's also standards compliant. FireFox is now my everyday browser though occasionally I have to fire up IE to browse a site designed around IE's non standard features. (4.7MB) Best Free Browser Accelerator There are dozens of products that claim to speed up your surfing but most have little effect. NaviScope is different - it actually works! Not only does it speed up your surfing it also offers optional ad, pop-up, cookie and JavaScript blocking, an extensive set of diagnostic tools and more bells and whistles than you can imagine. My only beef is that the tool bar is very obtrusive so once you set up NaviScope, you should select the option to turn off the toolbar. If you need it, you can always bring it up again though the taskbar icon. (614KB) Best Free File Manager Updated Windows Explorer is fine for simple file management activities but when you have some serious work to do, you need a two pane file manager. I use Directory Opus which is excellent but costs $59. Recently I discovered xplorer². It offers most of the functionality of Directory Opus and is totally free. As a bonus, its user interface is very similar to Windows Explorer, so most users will find this tool easy to learn and use.(575KB)
  6. Best Free Anonymous Surfing Service There are lots of reasons folks have for wanting to surf anonymously, ranging from simple paranoia to possibly being murdered by a malevolent foreign government. Whatever the reasons, commercial services that offer anonymity are doing real well. However one of the best services, JAP, is totally free and its level of secrecy is better than many commercial systems. However expect your surfing to slow down as you'll be relayed through a chain of servers. You'll also need to change your browser settings to work through a proxy.  
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