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  • This research has raised the question of whether the vibration transmission at a wall junction depends on how the wall is excited (by either a sound wave or a mechanical shaker). The aim of this research is to investigate this question and hence contribute to the revision of the series of standards. Villot and Guigou-Carter (2000) have considered this problem but their equations (10) and (13) appear to be in error. This research will endeavour to derive the correct equations and r epeat Villot and Guigou Carter’s calculations.

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  • The research covered quite a bit of territory with the simple objective - to 'break free' of the 'risk' of continuing architectural patterns in practice through and beyond mid career. On reflection I identified four stages within the history of my practice covering three disciplines; art, architecture and the political economies relation with urban geography. I was hoping to tie these together in a more coherent way and write reflectively to deepen those relations.

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  • Suburbs in Melbourne present to us a unique context with which a new approach towards urban form can be devised using the existing conditions and opportunities found with infrastructural developments. This thesis contains the investigations on the various 'pathologies' of the urban fabric specifically on the potential use of 'Spaces Left-Over After Planning' as by-product to infrastructural development in relation to the reinvigoration of Melbourne suburbs under the influence of current and future metropolitan growth pressures.

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  • This thesis presents a pro–active research work motivated by the prospect of the imminent implementation of the regulatory requirement for pedestrian protection, Global Technical Regulation–9 (GTR–9) (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe 1998) in the near future. To meet the performance criteria for pedestrian protection head impact, it is vital to incorporate the required design parameters into the hood design process at an early stage. These main design parameters are architectural and changing them late in the vehicle design process is very expensive and difficult to implement.

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  • Currently in Vietnam there is an increasing demand for building and housing. Many high-rise housing developments have been built recently and continue to be constructed. This dissertation will not address the question of whether the high-rises should be built or not, it will focus on the question: What is appropriate high-rise housing in Vietnam?

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  • The main contents of the dissertation "Re-visiting the political context of Manfredo Tafuri's "Toward a critique of architectural ideology": "Having corpses in our mouths"consist of three main parts: Section I: Presenting the problem and the work; Section II: Examining the Relevance of the Work in the Context; Section III: Recapitulation.

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  • One of the limitations of the BDI (Belief-Desire-Intention) model is the lack of any explicit mechanisms within the architecture to be able to learn. In particular, BDI agents do not possess the ability to adapt based on past experience. This is important in dynamic environments as they can change, causing previously successful methods for achieving goals to become inefficient or ineffective.

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  • This document is a summation of our three-year engagement with the RMIT Masters program. However, in being both conclusive and projective, a particular structure has evolved which runs as closely as it can to the threefold structure of the Masters while also encompassing the particularity of our process and our discoveries. The serendipity which seems to impress every RMIT Masters candidate in respect to the alignment of the program and their practice development ha also left its mark upon us.

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  • The ‘Ephemeral Laboratory’ seeks to create a methodology for myself and other practitioners working within the field of ephemeral architecture. It tests the proposition that a robust armature can be developed to act as a common methodological device in the design, curation and orchestration of a diverse range of temporal engagements with participants and other practitioners within a variety of public realms.

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  • This thesis examines how designs based on a conjunction between craft and digital techniques may offer new possibilities for an architect or designer in contemporary practice. How is it relevant that what initially appear to be two distinct approaches to designing and making can be introduced to each other and coalesce to form a constructive attitude of mutually borrowed logic? The thesis champions the crafting of innovative design and the incorporation of digitally derived procedures that allow for globally efficient dissemination and malleability.

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  • This research is an investigation into the phrase 'intermediate landscape' and tests this concept in the re-development of the Sanya waterfront, China. The phrase is based on the 'missing link' in the current disconnection between the landscape and urban development in Sanya city. If the landscape is considered as a connection across scales and urban systems rather than an isolated system, then how can landscape affect the structure and function of urban development?

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  • For early detection and response to network threats, a network intrusion detection system should be executed on a data plane. However, due to high model complexity, an intrusion detection model based on advanced machine learning techniques becomes unsuitable for limited-resource switches.

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  • The main aim of this study is to investigate utilising root-like architectures to improve the interfacial strength of pin-integrated hybrid composite-metal structures. Joints are critical elements in aircraft structures and require special consideration due to their vital role in the structural integrity of airframes. Although bonded and bolted systems are used commonly in engineering applications, pinning technologies have shown tremendous potential for hybrid joints.

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  • This thesis examines the implications of public sector HRM architecture and its impact on HR professionals, senior managers and employees who are integral to service delivery in the public sector. To achieve its objective, conclusions are based on findings from practitioners and employing organisations, in a context of the prominent literature in this field. A mixed methods approach was adopted with 54 semi-structured interviews conducted in case study organisations representing an in-house, shared service and outsourced model of HRM.

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  • This research work first aims to develop a microgrid architecture integrating dispatchable and non-dispatchable distributed generation units in a series-cascaded manner. Existing control strategies for cascaded microgrids focus on dispatchable type generation only. However, adequate power sharing and voltage regulation of a microgrid containing mixed dispatchable and non-dispatchable cascaded generation units demand new control approaches to achieve operational performance and reliability comparable to the conventional parallel-topology microgrid.

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  • Continued part 1, part 2 of ebook "Wiley acing the gate: Electrical engineering" provide readers with content about: electrical and electronic measurements; analog electronics; digital electronics; power electronics; microprocessor architecture; basic microprocessor instructions; assembly language; execution of program by microprocessor;...

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  • Part 1 of ebook "Optical burst switched networks" provide readers with content about: optical circuit switching; optical packet switching; optical burst switching; technology and architecture; burst assembly; signaling; contention resolution; segmentation with deflection; classification of signaling schemes; OBS network architecture;...

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  • Continued part 1, part 2 of ebook "Optical burst switched networks" provide readers with content about: channel scheduling; segmentation based non-preemptive scheduling algorithms; quality of service; labeled OBS; multicasting in OBS; protection for optical burst-switched networks; numerical results;...

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  • Part 1 of ebook "Quality of service in optical burst switched networks" provide readers with content about: evolution of optical networks; overview of OBS architecture; node-based QOS improvement mechanisms; relative QOS differentiation; offset time-based mechanisms; buffer allocation based schemes; burst scheduling based scheme;...

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  • Part 1 of ebook "Operating system concept (Ninth edition)" provide readers with content about: computer-system organization; computer-system architecture; open-source operating systems; operating-system structures; process management; process synchronization; CPU scheduling; deadlocks; memory management; main memory; virtual memory;...

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