Consumers’ purchase behaviour

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  • This study focuses on the factors that can affect purchasing behaviour of young customers regarding organic food. The results show that attitudes, perceived behavioral control, perceived consumer effectiveness (PCE) and concern for self-image positively impact the purchasing behaviour of highlyenvironmental concerned consumers.

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  • Consumer decision-making is defined as the behaviour patterns of consumers that precede, determine and follow the decision making process for the acquisition of need satisfying products, ideas or services (Du Plessis & Rousseau, 1999). During the consumer decision-making process, not only do consumers make decisions regarding which brand options to choose but they also decide what quantity of the good to purchase.

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  • In this lecture we examine the postpurchase process as the "after sale" period. We will also discuss the importance of customer satisfaction and consumer loyalty. This lecture will cover the following topics: postpurchase dissonance, product use, disposal, purchase evaluation, and aspects of gaining customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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  • In chapter 6 you will learn: Understand the economic-buyer model of buyer behaviour, understand how psychological variables affect an individual's buying behaviour, understand how social influences affect an individual's and a household's buying behaviour, see why the purchase situation has an effect on consumer behaviour, know how consumers use problem-solving processes, understand the important new terms (shown in the margin).

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  • Chapter 13 - Household structure and consumption behaviour. In this lecture we discuss the nature of Australian households, cover the stages in the household life cycle and discuss the importance of households in the purchasing decisions of many consumers. Much of this consumer behaviour is learnt through the influence of other household members and we will cover the trends we are likely to experience in the future.

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  • This study investigated young female consumers' beauty product shopping behavioural patterns, their perceived importance of product attributes, and their attitude towards and purchase of natural beauty products. This study also examines whether consumers' product attitudes and shopping behaviours are influenced by their health and environmental consciousness. Data were collected from a convenience sample of 210 female college students enrolled at a south-eastern university in the US.

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  • The model describes the behaviour of consumers, which are heterogeneous in terms of age, income and ¯nancial assets. They maximize the utility from consumption sub- ject to the life-cycle budget constraint. Their savings are remunerated at the deposit interest rate and the cost of borrowing is given by the lending rate. When young, con- sumers work and receive wages that depend on an idiosyncratic, stochastic component and a deterministic life-cycle pro¯le of productivity. When old, they are on a manda- tory retirement and receive pensions.

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