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  • The statistical analysis of multivariate data requires a variety of techniques that are entirely different from the analysis of one-dimensional data. The study of the joint distribution of many variables in high dimensions involves matrix techniques that are not part of standard curricula. The same is true for transformations and computer-intensive techniques, such as projection pursuit.

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  • On 21 March 1990 John Hammersley celebrates his seventieth birthday. A number of his colleagues and friends wish to pay tribute on this occasion to a mathematician whose exceptional inventiveness has greatly enriched mathematical science. The breadth and versatility of Hammersley’s interests are remarkable, doubly so in an age of increased specialisation. In a range of highly individual papers on a variety of topics, he has theorised, and posed (and solved) problems, thereby laying the foundations for many subjects currently under study.

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  • In this paper we present word sense disambiguation (WSD) experiments on ten highly polysemous verbs in Chinese, where significant performance improvements are achieved using rich linguistic features. Our system performs significantly better, and in some cases substantially better, than the baseline on all ten verbs. Our results also demonstrate that features extracted from the output of an automatic Chinese semantic role labeling system in general benefited the WSD system, even though the amount of improvement was not consistent across the verbs. ...

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  • Patent translation is a complex problem due to the highly specialized technical vocabulary and the peculiar textual structure of patent documents. In this paper we analyze patents along the orthogonal dimensions of topic and textual structure. We view different patent classes and different patent text sections such as title, abstract, and claims, as separate translation tasks, and investigate the influence of such tasks on machine translation performance.

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  • Average of Socket Wall Thickness around periphery shall be no less than listed values. The minimum values are permitted in localized areas. Upper and lower values for each size are the respective maximum and minimum dimensions.

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  • The vast size and highly unregulated nature of the world’s waterways have made the maritime environment an attractive theater for perpetrators of transnational violence. Both piracy and sea-borne terrorism have become more common since 2000 due to the global proliferation of small arms as well as growing vulnerabilities in

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  • complexity, also in the field of theories concerning social and economic sciences (The orgins of Order: Self-Organizations and Selection in Evolution, Oxford univ. Press, 1993). Efforts will be made to attempt to “crystallize” complex systems, that is to transform them into structures characterized by a high degree of order. This book The Systemic Dimension of Globalization that consists of a variety of approaches and topics was connected throughout the main message - the system conception.

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  • ‘‘Intellectual property’’ – ‘‘IPR’’, or more commonly, ‘‘IP’’ – covers a range of different instruments that can be used to define, protect and exploit new ideas that an individual, or a company, has created. These range from the most well-known – patents–through to probably the hardest to define, know-how. At a high level the types of intellectual property rights that exist and their key applications are:

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  • Cable-stayed bridges are structural systems effectively composing cables, main girders and towers. This bridge form has a beautiful appearance and easily fits in with the surrounding environment due to the fact that various structural systems can be created by changing the tower shapes and cable arrangements. Cable-stayed bridges are structures that require a high degree of technology for both design and construction, and hence demand sophisticated structural analysis and design techniques when compared with other types of conventional bridges.

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  • The gas spring 2482.73. is an alternative to spiral compression springs Ø16 and is characterised by a low force increase. force ratings: 18, 35, 50 and 70 daN. The springs are all the same design, the different force ratings being achieved by different gas pressures. FIBRO gas springs: overpressure protection and the safety psiton rod. the threaded holes in the spring base, allow for a high flexibility during the mounting of the gas springs. the base for interconnecting.

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  • Our goal is to develop automated methods for the segmentation of threedimensional biomedical images. Here, we describe the segmentation of confocal microscopy images of bee brains (20 individuals) by registration to one or several atlas images. Registration is performed by a highly parallel implementation of an entropy-based nonrigid registration algorithm using B-spline transformations. We present and evaluate different methods to solve the correspondence problem in atlas based registration.

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  • Chapter 3 contains an updated look at current issues related to the environment and corporate culture, including a new section on issues related to the natural environment and managers’ response to environmental advocates. The chapter also illustrates how managers shape a high–performance culture as an innovative response to a shifting environment.

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  • It also contributes to increase confidence in the protection scheme and in the banking industry. The appropriate dimension of the fund level depends on the amount and the types of insured deposits. Obviously, all countries where a fund has been raised face the important problem of managing it in such a way to balance the trade off between the objective to minimize ex-post reintegration following future payouts (that is, maximizing its expected return) and the objective to count on a safe, quick and easy to use amount of funds for immediate needs.

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  • One highly conspicuous crop of examples of mental phenomena related to the non-existent is of course yielded by our experience of works of art. It is therefore somewhat surprising that Meinong himself does not apply his theory of non-existent objects to the working out of a detailed theory of the ontology and psychology of aesthetic phenomena. This task was however carried out by one of his most prominent disciples, Stephan Witasek, in his masterly Grundzüge der allgemeinen A " sthetik of 1904.

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  • The picture of Nilotic visual aesthetics painted here is an analyst’s abstraction. It is founded on the current state of anthropological knowledge concerning the group of peoples which provide the ethnographic focus, peoples who are related linguistically, historically, geographically, and culturally. Further research may reveal significant differences between and amongst the aesthetics of these four peoples. It might, however, also reveal significant similarities between these four peoples and other Nilotic-speaking peoples. The analysis presented here is ahistorical.

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  • Many of the inorganic and aesthetic constituents evaluated in the Guidelines are known to be essential for life. Chromium, copper, fluoride, iodine, manganese, molybdenum, and selenium are essential elements in human nutrition; arsenic and nickel are considered by some researchers as essential elements. Of the aesthetic constituents, iron, chloride, calcium and magnesium (hardness), sodium and zinc are essential elements.

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  • As the full horror of the Asian tsunami sinks in, the reactions of scientists echo those of the population as a whole. These range from a sense of hopelessness in the face of nature’s power to concern for the victims and a determination that their suffering should be addressed.

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  • A multiband MIMO antenna design for broadband mobile's applications is proposed in this paper. Based on PIFA structure, the proposed MIMO antenna is compact in size and designed on FR4 substrate with total dimension of 37 x 43.6 x 6 mm3.

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  • • Features 1 • Standard High reliability is realized! (1) Equipped with small class highest level of function/performance!! (1) FR-D700 specifications 5 Safety stop function (available soon) Provided by the user (present) The FR-D700 series is compliant to the EU Machinery Directive without the addition of previously required external devices. Operation of an external Emergency Stop device results in a highly reliable immediate shutoff of the D700's output to the motor. This safety stop function conforms to the following standards.

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  • Economic hit men {EHMs) are highly paid professionals who cheat countries around the globe out of trillions of dollars. They funnel money from the World Bank, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and other foreign "aid" organizations into the coffers of huge corporations and the pockets of a few wealthy families who control the planet's natural resources. Their tools include fraudulent financial reports, rigged elections, payoffs, extortion, sex, and murder.

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