Recall strategies

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  • While midnight festivities still echoed the ether was electrified as European air navigation services providers subconscious minds merged on January 1st 2012 hoping that they will perform in accordance with the expectations of the just-born performance scheme. Is this an overture to the page-turner of success or endless soap-opera of debacle?

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  • We have observed that the more that is captured, the more correlations are possible to help find things. For example, suppose you want to refer to a document you recall viewing when visiting Boston last year. A GPS trail or travel calendar entry can be used a the starting point for a search performed for all events from the same day, where the entry for viewing the document along with its name and thumbnail appears. We could multiply examples of this sort – perhaps you recall it was a hot day; perhaps you remember an appointment on...

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  • We identify a simple marketing strategy, called the influenceand- exploit strategy. Recall that any marketing strategy has two aspects: pricing and finding the right sequence of offers. In the initial influence step, motivated by the the form of the optimal strategy in the symmetric case, the seller starts by giving the item away for free to a specifically chosen set of players A ⊆ V .

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