Giáo án tiếng anh 10: Unit 3: People’s Background

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Giáo án tiếng văn 10

Unit 3: People’s Background

The 12th period


Grade 10

Theme: People’s Back Ground

Unit 3


Time: 45 minutes

I. Objectives:

1. Educational aim: Students can read and know
about Marie Curie and make
questions and answer them well

2. Knowledge:

- General knowledge:
- Language:

- New words: Words to describe people’s back
ground: name, age, place/date of birth, education,
job, interest

3. Skills: Reading for general or specific information

II. Method: Integrated, mainly communicative

III. Teaching aids: Some photos of famous people
and some information about them

IV. Procedures:

Teacher’s activities Students’ Notes

Warm-up: (4 minutes)

- Give some famous persons’ - Do themselves
names in the column A and and then work in
their job in the column B pairs
- Let students match the - Some of them
people with their jobs do on the board
and speak out
To Hoai

Curie To Hoai

writer Marie Curie
Hong Nhung
Mr Ha
Hong Nhung
- Recheck and introduce the
Mr Ha
new lesson: Marie Curie

- Listen to the
Pre-reading: (7 minutes)
- Ask some questions about
some famous people and
Marie Curie
1. Can you name and tell
some scientists and their - Write down in
specializations? their papers and
2. What are their jobs? then discuss in
their groups
3. Where are they?

4. Have you ever heard of - Some students
stand up and
Marie Curie?
answer in roles
5. What do you know about
A: Can you
- Let students write some
Marie B: They are
information about
Curie with model given
Darwin, and
What you already know
Marie Curie...
about her

What you want to know
- Work in pairs
about her
to discuss to fill
- Let each student stand and some necessary
speak their opinions inform about

- Go around and help them Marie Curie
if necessary - Speak out their
knowledge about
Marie Curie

A: Marie Curie
is a scientist

B: I want to
While-reading: (20
know when and
where she was
- Let students open the book
and read silently while
teacher reads aloud and
- Ask students to read
themselves and write down
students do it in
some information
- Let students work in pairs pairs
to do the task 1 - Read silently
Task 1 - Remember
- Read words in A and ask: some

1. With flying colors, what information
about Marie
does it mean?
- Let students translate them
into Vietnamese

- Ask students to reread and
answer some questions to - Read quickly
practice with some words and give some
above sentences in the
text which are in

- Predict the
meaning of
- Match words A
with B

1-C: very well,
with a very high
1. To whom do these words
2-E: find out
- What about her?
exactly by
2. Who passed the exam
with flying colors?
Task 2
3-A: having a
- Let students read all
fully developed
sentences and explain some
new words if necessary
4-D: make less

5-B: keep in the
- Listen and correct if mind
- Work in pairs
and answer
some questions

Task 3

- Let students work in pairs

- Read quickly
and find
information to
compare to the
sentence given:
True of False?
Post-reading: (10 minutes) - Work in pairs,

-Ask students to close their then one reads
books and practice telling the sentence and
Marie the other
something about
corrects it

- Let students reread the
passage quickly to find - Work in pairs
evidence from the passage to find
to prove each of them information to
answer the
a. strong willed
b. ambitious
A: Where and
c. hard-working
when was Marie
d. intelligent
e. humane
B: She was
- Listen and explain some
use of the words: work as; in
spite of; worked together on;
took up the position
- Work in pairs
and some of
them stand and
say about Marie
- Work in groups
and discuss
which sentences
go with the word
Homework (4 minutes)
- Reread the passage and
- Speak out:
write about another famous
a. strong willed:
person (about 100 words)
harbored the
dream of a
scientific career,
impossible for a
woman at that

b. Ambitious:
kept moving up
in her career

c. hard-working:
difficult living
conditions- work

d. Intelligent:
Nobel Prize

e. Humane:
easing humane

- Some others

- Copy the

- Listen and
The 13th period
Date :

Grade 10

Theme: People’s Back Ground

Unit 3

Speaking: Expressing opinions about someone

Time: 45 minutes

I. Objectives:
1. Educational aim: Students should know how to
write the curriculum Vitae of someone

2. Knowledge:

- General knowledge: Ask and answer about people’s
- Language: Words to speak about people’s

3. Skills: expressing opinions

II. Method: Integrated, mainly communicative

III. Teaching aids: Photos of some famous persons
or some real information about
someone to speak

IV. Procedures:

Teacher’s activities Students’ Notes

Warm-up: (3 minutes)

- Ask students to close the - Close the
book books

- Give some words and let - Work in pairs
students complete the full and write the
sentences: full sentences

1. Marie Curie/ born/ 7th/ - Each student
November/ Warsaw/ 1867 speaks out the

2. Marie Curie/ harbor/ sentence
dream/ scientific career/ they’ve done
impossible/ woman/ time 1. Marie Curie
was born in
Warsaw on
November 7the

2. Marie Curie
harbored the
dream of a
scientific career,

Pre-speaking: (8 minutes) which was
impossible for a
- Ask students to practice
woman at that
speaking about their
parents, brothers, and
sisters… - Work in pairs
- Go around and listen to A: What is your
them father’s job?

B: He’s a doctor

A: How old is

B: He’s 40
years old

A: What does
he like doing in
his free time?
While-speaking: (20
B: He likes
Task 1
- Let students open the
books and observe the
picture and describe what - Look at the
they are doing picture and
answer the
1. What are they doing?
2. Where are they?
1. They are
3. How do you know they
are conducting an
2.They’re in the
- What are three students
3. One speaks
holding in their hands?
and one writes
down in the
- Ask students to read some
words given and then let
- They’re
them choose which words
holding the
used for someone’s back
pens and
- Listen and correct
- Read these
words and work
in groups

- Some students
can show off
Task 2
these words:
- Ask students to look at the
family; dislike;
pictures again
- Let students imagine they
are journalists and
interview each other in
- Observe the
groups and pairs
- Ask one group to do the
- Work in
task as a model
groups with
- Go around listening to
some cues
some groups and help them
given below
if needed
(Greeting, date
of birth, home,

- Let some groups play in A: Hi! When
role as journalists and other were you born?
answer the questions B: I was born
on August 18th

A: Where do
you live?

B: I live in TB

- Other groups
go on practicing
- Ask some pairs to stand in
front of the class and
- Practice
practice speaking
interviewing as
a dialogue

A: Hello! I’m
Task 3

- Ask students to tell about B: Hello! I’m
others they’ve heard by Lan. Nice to
interviewing their friends meet you.

- Some groups go on A: Could you
speaking each other tell me
about yourself
and your

B: Oh, yes!

- Others listen
and write down

(10 information
they get
- Give some information
about Mark Twain: - Work in
1. He/ born/ Missouri/ 1835 groups

2. He/ adopt/ pen name/ A: Can you tell
“Mark Twain” me something

3. He/ write/ his famous about Nam?
novels/ “Tom sawyer, B: Yes, please
Huckleberry”… A: Where is he
4. He/ died/ 1910 from?

- Listen to each group and B: He’s from
correct or give mark if they TB city
do it well A: What does
he do?

B: He’s a

A: What does
he like doing?
B: He likes
playing football

Homework: (2-4 minutes)

- Let students write about
someone they admire or - Work and
look forward to meeting discuss in
groups and one
of this group
asks and one of
other answers

A: Where was
he born?

B: He was born
in Missouri in

A: Which name
did he adopt?
B: It was “Mark

A: When did he

B: He died in

- Listen and
write down in
their notebooks

The 14th period


Grade 10

Theme: People’s Back Ground
Unit 3


Time: 45 minutes

I. Objectives:

1. Educational aim: Students should know how to
ask and say about people’s

2. Knowledge:

- General knowledge: Students know about people’s

- Language: Words about people’s background

- New words: Words related to people’s background

3. Skills: Listening for general or specific

II. Method: Integrated, mainly communicative
III. Teaching aids: Some pictures of persons or some
real information about them

IV. Procedures:

Teacher’s activities Students’ Notes

Warm-up: (4 minutes)
- Give some photos of - Observe the
athletes in Viet Nam and in pictures and give
the world some information

1. Who is this in the photo? 1. He is Hong

2. Which sport does he Son
play/ take up? 2. He plays

3. Did he win any Olympic football
champions? 3. Yes, he ever
won the award of
the best football
player in Viet

Pre-listening: (8 minutes)

- Let students open the - Work in pairs
books and ask who is in the and answer the
1. She’s Nellie
1. What’s her name?
2. Where is she from?
2. She won five-
3. How many time Olympic
time Olympic
Champions did she win?
4. Which sports does she
3. She is Olympic
- Give more some
- Listen to the
information about Olympic:
teacher and
The first Olympic Games
answer the
were held at the foot of
Mount Olympus in 776 BC questions
to honor the Greek’s chief P1: Can you
God Zeus and once for name any
every four years Olympic
- Let students read some Champions?
words they’ll listen then P2: What would
- Listen and check you like to know
about these

- Read in chorus

- Some students
read themselves:

+ love story
While-listening: (20
+ sport teacher
+ romantic
Task 1
+ teacher’s
- Let students read some
sentences given and explain
some new words if

- Read or let students listen
- Read silently
Have you got anything from the sentences
the conversation between given before
Bob and Sally? listening
- Let students listen the - Listen the first
second time time
- Check their listening - No, we haven’t
- Let students listen the - Listen the
third time and let them second time and
choose and decide whether begin doing the
the statements are True or task
- Listen the third
- Observe the class and time and work in
listen to each group’s groups to decide
feedbacks which are T or F

- Give more information if P1: In 1995, Sally
students wonder or not joined the star
clear sport club

1. T (born 1980- joined P2: It is True
when she was 15) P1: Why is it
2. T (father, mother, 2 True?
brothers) P2: Sally was
3. F (not much free time) born in 1980 and

4. T (like different sports when she was 15,
she joined the star
sport club
5. F (be a sports teacher)
P1: Number two,
is is T or F?

P2: It’s T

- Each group asks
and explains why
they choose by
some information
they’ve listened
Task 2
- Work in groups
- Before listening, let
and guess
students read quickly some
sentences they’ll listen and
guess some missing words - Listen and do
that will be in the the task
conversation - Speak out their
- Let students listen the first listening
time: Who can guess some - Try to write
words? down words
- Let students listen the they’ll fill
second time

1. Which words in the 1st - Work in groups:
1. a general
2. Which words in the 2nd education
sentence? 2. lives, family

- Let student listen the last 3. different,
time and let them work in swimming
groups to speak out 4. love stories
- Listen and correct their 5. teacher’s
listening diploma

Post-reading: (10

- Ask students to retell
- Work in groups
something about Sally
and each group
has one person
who says about

- May answer in
different ways
- Ask students to write a
short passage to tell their - Write in groups
outdoor activities they’ve and ask someone
taken part in recently to speak out their

- Listen to each group and writing
correct mistakes if they’ve - Other groups
done listen and copy
some information
and give some


1. Where did she
go last week?

2. What did she
Homework: (2- 4 minutes)
like best?
- Ask students to write a
3. Who did she
short passage about Sally or
go with?
a person they like
4. Was it
- Practice writing

The 15th period


Grade 10

Theme: People’s Back Ground

Unit 3


Time: 45 minutes

I. Objectives:

1. Educational aim: Students should know how to
write about people’s background
2. Knowledge:

- General knowledge: Students learn to write about
someone with some information

- Language: Words used in writing about people’s

3. Skills: Writing about people’s background

II. Method: Integrated, mainly communicative

III. Teaching aids: Some cues, information of

IV. Procedures:

Teacher’s activities Students’ activities Notes

Warm-up: (4 minutes)

- Ask students to close the - Work in pairs
books and match the

- Give the papers with words in A with
some words given in the the words in B
column A and B - Some students do
1. Name matching on the
2. Date of birth
3. Place of birth
1.e- 2.f- 3.a- 4.b-
4.School attended
5.c-6.d- 7g
5. Exam passed
- Other students
6. Previous jobs
speak sentences
7. Interests
and write down in
a. Boston
their notebooks
b. Kensington

High School

c.English, French, Maths

d.tourist guide
- The answers may
e.David Brown be various
j. 12/11/1969 - It is the
g.Music and dancing curriculum vitae

- Ask students if they often
see some information of

- Ask: what does these
- Listen and copy
information call?
- Read aloud the
C.V. of Mr Brown
Pre-writing: (8 minutes)

- Ask students to open their
- Listen to the
- Introduce the form of the
- Read silently
curriculum vitae
(shortening V.C.):
- Read those words
+ Mr Brown’s C.V to apply
and copy
for a job

+ It consists of: name, date
of birth, etc.

While-writing: (18
minutes) - Work in pairs
Task 1 P1: When and
- Introduce Mr. Brown’s where was he
C.V born?

- Let students read quickly P2: He was born
on November 12th,
Mr. Brown’s C.V

- Explain some new words 1969 in Boston
if there are: P1: Which school

+ previous job: the job was did he attend?
done in the past P2: He attended at

+ tourist guide: a person Kensington High

guide visitors who travel School
somewhere - Practice writing

- Ask students to make with some
some questions after information of Mr.
reading some cues of Mr. Brown:
Brown He was born on…
He went to
Kensington High
School. He passed
exams in English,
Maths, French

- Each group read
their writing

- Listen and work
in groups

- Practice asking
- Ask some other groups to some questions
write down a paragraph like in Task 1
about Mr. Brown using before writing
some cues below and then - Discuss and find
each student on be half of
his group read aloud out some errors if
they make
-Listen and correct

- Practice writing
Task 2
in groups
- Ask students to read the
V.C. and then fill some - Each member of
information groups reads aloud
his/ her writing
about their parents

- Ask some students to - Other group

write on the board- other appreciate and

their correct mistakes
groups appreciate
each other
friend’s writing

Task 3

practice - Work in groups
- Let students
writing freely about their - Change the C.V.
parents or relatives and each group

- Listen and give mark if corrects mistakes
they do it well - Each group does
the writing and
read aloud

Post-writing: (13
- Listen and copy
- Give some information
about Uncle Ho, New Ton,
Marie Curie, Mr. Nam on

- Listen and correct if

Homework: (2 minutes)

- Write a paragraph and a
C.V about someone
The 16th period


Grade 10

Theme: People’s Back Ground

Unit 3

Language Focus

Time: 45 minutes

I. Objectives:

1. Educational aim: Students should pronunciate /e/
and /æ/ correctly and differ the use of
past perfect and simple past
2. Knowledge:

- General knowledge: Students learn words to
describe people’s background

- Language: A paragraph and past perfect

3. Skill: fluency in pronunciating /e/ and /æ/ and use
of past perfect

II. Method: Integrated, mainly communicative

III. Teaching aids: Some words related to /e/ and /æ/;
give more exercises of tenses

IV. Procedures:

Teacher’s activities Students’ Notes

Warm-up: (5 minutes)

- Give some words and ask - Do the exercises
students to make full 1. Marry left her
sentences bag at school

1. Marry/ her bag/ left/ yesterday
school/ at/ yesterday 2. Mrs. Black has

2. Mrs. Black/ has/ from/ a/ a message from
message/ Jen

- Let students read aloud - Read these
the sentences

I. Pronunciation: (15

- Close the books! - Listen and

a. Introduce two syllables repeat following
the teacher
/e/ and /æ/

practice - Work in pairs
- Let students
pronunciating these words: and read aloud
these words then
end; and; left; bag;
laughed; bed; bad; ten; tan; choose which
sand; send; let; lad words have sound

- Listen and correct the /e/ and which
have sound /æ/
syllables students read
+ /e/: end; left;
bed; ten; send; let

+ /æ/: and; bag;
bad; laughed; tan;
sand; lad

- Read in silent

- Some of each
groups read aloud
b. Let students open the
books and read aloud the
- Read after
words given and try to
teacher and work
pronunciate syllable /e/ or
in groups to find
/æ/ correctly the syllable /e/ or
/æ/ in the word in
man – pan
these sentences:
sad – bad
1. The fat man
mat – sand
has a red pen.
men – pen
2. This handbag
said – send
will be sent to
met – bed

- Read silently
- Listen and check for and give the
pronunciation opinions:
- Ask students to listen and + Her husband
read after these sentences had obtained
which happened

+ She took up the
position which
happened after.

* had obtained:

(20 past perfect
II. Grammar:
* took up: past

a. Ask students to read an simple
example given and give
which action happened
before and which happened
- Students work
after in the past
in pairs and give
- Ask students to determine the use and form
which verb in Past Simple of past simple
or Past Perfect and past perfect
- Listen and remark - Some students
repeat aloud

- Do the exercise

- Each student of
each group gives
correct form of

1. had broken

2. had done

3. had met
b. Let students practice
4. hadn’t turned
doing exercises
Exercise 1

- Ask students to do
exercise themselves then - Work in groups
and give the
discuss in groups
correct tense of
verb and explain
why they did it

Ex: 1. had just
finished- went.
Because: had just
happened firstly
and went
Exercise 2
- Ask students to remind of
the use of Past simple and
- Each group
Past perfect
answer and give
- Listen and remark
Exercise 3

- Let students read the
- Find 5 mistakes
passage and find mistakes
and correct them
and correct them

- Read silently
and discuss in
pairs, groups

2. turned

- Explain why they did like 3. called
that: - some actions 4. heard
happened following in the
5. had already
past we should give the
verbs in the Past simple (1-
- Listen and copy
- Give more other
+ We use: Before and After
in a sentence to express
- Listen and copy
which action happened
in notebooks
after or before in the past
- Practice give
1. After he had done all
more situations in
exercise, he went out for a
the past use past
simple and past
2. Before she called her
children, she had made
some cakes for breakfast.
Homework: (5 minutes)

- Ask students to revise the
use of Past simple and Past - Listen and write
Perfect down
- Practice doing exercise in
the Workbook
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