Giáo án Tiếng Anh lớp 8: Unit 10 Recycling Lesson 6 : Language focus

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Nội dung Text: Giáo án Tiếng Anh lớp 8: Unit 10 Recycling Lesson 6 : Language focus

Unit 10 Recycling

Lesson 6 : Language focus

A / Aims and objectives : By the end of the lesson , Ss will be able to

form the passive in Present simple / Future simple and structures with

Adjectives .

B / Teaching aids : Cardboards , poster , handouts ….

C / Procedure :

I / Warm up : Questions game

- Call on a student to go to the board and give

him or her a job name .

- Ask the rest of the class to guess the job by Individual

asking yes-no questions

- The chosen student can only answer yes or no

- Tell someone who can guess the right job will

get a point and take the place of the last chosen

student .
Example questions :

- Do you get a big salary ?

- Do you wear uniform ?

II / Language focus

1. The passive forms Teacher – Ss

1.1 Passive Form in the Present Simple

S + am / is / are + past participle

=> It is used when the subject is affected by the

action of the verb .

Ex 1 : Work with a partner

- Ordering pictures : Pair work

+ Ask Ss to read the instructions and look at

the pictures to put them in the correct order

according to the instructions

+ Call on some groups to give their answers .

+ Give feedback a.1 b.4 c.3 d.5 e.2 f.6

- Writing :
+ Ask Ss to rewrite the sentences in the passive Pair work


+ Let them compare their writing and ask Ss to

go to the board and write their sentences

+ Correct and give feedback Teacher – Ss

1.2 Passive Form in the Future Simple

S + will / shall + be + past participle

- Have Ss copy down

- Show Ss the questions ( o) and ask them to

fill in the gaps , using the Passive Individual

- Call on Ss to give their answers and correct

1. … will be shown

2. Will … be built …..?

3. … will be finished …. 4.

Will … be made … ? Whole class

2. Adjectives followed by an infinitive / a

noun clause
2.1. It + be + adjective + to infinitive

Example : It is very difficult to speak English Pair work


Ex 3 : Complete the sentences

- Ask Ss to open their books and complete the

dialogues Teacher – Ss

- Call on some pairs to demonstrate the

dialogues and correct Whole class

2.2 . S + be + adj + that / noun clause

Example : We are delighted that you passed the

English exam .

- Get Ss to copy .

Ex 4 : Complete the letter

- Ask Ss to read the letter and match the words Individual


A B Key

1. relieved (a) a. xin chuc mung 1.d
2. Congratulation b. trong cho 2.a

3. Look forward c. xac nhan lai 3.b

to( d. nhe nhom 4. c

4. confirm (v)

- Ask Ss to copy the vocabulary

- Ask ss to work in pairs to complete the letter

using the words in the box

- Get some Ss to give their answers

- Give feedback and correct

Read the letter
0. are delighted

1. was happy

2. am relieved

3. is afraid

Listen and copy
4. Are … sure …

5. am certain

- Call on some Ss to read the complete letter


V / Homework :
1. Rewrite the letter beginning with : “ Nam,s

grandparents are delighted that he passed his

English exam ……”

2. Do the exercises in the workbook .

* Feedback :
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