Longman New Real TOEIC – Full Actual test

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Longman New Real TOEIC – Full Actual test: bao gồm 5 bài thi đầy đủ cả Listening và Reading với cấu trúc và thậm chí là độ khó hoàn toàn tương tự bài thi TOEIC thật sẽ là cơ hội tuyệt vời cho bạn để luyện tập và tự đánh giá.

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Full Actual Tests

Da hon mQt nam ke til khi Real TOEIC duoe xuat ban Jan dau tien. Saeh da
nh~n dltoc nhung phan hoi tlch qfC t(r phfa dQc gia vi hoan toan khac vai
nhung giao trinh h i ~n c6 tren th! truong: cae cau ho i va clap an da t~p trung
dung vilo phall nguai hQc quan tam. DVC;1C (hlnh Slra va b6 sling trong Ian tai
ban nay, New Real TOEIC Sf tni thanh nguoi ban tin e~y, dong hanh eung ban
trong cuQe hanh trinh ehinh phue cae ky thi TOE IC.

Khi ETS bat dau ap dung the thile bai thi TOEIC moi, nhi~u thi sinh 10 lang s'
kh6 dat duoe diem eao do c3U trlle M thi duoe dieu chinh. Vi vay, ho da d6 x6
di mua sach de luy~n thi. Tuy nhien, nhung euon sach nay kh6ng duoc bien
so dili ella 11l9t so cau hoi nghc hicu se la ng lim
El¢ dai cae bai nghe Cl'!a Part 1 va Part 2 (} New TOEIC van nhu eu, nhung trong
Part 3 va Part 4 bal nghe se dai hon tnr()e clay. 6 Part 3, bai doi tho~i tang tti A-
B-A len A-B -A-B; b Part 4, moi do~n dQe thO{li se c6 3 cau hoi so vai 2-3 cau hoi
t6ng hop nhu trong cac bai thi nghe tretoc day.

Df.l.ng IXli dQc Double Passage
Ele tra loi mQt s6 cau hoi b Part 7, New TOEIC, b{ln phai tham khao nhieu hem
mQt dO
(0) SWimming pool (0) On Friday nighl

42. Where does the man tell the woman to 48 . What does the man tell the woman about "
lake th e bus? the museum?
(A) In fronl of Ihe bank (A) II is closed after 4 pm.
(B) At Ihe posl oftice (B) II does nol have any arl pieces
(C) Near Ihe airport anymore.
(0) On Ihe olher side from the bank (C) illS being renovaled .
(0) ills closed on Sunday.
43 . What does the woman offer the man?
(A) She asks him 10 come with her to Ihe 49 . Where do they go because the mu seum
post office. is closed?
(B) She lells him thai she would lake wllh (A) Back 10 Ihe hotel
her anything 110 has to send. (B) To the ir car
(C) She Ie lis him 10 lake care of her Clli1d (C) A custome r servIce center of the
while she goes to the post office. museum
(0) She asks hll11 to lake her 10 the bus (0) Go shopping

SO. What will be sent to the cl ient?
44. Who is the woma n talki ng to? (A) A mall
(A) A lecllniclan (B) A photo o f construclion project
(B) A farmer (C) An audll report
(C) A waiter (0) A proposal
(0) A restau rant manager
5 1. What problem does the proposal have?
45 . What does she want for a main dish? (AI II needs 1 be approved by olher
(A) Corn workers.
(B) A New York Sirip steak (B) II is too sharI.
(C) Mashed potaloes (C) II doesn·1 have all the pictures.
(0) Fried rice (0) II neecis a Iota I estimate.

46. What does th e wai ter tell the woman 52. Why is the woman thankful to the man?
about her side dishes? (A) He gave her some money she needs.
(A) They can'l cook steaks right now. (B) He is going to help her with the budget
(B) They are oul of corn. part of proposal.
(C) Tiley only have Pepsi 10 drink. (Cl He IS sending oul Ihe proposal 10 Ihe
(D) They have different kinds of corn. client.
(0) He is her 11usbanel.

19 Prc·l\cl\l~l TeSl
www .nhantriviet.com
53. What do you know from the conversation? 59. Whal does Ihe man ask Hannah 10 see?
(A) "Dark Days" is a beslseller book. (A) His new walch
(8) Tile woma n wanls 10 buy a book Ihal (B) His new planls
the bookstore needs to order. (C) His new window
(e) The bookslore worker doesn'l know (D) I-lis newly decoraled oflice
aboullhe book.
(D) The book IS 100 popular 10 gel. 60 . Whal does Ihe man leiI Hannah about
decorating his oHice?
54, When will new copies of the book arrive in (A) Not too long and fun
the store? (8) Long and a lot of activities
(A) This Thursday (C) Long but enjoyable
(8) In three days (D) Silort but complicated
(C) Tomorrow
(D) Nexl Thursday 61. Why does Hannah offer to give her plants
to the man?
55, What will the woman probably do? (A) She doesn't like her plants anymore.
(A) Walt lor the mail lrom the bookstore (B) She has allergy Irom Iler plants.
(B) Go 10 anOliler bookstore (e) Her plants have grown to be big lor
(e) Get anoliler ve rSion 01 the book her window.
(D) Go to 1I1e bookstore to get Ihe book (D) Her plants do nol smell good.

56, What are they discussing? 62. Where is the woman?
(A) Their dale lasl nighl (A) In a bus
(B) Gina's new secrelary (B) In a plane
(e) Gina's new Idea lor a producl (e) In a trarn
(D) The new spring merchandise (D) In a building

57, What does Gina suggesl for the 63. Where can the woman exit from the train?
advertisement? (A) In Ihe firsl car 01 the train
(A) Putting an advertlsemenl on the (B) In Ihe middle of the Irain
newspaper (C) Anywhere Irom Ihe train
(B) Telephoning regular cl ienls (D) In the lifth car ollhe Iraln
(C) Putting a commercial on TV
(D) Asking oliler advertising company 64, Why is the woman mad?
(A) She cannollind her kids.
58. How have they done their advertising (B) She has missed the station she needs
before? to eXIt.
(A) By calling each client (C) She can only exil in the first four cars
(B) By pulling lion radio of the train.
(e) By pulling it on the Internet (D) Someone has stolen her baggage.
(D) By glvrng oul brochures

NeVI He.11 TOEle lC:RC 20 www.nhantriviN.COlll
65. What is the phone call about?
(A) The woman called earlier. so the man
is calling her back.
68. What does the woman want to do?
(A) Go to the bookstore to buy
(B) Th e woman wants to go to the (B) Read about politics
movies. (C) Gel information to buy a new car 0
(e) The man asks the woman to go to (0) Discuss the upcoming election with "

the movies with him. the man "
(D) The man wants to go to class.
69. What did the woman assume about the
66. Why can the woman nol go to the magazine the man was reading?
movies? (A) It was a magazine Irom BMW.
(A) Sile has a class at 8 o'clock ton ight. (8) II was a motorcycle magazine.
(B) She has to write her paper by (e) It was a car magazine.
tomorrow morning. (D) It was a politics related magazine.
(e) She wan ls to go Ice skating instead 01
movies. 70. What does the man offer the woman?
(D) She has a class early tomorrow (A) Buying a BMW car
morning. (8) BUying a magazine he has in his car
(e) Lending a magazine 1 has in his car
67. What does the man tell her he will do? (D) Showing th e magazine he is reading
(A) He will walt for her until her class IS
(B) He will go with someone else.
(C) He will just stay home.
(0) He will go with l"Ier and someone else:'
tomorrow .

www.nhantriviet.com 21 Pro·Actual TNa GOON TO 1HE N
New Rcal TOEIC LC/RC 22 www.nhantriviet.com
83. Where is the speaker? 89. When will the Red Cross hotd its btood 9~
(A) tn actinic drive? ~
(B) At an Insurance company (A) Tuesday
(C) At a reception (B) Wednesday
(0) tn a photographer's studio (C) Thursday
(0) Friday 0

84. What information should be included on
the form? 90. Whe re wi ll donations be held?
(A) Family members' names (A) At the hospitat
(B) Cleaning limes (B) In the cafeleria
(C) Insurance agent's name (C) In the gymnasium
(0) Medications being taken (0) In room AB

85. What happens after the form has been 9 1. How much time should students expect to
filled ou t? spend at the collection centers?
(A) There will be a meellng with the (A) 15 minutes
Insurance agent. (B) One hour
(B) Laboratory tests wil l be run. (C) 90 minutes
(C) The assistant will begin the cleaning. (0) All day
(0) The doctor will visit the pallent.

92. Wha1 will the subject of the presentation
86. Where is the speaker? be?
(A) At a concert (A) Security issues
(B) In a radio studio (8) Some department s' currenl status
(C) In a bookstore (C) Questions about the company 's future
(0) At an office building (0) The company's annual revenue

87. What is the topic of Mr. Me Night's book? 93 . How long will th e presen tation last?
(A) How to count money (A) Twenty minutes
(B) Money management (B) Twenty-five minutes
(C) New techniques on changing your (C) Thirty minules
lifestyle (0) Thirty-five minu tes
(0) How to be an Independent person
94. How are the listeners asked to contact the
88. What does the speaker ask Mr. McNight directors?
about? (A) By sending a fax
(A) What type of fields he likes (B) By phone
(B) H,s plans for the future (C) By email
(C) How he manages 11is money (0) By visit ing them in person
(0) The originS of his Interest In his field

www.nha ntriviet.com 23 Prc.AClual Test
95. What did the Officer do at Martin Luther 98. What is the purpose of the talk?
King Secondary School? (A) To open a museum
(A) He gave a speech on personal safety. (B) To announce a job open ing
(8) He visited a shopping mall. (e) To open a new science center
(C) He showed the students a police (0) To discuss static electric ity
(0) He asked the students questions. 99. What happened in the past six months?
(A) l.ocal government provided fundll1g.
96. How long did the speech last? (B) Local officials opened a new gravity
(A) Half an 110ur exhibit.
(8) An hour (C) Local scientists discussed gravity.
(C) Two hours (0) Local businesses provided grants to
(0) Three hours help the science center.

97. What did Bradley discuss with the student 100. What is the experts' profession?
council? (A) Marketing specialist
(A) Bicycle safety (B) Accountant
(8) Safety program ideas (C) Editor
(C) Traflic safety (0) Scientist
(0) International crime

New Real TOEle lC/RC 24 www.nhantriviet.com
10 I. Our company has over 200 workers
who design, assemble and ....... our
L06. You can be assured that Ms. Pei and I
will complete the work quickly, since her
work style is compati ble with -------.
(A) market (A) my •
(B) marketing (B) myself c
(C) marketed (C) me -
~I fOFI' I VRC 7.1


75 Actual Tesl 1


NewRcliIOLiC r'RC 7(1


77 Acilloll 1 SI 1

Directions: You will hear a question or statement and three responses spoken in English. They
will be spoken only one time and will not be pri nted in your test book. Select the best response
to the question or statemen t and mark the letter (A), (8). or (C) on your answer shee!.

Example Sample Answer

You will hear: Where is the meeting room?
You will also hear: (A) To meet the new director.
(8) It's the first room on the right.
(C) Ves, at two o'clock.

The best response to the question "Where is the meeting room?" is choice (8). "It's the first room
on the righi," so (8) is the correct answer. You should mark answer (8) on your answer sheet.

11. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 26. Mark your answe r on your answer sheet.

12. Mark you r answer on you r answer sheet. 27. Mark you r answer on your answer sheet.

13. Mark your answer on your answe r sheet. 28. Mark your answe r on your answe r sheet.

14. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 29. Mark your answe r on your answe r sheet.

15. Mark your answer on your a nswe r sheet. 30. Mark your answer on your answer shee t.

16. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 31. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

17. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 32. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

18. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 33. Mark your answer on you r answer sheet.

19. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 34. M ark your answer on your answer sheet.

20. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 35. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

21. Mark your answer on yo ur answe r sheet. 36. Mark your answer on you r answer sheet.

22. Mark you r answer on your an swer sheet. 37. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

23. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 38. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

24. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 39. Mark your answer on you r answer sheet

25. Mark yo~r answer on your answer sheet. 40. M ark your answer on your answer sheet.

New R -
(C) obtained (C) omissions G
(0) submissive (0) eliminations .,
129. Engineers may require ------- excavation 134. Participating in an affiliate program has


to ensure a firm foundation for the pipe. proven to be ------- lucrative for thousands
(A) addition of people throughout the world.
(8) additioning (A) enough
(C) additive (8) too much
(0) additional (C) very
(0) well
130. Long-term unemployment is a sign that
the labor market is not functioning well, 135. Mr. Crow req uested that the minutes
and that structural obstacles are ------- .•..••. by e· mail to Ms. Simmons in the
people from moving into em ployment. presc ri bed format.
(A) withholding (A) be sent
(8) preventing (8) were sent
(C) interfering (C) to send
(0) decreasing (0) will send

131. Factors ------- to globalization include 136. Currently, students are worki ng on th eir
explosion in global communications and advertising campaign ------- producing a
the integration of the world economy. TV commercial.
(A) contributing (A) lor
(8) affecting (8) by
(C) superior (C) since
(0) productive (0) until

177 Actual Tesl 3
137. Mrs. Jung doesn't wa nt to wait for the 139. The familiar beauty the rapy package is
plumbe r so she asked us to fix the pipe augmented with --_. aimed al giving
by _. . women an insight into themselves .
(A) ours (A) guided
(8) our (8) guided with
(C) alone (C) gUidance
(0) ourselves (0) gUide

138. If you bought a big-ticket item Ihis yea r 140. The launch of th is new program is in line
such as a car or boat , it may make more .- --- a se ries of new programs that we
-----.- for you to deduct the sales tax. have launched th is year.
(A) basis (A) wilh
(8) sense (8) In fronl
(C) cause (C) near
(0) reason (0) 10

New I-{f.rs hav(; been reduced dllfln~ rlllS business Y(;;lr (om pared (0 pre\,iolls
years, wluch h,lS helped r('tiuce cosr~ in rhar are,\. Some mone), {,In Ix: tilvl'rtt'd to orht:r
;lftca.). in rhe !lex! bud~t(.
(b) TI1('re haw bCl' n som(; dif("julifl('S In collen ions rillS Y(;;!f clUl' ru tht: ~t:nt:ral SW(C o(
the econOIll)'. ThiS :I(rtcrs {'hl;" company'.., abdiry to pl'Ojcn how mudl liquid Glplt:tl wlll
be ;tvadablc,

New Reid roEIC lC.'RC 3K w\,.lw.nhantnviet.col1l
174. Wh ich of the following was NOT covered 176. Wha t has helped to free up money to be
at the meeting? used in other areas?
(A) New logos (A) Less spending on office furniture
(B) Last month's minutes (8) More efficient collections processes
(C) Facilities upgrading (C) A reduction in staff
(0) Boosting membership (0) Reduced printing errors

175. Who suggested longer lasting fu rn iture be 177. Who wi ll be responsible for costing the
purchased? logo change?
(A) Mr. Black (A) Mr. Black
(B) Mrs. Chloe (B) Mrs. Chloe
(C) Mr. Jones (C) Mr. Harris
(0) Mr. Harris (0) Mr. Jones

www.nhantriviet .cam
239 Actual Test 4
Questions 178 -180 refer to the following articl e.

Getting a good night's sleep may have surprising benefits, includ ing adding up to six
years to your life. This and other results of the National Sleep Center decade-long
study of the effects of sleep deprivation on adults were announced yesterday at a
press conference by Margaret Norwood , the research scientist who headed the study.
Or. Norwood stressed that "getting adequate sleep is not a luxury, it is critical to
proper brain functioning. People who sleep well show greatly enhanced moods,
improved memories, and better job performances and are significantly less likely to
be involved in accidents."
Dr. Hugh Weatley, the director at the center, agreed, stating that, while individuals do
vary in their need for sleep, "most adu lts require one hour of sleep for every two hours
of wakefu lness:' He suggested that individuals determine their own req uirements by
sleeping for the amount of time they think they need for a week.

178. When we re the results of the research 180. Wha t is NOT men tion ed as a benefit of
released? reg ular sleep?
(A) Yesterday (A) Improved appearance
(B) A week ago (B) Increased life expectancy
(C) Six years ago (C) Greater 11appiness
(0) Ten years ago (0) Better mental functioning

179. Who is Margaret Norwood?
(A) A journalist
(B) Th e director of the National Sleep
Cen ter
(C) The person in cha rge of the study
(0) A market researcher

New Real TOEIC lCIRC 2..tO www.n hantriviet.com
Questions 181-185 refer to the fo llowing letters.

r - -- •
---------- -I
I 1
April 21,2006
I 1
1 Eri c Wi ll ington
U ni versi ty of Mic hi ga n Ann A rbor 1
1 523 State Street A nn A rbor, M I 48704 I
1 1
Dear M r. Wi llingto n ,
1 Through care ful obse rvati ons and loo kin g thro ugh your outstanding ac hi evemen ts in yo ur
I four yea rs at University o f Mic higa n, it is with great pl easure that we offer yo u employment 1
I with Sell Busi ness Clu b. The assurance of th is o ffe r, however, does depend on your whole I
1 coll ege transcript and exam grade for the exam you wi ll be taking durin g the interview with I
liS. We hope YO li a rc wi lling to IUlvc an in te rv iew wi th us soon. Also, w he n yo u have a
chance, pl ease send us your co llege lnmscripl. We tru ly app rccialC your interest in wo rki ng
with us.
Job Title: Stock Ma nager I
I Job Descripti on: Described in the " What is Stock Man ager all abo ut?" section.

Salary: Salary can be paid monthly or mmu
(C) Crush of the forests Peterson 's leadership and courage. "

(D) Melling of snow on mountaills (C) He wants to be a sponsor of N.N.C.A

for the good cause. ~

193. Who can be a representa ti ve of city? (D) He.wlli sell all of his belong ings to
(A) Anyone who has a degree In the support N.N.C.A.
science field
(8) Anyone who wishes to protect the
world from war
(C) Anyone who worked for N N C A for
the last five years
(D) Anyone who wants to step up and
preserve the environment

www.rlhantriviet.co m
247 A c: l u;ll r(:':.{4
Questions 196-200 refer to the following advertisement and tetter.

1f Darling's
I n Daytona Beach

Welco me to Darling's ou td oor near-beach fam ily restau rant

About Darling's
Established by Michel Darling in 1923
Known as one of th e best seafood restaurant in Florida
Has over 100 seals I Welcomes group reservations
Japan ese, American, French Chefs
Over 50 kind s of fish , over 200 kinds of dish

For reservation, call (655) 332-5867
Fax (655) 332-5866

Seth Darling, Owner of Darling's

August 13, 2006

Dear Mr. Seth Darling,

Mr Darling. this is Russell Jenny, owner of Fresh Fish , down in Miami. I've heard about your
fantastic restaurant and I and my wife are actually planning to visi t your restaurant soon. Today
I wri te this letter to you to tell you about our great deals on fish. Our crew only goes out to the
sea early in the morning so that the fish will continue to stay fresh throughout the whole day
and that's where we got our name 'Fresh Fish'. Here are some of the deals thai I wanted to
offer you :

Tuna 200 kg S800
T Hll aegg 10 kg $ 1,000
Salmon 200 kg $850
Sa lm o n egg 10 kg $900
Octopus 100 kg $500
Sea Urchi n 50 kg SI.OOO
Yellow tail 60 kg S800
Crab 100 kg $9 00
tlIack Cod 100 kg $L ,500

As you see, this IS unusually cheaper than normal price, and I wish you do not miss this chance
to make a great profit. Our tunas and sal mons are outstand ing in th eir quality, and I am pretty
sure you've heard of our yellow tail and crab for theIr great taste . Please contact me as soon as
you decide and we will sh ip it to your restau ra nt in less Ihan 10 hours. Thank YOll .

New Real TOEle I (iRG '24t'\
196. What is true about Darling 's? 199. W hat ma kes Fresh F ish's fish fresh?
(A) It is a brand new restaurant (A) Fresh Fish catches fish and stores
(8) It selves all kinds of food and drinks. them In an advanced storage
(C) It is near a beach and takes no (8) Fresh Fish ca tches fish al the light
reserva tions. lime for the fish to stay fresh.
(0) Its chefs are from Europe, Asia, and (C) Fresh Fish ca lches flsh at a certain
America. spot in the sea whe re fishes are fresh
(D) Fresh Fish has a great transporting
197. Who most likely is Selh Darling? system that keeps fish fresh
(A) An owner of the restaurant
(B) A marketing director 200. What does M r. Ru ssell Jenny say about
(C) A chef his products? ,

(D) A frsller (A) They are exceptronally cheap. ff
(8) Hi s tuna and squid are great quality. "
198. Who is Ru ssell Jen ny? (C) Black Cod and Sea Urchin are
(A) He IS one of Darling's relatives. famous for great taste
(8) He owns a busmess that supplies fish (0) They can be deliverecl to Darling's III

to Darling·s. 2 days.
(C) He is a fisherman down In Miami.
(D) He 1 a business of selling fish to
seafood restaurants.

www.nh.lntnvie\. 'Oln
I. fBI !. (( I .l. W, 4. I .\) S.{III I •. H , I. j{ ) R (\ t
". .\) III. It )

II. rt I 12. Hi) 13.IB) 101. ,,\} IS. ,!> H,. (("I \7./111 \1\.111. 1'). II, 211. (.\1

21. (( , 22.IBI 2.>.1.\) 2-4.' HI 2:'. tAl 26. (('J ~i.1 \1 2X. J( 2'1. II, .llt.l{

.H.rt) .12., ..\ , .'.l.I.\) .H! \1 '~.It J 3(•• ( I .,7.11 I .,~. !IiI .W. II, m. It \
011.' \ ) 011.11» -l.l.IISI 4·1 Ie I 4S.IBI -,(,. fijI .r;.! \) -ls.n)) 49.lllj SUo (Ill

51. tD, 52. (H) 53.(UI Sol. (I») 35. I I)) %.11} ~7. (.\) Sit/A) 59. I [)) hll. lUI

t> I. II ) b2. (') (,:l·t :\) M.Ie I (IS. I l I 6(,.(1») (.7. WI IItt Il~) Co'l. II I I 71), ({ )

7 1. f( I '12,( . \) 73. (HI ?-l.IB, 7:;. Ie) 7(•. tl~) 77.\-\) 7K.ll)j 79. (n :in. In
XI.II>J 82.10) ~3. 1.'\) 84. to) RS. I( ) M(,. (Ill k1.tH) ilK. 11» N'.I. ([») '.III, !t.

qt.!,,:, 1)2, (8) I).l. It\) 'J.i. (( ) l
I I I. l( I 112. It I JIJ.(q 114. IDJ 115.(1») 11r.,(LJ) 117. in IUtl.\) 11'1. f 1\) 120. tli)
121.\ \1 1~2. II)) I:!,l. If)) 12~. (BI 12:'. /1)\ 12(>,IIJI 127,IA) 12K. (") 12'J. fIJI i.W.,·\\
1.\1. (Il) 1.\1. t.\) ioU. (I)) 13-I.ID) 1.\5. /I)) U(I.Il'l 1.\7.IQ !.Is. (DI I.\'l. c( I 1411. fBI
'.lI.IA) '.12. (I~) J-I3. (Ill 1+1. (D) 1.(:;. \:\) 1.Jr., CH) 1-11. f:\) 141'\. (Ii) 149. fl» 15U.0»
1:'1. f( I 15~.m, IS.\. If. ) 1:;,1. f( ') 155. (f») 1%. (111 157. (t'J 15H.IH) 159·1'\) 16U.(CI
161. In, 16~. t \J l(d, (.\1 16~.lr) 165.11)) lfib. (/\J 1117. (Ul HiS. iCl i(i!}.l cars parked on Ihe light (D) They are done riding the swing.
(D) The cars are not in Ihe shadows.

www.I1I.antnviet.com 259 ScrIp!. & An·WO/('I.

(A) These people are each playing an instrument (Al The parking lot is completely filled with cars.
(8) They are all playing different musical (8 ) There are cars going through the lorest.
instruments. (C) Some people are skiing on the mountain.
(C) They are trying to donate money. (D) The cars on the road look very similar.
(D) There are people crowded in front of them.


:::1:..: (A) The women are talking in a friendly way.
... '·
'"1 .."" CAl A dozen school buses are parked. (8) The women are trying to exillhe train .
(8) The buses are driving through buildings. (C) The people are buying food from a train crew.
(C) These buses are carrying students. (0) Ailihe people are silting in lheir seats.
(0) They ale Ihe same size.

11. Who was Ihal with Mr. Willows lasl week?
== (Al He was crazy about il.
• (8) I have no appointment today.
(Al They are trying to videotape. (C) That was his Wile.
(8) They take pictures with one hand.
(C) They look like photographers.
(D) They are trying to give away their cameras.
12. Where can I lake lhe red line subway inlo
~ Sokyung Universily?
IA) AI 3:00 P.M.
8. (8) AI a stalion noxt 10 lhe bakery .
(C) The subway doesn't stop there.

13. What kind of apartment are you looking lor?
E= CA) Something with a big fronl yard.
CAl People are waiting lor a rollercoaster. "=='"
(B) There are lois of trees on Ihe street . (8) 1"11 come home on Sunday.
(C) People are waitmg for a bus In a hne. (C) No, I'm taking the subway instead.
(D) The bus has arri ved for the people.

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14. Do you think I have to l ake an umbrella? 21. You took a subway to get to work loday. didn't

(A) No, I don't believe she does.
(6) Yes, we expect some raindrops laler today
(el II slopped raining . •
.:= you?
(Al Yes, I saved some time and money.
(Bl No, he hasn't shown up al work today. n

(C) Did you see the bus schedule? ~

15. Do I have 10 invoice his orders right now, or take a c·

.:= break first? 22. I wonder why so few applicants have applied for ~

• (Al We are running Qut of paper.
(8) Let's gel the orders done first.
(C) I am crazy aboullhal restaurant.
this company this lime.
(Al Apply it cautiously.
(8) No, nOI this time.
(C) Don'\ worry. Irs Just been a week.

16. When do you think the parcel will be shipped?
· E (Al I'd rather go by vessel. 23. Why don't you have Mr. Craig plan for his falher's
-===- (8) By Monday morning next week. . .~ I""· birthday?

' , 11\ I x7. (HI lUI. ,.\ I XI).IOj 911. ill)

'll. j .\/ n.I.\' ~.l. I( ) I.LI.I \ I IJ~. till W,. f{. \ .7 ,:\ 'IN.I( I CII,!. f!)/ 11IIL IHI
JUI.I \I 1112. '\ , 111.\. fj} 1 W.j. fU) IIIS.IH, IIIh. I i) 1117. 11) WH. i ( , 111'1.[.\, 110. n
111.{i}) 112.11J) IB.If. ) II·UD) 11;;.(,\ I II~. lUI 117 (BI lUl.l \I 11. II ) ,
I .... (.\ I 171i. It ) I'HI. 11)1 USli. (1)1

UI!. Ie ) I~!.I( ) ORrll) 1~4. {( 'I IX~.Il>J 11((;. (0) UP.iB) IXX. IHI I1N.II\) 1'111. lA,
19J.rf)) 1'J2.1 UJ 19.1. Jll) 19.j.IB) IfIS. It 1 196. (II) Il)i. Ie ) 1'IX, (1)1 1''''). t n) 2iHI.ID)


(A) The garbage haskets look exactly the same
(A) There are cars one ;lfler another (8) The garbage baskets are on the grass.
(8) The cars are being passed by a bus. (C) The garbage baskets are full of trash.
(C) The cars are stopped at a gas station. (D) The garbage baskets are being moved by a
(0 ) The dnvers are standing besides their cleaner.
cars asking for assIstance.

4, ,--- - -- - - - ,

(A) People are sweeping the park.
-..r;:: (A) People are looking at sculptures. (8) People are playing soccer on the field
(8) People arc enjoyin9 looking 1
121.\1 122. I '\J I~.l . I"~,
0, p:; IP) LU,. I \ I 127. 1'1'. HlI " 1.'). l,lll.lf'!

1.\1.\\1 1.\!.IlJI
U.l.tHl I.>ol. It ) B:'\.j.\) 13(1. Cl:H U7.d>1 1.\K nl! ,",I'. (
"1 '·m.I\)

'.:1. II', 141.1111 I J.~. ,.») I 4.\B) I.J:'. (!II 1..l(i.(iI) ,.n.11 1~)oi.IB, l-l\l. (( ) 1:;11.1 /11
J :'\1. (1)1 ISl. til 15.'- ( 1::.1./ \1 !:'5. , ISh.lll IS7 1\ , ,So I PJ 15'/. f), I MI. I \.
I (, I. IP) Illl. It Ih.l. " H.·I.IBI 1(,S. I HI 1(,1'1. fBI 1107 I ( 1M•.• Ih'l. I( ) 17U. ill)

171 (.\ J 112. (PI 17.\.(('1 17.J. ,D) 17$.tBI 17(,.1111 171. fiJI I1S. dll 171). ill/ IKII. (t ')
, 1'111.
,., \~
IHI. It' 1.'12.10, lIB. rJ ) IS·L. III IRS. till IS6.,1l1 IS7.!! I:O;S fHI 11.l. (I)) (14. fll) I,:.'. (.\) M.tD) 61.(Ci {II'. (el (.\1.( \) 711. (I II

71.1111 12.\(', 7.~. I]), 74.( I 7~. cU, 71,. In, Ii. {('J 71l. (Ill 7'J. ,I») XU.I,\)

~I. J{ x2.1 \, In. (H, !oW. I \1 1'15. (B) So. ,B) ~7. (.\, SIt I!» )W. (Ill ')11. II-i I
')I. ell) '12.IAI '13. II I '14.1 \) '1:'. I( 1 'Ito. fIJI 'n.IHI 'J1l.IC, 'I'J, G, IIIO.m,
JIll. (BI 1112.((" IIH. (.\) Hl4. j \) IU5. on 111(., In 107.[1l) 111M. til) III".
" 1111. 1'\)
111.(1), 111·1:\1 I1:U(I) 11·1. I II) J I ~.I'\) (1(•. (I)) 117. fIJ) 11K. tAl 11'1. ('J 12(\. {Rl
121. (1)1 11!.(C\ I n r.\) 124. ( ) 125.(1)) 116.(1}) 12:7·1/\) 12lt (U) 12'1. 1(') UU. (Ii'

'-'1.(\) t.U.(B) Il'. (Ill 134.(1:1, 1.\5. \f'J /;\(._ IB) Ln. 1(, l.lN.IA) I.W.\( ) l.tll. (0)
14 I. Il, \·I!. I( 1 14.~. IA) 1+1. {t) 1-l~.IIJi l~lt.IBl 1-'7. filf 14K tin (-I'I. It ) 15U. (\)

151. Il, 1:;2. I \) J:;J.IBl 1:'4. (Il) 1:'5. fil) 156.\·\) 1::7. (I ) IS1'I. It , l:i'I. (D\ IM.II I
1M. ,l) J(.2.\[)} tld.ICI 164.(('1 (t.:,. II)) IfII•. It.) I",.\n) 1(,)1.1 .. ) I('~.l [)) en)

171. (13) 17~.on Inee) li4.fA) li5. ( \) 17/•. (ll) 177. (lil 17M.I :'\ \71). (('I om.1A
un. cU, ISl, I \1 IS~. {.\} IS-I. I" 1 IS:'.I( ) INfo. WI tX7.litl IKS.IHI IS9.1:\) I'm. II)!
JIll (n In. (I}) I 'J.~. t I)) 1')-1.1 \) 1'J:'. (1 >I 1
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