Advanced Megabit Modem Solutions

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Advanced Megabit Modem Solutions

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ADC’s Megabit Modems® are ideal for giving groups or individual users secure, high-speed connectivity to today’s growing array of remote resources. Whether accessing the Internet, connecting remote network sites or telecommuting, ADC has the right Megabit Modem for your application and your budget. DSL technology enables Megabit Modems to maximize performance while minimizing cost. Data rates can speed up to 7.5 Mbps while transmitting over ordinary telephone wires. Which means you get broadband access over the existing cabling in your home, business or building. Plus, Megabit Modems offer the ultimate in versatility and compatibility, featuring full rate ADSL, G.lite, SDSL and soon, G.shdsl support. In both multi-user...

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