Building XNA 2.0 Games- P16

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Building XNA 2.0 Games- P16

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Building XNA 2.0 Games- P16: I would like to acknowledge John Sedlak, who saved this book from certain doom, as well as all of the great guys in the XNA community and Microsoft XNA team, who helped me with all of my stupid programming questions. (That is actually the term used—“stupid programming question”—and it is a question that one should not have to ask if one has been approached to write a book about the subject.)

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  1. 440 ■I N D E X for adding coordinates to script line, render loop to use feedback, 350 273–274 setting the water level, 350–352 incrementing heartFrame with, 293 shader for, 347–348 modifying character-collision routine, 257 wave bank, 229 setting character keys in, 260 creating new file for XACT project, turning button presses into values for 229–231 pressedKey, 165–166 wave banks, creating new, 37 updating location by trajectory in, 218 waves, 229 UpdateGame() method, moving code into, weapon creation, for The Dishwasher, 43 322–323 weapons texture, checking to see if part is UpdateKeys(), calling from Game1.Update(), using, 102 114 weaponsTex[], using to store textures, ■V 104–105 v parameter, using to compare a pixel to its web site addresses neighbor, 339–340 Apress Source Code/Download section, value type variables, 4 11, 23, 222 variable types Audacity, 223 converting from one to another, 5 Creators Club Premium Membership, 328 data loss when converting from one to FlashKit, 222 another, 5 Freesound Project, 222 variables .NET Reflector, 2 assigning values to, 4 Paint.Net, 24 storage of, 4 Sounddogs, 222 using, 4–5 Visual C# 2005 Express Edition, 19 value type, 4 XNA Game Studio 2.0, 19 Vector2, using for scroll, 74 while loop Visual C# 2005 Express Edition, installing, 19 processing incoming messages with, 380 Visual Studio, saving to XNAPong using instead of for loop, 14 project in, 24 vs. do while loop, 14 Visual Studio 2005, creating new console Windows Build Path and Xbox 360 Build Path application in, 10–12 setting for sound banks, 38 ■W setting for wave banks, 38 wait ticks case, 272 Windows Game library, creating, 94–96 wait command, settings for, 280 wraith water effect adding and loading graphics to adding to ZombieSmashers game, ZombieSmashers game, 410 346–353 adding new triggers to, 401 drawing foreground twice, 349 AI, 402–403 implementing in the game, 348 animation, 400–402 plan for adding to game, 346 assembling animation frames, 400–402
  2. ■I N D E X 441 creating AI class for, 402 XNA, a crash course in, 19–39 creating characters for the game, 399–411 XNA Framework, eliminating classic designing with, 399–411 networking hassles with, 361 getting previous state and location of, XNA Framework Remote Performance 408–410 Monitor for Xbox 360, 331 graphics, 400 XNA Game Studio, connecting the Xbox 360 to, 329–330 initialization script for, 401 XNA Game Studio 2.0 wraith characters installing, 19 definition script, sounds added to, 402 networking with, 361–362 process of creating, 399–400 working with pixel shaders in, 333 wrench triggers XNA Game Studio Connect adding new to appropriate frames of animation, 210 downloading and launching, 329–330 defining, 209–210 XNAPong in character editor, 210 adding a background image, 33–35 putting to use for smashing zombies, adding rumble to, 35–36 209–216 adding the game logic, 27–32 Write() function ball logic for, 31–32 creating in character editor, 122–124 building, 20–39 making in Map class, 88 class-level (Game1.cs) variables, 28 using device and container to get a path, coding audio for, 38–39 415 creating file for graphics in, 24 WriteToNet() function, 385–386 loading textures, 23 ■X paddles and gamepad logic, 28–31 XACT. See also Cross-Platform Audio task list for game logic, 27 Creation Tool (XACT) ■Y setting up game audio in, 229–231 you-are-dead screen, for ZombieSmashers XACT Audio, Rumble, and More, 221–248 game, 325 XACT Auditioning Utility, for auditioning sound files, 231–232 ■Z XACT project zap cue object, playing from XNAPong, 38 creating new, 229 .zdx filename extension, 59 creating new wave bank file in, 229–231 zombie attack, adding animation for, 251 Xbox 360 zombie bloodsplosions, adding triggers for, 250–251 deploying ZombieSmashers game on, 328 Zombie class, extending AI base class with, deployment, 291 265 storage container object, 413 zombie head splatter, 267 Xbox 360 project zombie hit trigger, adding in creating, 328 CharacterEditor, 250–251 debugging, 331
  3. 442 ■I N D E X Zombie Smashers XNA game, keeping fields used in, 147–148 separate functions organized, 136 implementing the action in, 210–216 ZombieSmashersXna project. See also in-game scoring, 327 ZombieSmashers game initializing, 148 adding CharacterEditor to, 93–94 loading game content, 148 building the game, 127–153 making enemies killable, 249–267 cleaning up odds and ends, 168–169 manually changing namespaces in, 128 combat concept art, 46 parting word from author, 397–398 creating, 51–53 plugging everything into, 394–395 hero concept art, 46 reorganizing the code, 322–326 maps concept art, 47 setting character’s facing, scale, state and naming, 49 starting animation in, 135–136 rough game plan for, 49–50 setting things in motion, 147–149 super simple scripting, 153–167 super simple scripting, 153–167 tool planning for, 47–48 updating, 320–326 zombie.zmx file, adding to ZombieSmashers updating frameTime calculating and game, 199–204 sound, 324–325 zombies updating scroll and handling input, adding animations to, 250–251 148–149 adding to ZombieSmashers game, ZombieSmashers project 199–204 adding MapEditor project to, 52–53 bringing into ZombieSmashers game, creating, 51–53 202–204 ZombieSmashersXna project in CharacterEditor, 199–201 adding audio to, 229–239 making killable, 249–267 adding music to, 236–239 putting wrench to use for smashing, bringing audio functionality into, 233 209–216 sounds used for, 222–223 shooting, 204 ZombieSmashersXNA.Particles namespace smashing, 204–216 creating BloodDust class in, 255–256 ZombieSmashers game Zombie-Smashing game adding a background image to, 150–153 choosing 2D or 3D for, 45 adding the HUD and menu to, 320–321 concept image for protagonist, 46 bringing it all together, 285–289 initial design, 46–47 bringing triggers into, 191–196 maps, 47 bringing zombies into, 202–204 planning, 45–50 class-level objects, 147 tool planning for, 47–48 creating, 128 drawing one character for, 149
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