Changes in land use pattern in Uttar Pradesh: A zone-wise analysis

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Changes in land use pattern in Uttar Pradesh: A zone-wise analysis

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The study was undertaken to study the changes in land use pattern of Uttar Pradesh and its different agro-climatic zones. Land is one of the most essential natural resources for the survival and prosperity of humankind, and it is the platform on which human activities take place. The study is based on the secondary data obtained from the various issues of statistical abstracts of UP government. The study revealed that net sown area declined in the state as a whole and also in almost agro-climatic zones viz. zone-I, zone-III, zone-IV, zone-VI, zone-VIII and zone-IX except three agro-climatic zones viz. zone-II, zone-V and zone-VII in which net area sown showed rising trend. Net area sown had declined in both the state and in agro-climatic zones because of increase in non-agricultural land, current fallow land and fallow land other than current fallow land. Unprecedented population growth resulted in construction of infrastructures like building, roadways, etc. Thus, agricultural-land was converted into non-agricultural land for industrialization and urbanization purposes. Overall, it can be concluded that there is continuous expansion of land towards non-agricultural lands. Declining net sown area is major challenge for policy makers as it will ultimately have adverse effect on food security of the ever growing population of the state. Hence, it is need of the day to increase productivity of the crops as the land is limited and it can’t be expanded. There is less scope for horizontal agriculture thus it is time to emphasized on vertical agriculture.

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