Đề thi thử Đại học, Cao đẳng môn tiếng Anh - Trường THPT Cửa Lò (Đề 4)

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Đề thi thử Đại học, Cao đẳng môn tiếng Anh - Trường THPT Cửa Lò (Đề 4)

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Đề thi thử Đại học, Cao đẳng môn tiếng Anh khối D của tường THPT Cửa Lò - Nghệ An, đề thi tham khảo dành giúp các bạn tổng hợp kiến thức và rèn luyện những kỹ năng cần thiết để bước vào kỳ thi tuyển sinh đạt kết qua cao nhất.

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  1. Generated by Foxit PDF Creator © Foxit Software For evaluation only. ĐỀ THI ĐỀ XUẤT THI ĐẠI HỌC VÀ CAO ĐẲNG - ĐỀ 4 Người ra đề: Nguyễn Thị Bính - GV trường THPT Cửa Lò - Nghệ An Chän ph­¬ng ¸n (A hoÆc B,C,D) øng víi tõ cã träng ©m chÝnh nhÊn vµo ©m tiÕt cã vÞ trÝ kh¸c víi ba tõ cßn l¹i tong mçi c©u: 1. A. writer B. carefully C. origin D. compete 2. A. approximate B. accomplished C. invaluable D. expectation 3. A. methods B. invention C. intense D. effective 4. A. performances B. dictionary C. contemporary D. encouragement 5. A. ahead B. identity C. pretend D. leisure Chän ph­¬ng ¸n ®óng (A hoÆc B,C,D) ®Ó hoµn thµnh mçi c©u sau. 6. You shouldn't ___________ to your teacher like that. It was very rude. A. have talked B. talked C. have be talked D. talk 7. I didn't see any sign of the money, but I __________ a small notebook and a pencil which __________ when the door opened suddenly. A. find probably drop B. found have probably dropped C. have found probably dropped D. found had probably dropped 8. He __________ to be offered the job. A. was such inexperienced B. was too inexperienced C. not experienced D. B and C 9. They live on a busy road .__________ a lot of noise from traffic. A. It must be B. There must be C. There must have D. It must have 10. _________ truck by lighting, the tree continued to thrive. A. As if B. After C. After D. Although 11. Many scientists have shown __________ can be used for an ever-increasing number of tasks. A. that lasers how B. lasers how C. how lasers D. that what lasers 12. Rescue attempts were temporarily stopped __________ the bad weather. A. Because of it was B. because of C. Though it was D. Due to it was 13. __________ lay its eggs in the sand on the beach than it goes back to the sea. A. No sooner a turtle does B. A turtle does no sooner C. Does no sooner a turtle D. No sooner does a turtle 14. Although they are smaller in size, chipmunks are __________ most other ground squirrels. A. like to B. like C. like as D. alike 15. Not until about a century after Julius Caesar landed in Britain __________ actually conquer the island. A. the Romans did B. did the Romans C. the Romans D. Romans that 16. When the automobile salesman described the car so __________, we became very uneasy about buying it. A. ambiguity B. ambiguousness C. ambiguous D. ambiguously 17. The secretary's __________ with the boss's request was not done willingly. A. compliantly B. complaint C. comply D. compliance 18. Even though the remark was not __________, it caused embarrassment. A. intention B. intend C. intentional D. intentionally 19. It was a strange _________ of justice; the drunken driver who killed the boy was given no sentence. A. perversion B. perverse C. pervert D. perversely 20. The charity organization received a large gift from the _________ . A. donation B. donor C. donate D. donated 21. The house possesses extensive _________ with gardens, tennis courts and an orchard. A. grounds B. property C. fields D. surroundings Copyright © 1
  2. Generated by Foxit PDF Creator © Foxit Software For evaluation only. 22. She went _________ a bad cold just before Christmas. A. down with B. in for C. over D. through 23. The wind blew so strongly that the windows _________ in their frames. A. slapped B. rattled C. flapped D. shocked 24. The more carpet is a good choice _________ it will last longer. A. by means of B. due to C. in that D. in view of 25. I didn't set _________ to start an argument, it just happened. A. off B. out C. about D. up §äc kü ®o¹n v¨n sau vµ chän ph­¬ng ¸n ®óng (A hoÆc B,C,D) cho mçi chç trèng: THE HISTORY OF FILM The world's first film was shown in 1895 by two French brothers, Louis and Auguste Lumiere. Although it only (26) __________ of short, simple scenes, people loved it and films have (27) _________ popular ever since. The first films were silent, with titles on the screen to (28) __________ the story. Soon the public had (29) __________ favorite actors and actress and, in this (30) __________ the first film appeared. In 1927, the first "talkie", a film with sound, was shown and from then on, the public (31) _________ only accept this kind of film. further improvements continued, particularly in America, (32) __________ produced 95% of all films. With the arrival of television in the 1950s, (33) __________ people went to see films, but in (34) _________ years cinema audiences have grown again. More countries have started to produce films that influence film-making and there are currently (35) __________ national film industries. 26. A. consisted B. contained C. belonged D. held 27. A. gone B. been C. made D. kept 28. A. join B. read C. explain D. perform 29. A. your B. his C. our D. their 30. A. reason B. way C. method D. result 31. A. should B. would C. might D. will 32. A. who B. where C. when D. which 33. A. other B. each C. fewer D. any 34. A. recent B. now C. modern D. present 35. A. many B. lots C. much D. plenty §äc kü ®o¹n v¨n sau vµ chän ph­¬ng ¸n ®óng (A hoÆc B,C,D) cho mçi chç trèng: The heart has long been considered to be where feelings of love (36) __________ . In love songs throughout the ages, love almost always (37) __________ together with the heart. The heart has continuously been viewed as the place where love begins and (38) __________ . Even the Bible gives numerous (39) __________ to love and the heart. The role of the heart in love must come from what happens to it when a person feels strongly (40) __________ to someone else. The strong feelings for the other person, especially in the early stages of a (41) __________, have the results that the heart starts beating faster and breathing starts (42) __________ up. According to psychologists, a love relationship is a situation that involves a lot of stress and the body (43) __________ to this by getting ready to face the unknown. This has been called the "fight or flight" reaction, meeting danger by (44) __________ it or running away. So with love, the heart accelerates and (45) __________ becomes quick. 36. A. dwell B. stay C. remain D. linger 37. A. moves B. associates C. goes D. combines 38. A. prospers B. seeps C. develops D. grows 39. A. preferences B. references C. citation D. quotes 40. A. attracted B. attached C. bond D. linked 41. A. relationship B. connection C. binding D. link 42. A. going B. showing C. speeding D. beating Copyright © 2
  3. Generated by Foxit PDF Creator © Foxit Software For evaluation only. 43. A. answers B. reacts C. replies D. looks 44. A. battling B. struggling C. defeating D. fighting 45. A. exhaling B. inhaling C. perspiring D. breathing §äc kü ®o¹n v¨n sau vµ chän ph­¬ng ¸n ®óng (A hoÆc B,C,D) cho mçi c©u: Of all the disease that beset the human race, leprosy is by far the hardest to bear. It is usually disfiguring, often crippling, and not uncommonly fatal. What distinguishes leprosy from all other ailments is not the physiological dissolution that its victims must frequently endure, but the fear, horror, and violent loathing it excites in other. The belief that leprosy reached its zenith in thirteen and fourteen century, and was almost extinct by the middle of the sixteenth. Many reasons have been to account for its decline, but the timely development of a diagnostic technique flexible enough to distinguish leprosy from other disfiguring diseases is considered the most persuasive. Most authorities believe that only a fraction of that innumerable victims of medieval leprophobia were actually suffering from leprosy. Modern leprologist are capable of capable of understanding the extraordinary horror of leprosy that haunted ancient and medial man, but they find its present day persistence peculiar. Leprosy is no longer the mystery it once was, and modern understanding of its causes and cures permits most lepers to lead quite normal lives. 46. Leprosy is described as the disease A. easiest to contract. B. most often fatal. B. most difficult to cure D. hardest to bear. 47. The factor that sets leprosy apart from other ailments is A. incurability. B. its painfulness. C. the loathing with which people regard it. D. the resultant permanent disfigurement. 48. The great aversion to lepers arose A. in medieval times. B. before the time of Christ. C. at the beginning of the plague D. in the sixteenth century. 49. The writings of Mohammed held that lepers were A. unclean to be avoided. B. atoning for past sins. C. naturally antisocial. D. unfortunate victims of an unavoidable disease. 50. The thirteen and fourteen centuries in Europe mark the A. decline of leprosy B. decline of aversion to leprosy. C. first attempts to cure leprosy. D. peak of the occurrence of leprosy. 51. The development of a diagnose technique was significant because it A. could be used to diagnose many application. B. help to develop a rational attitude toward leprosy. C. distinguish leprosy from singular disease. D. uncover many unknown cases of leprosy. 52. The abrupt decline of leprosy may have resulted from the A. discovery that many supposed lepers were suffering from other diseases. B. disease becoming less contagious. C. eventual death of most lepers from their affliction. D. careful avoidance of lepers by others. 53. Modern leprologists think that A. there is no explanation for the ancient horror of leprosy. B. there is no reason to be horrified by leprosy today. C. leprosy was never mysterious. D. leprosy is incomprehensible. §äc kü ®o¹n v¨n sau vµ chän ph­¬ng ¸n ®óng (A hoÆc B,C,D) cho mçi c©u: Most people are afraid of sharks, but they usually do not known very much about them. For example, there are 350 kinds of sharks, and all of them are meat eaters. Some sharks are very big. the whale shark is 50 to 60 feet long. But some sharks are very small. The dwarf Copyright © 3
  4. Generated by Foxit PDF Creator © Foxit Software For evaluation only. shark is only 6 inches long. Shark are 100 million years old. in fact, they lived at the same time as dinosaurs. Today, sharks live in every ocean in the world, but most sharks live in warm water. They keep the oceans clean because they eat sick fish and animals. Most sharks have four to six rows of teeth. When a shark's tooth falls out another tooth moves in from behind. Sharks do not have ears. However, they "hear" sounds and movements in the water. Any sound or movement makes the water vibrate. Sharks can feel these vibrations, and they help the sharks find food. Sharks use their large eyes to find food, too. Most sharks see best in low light. They often hunt for food at dawn, in the evening, or in the middle of the night. Scientists want to learn more about sharks for several reasons. For example, cancer is common in many animals, including people. However, it is rare in sharks. Scientists want to find out why sharks almost never get cancer. Maybe this information can help people prevent cancer too. 54. Many people are afraid of sharks because __________ . A. there are many kind of sharks B. sharks are meat eaters C. some sharks are small and some sharks are big D. sharks live in every ocean in the world 55. Where do most sharks live? A. in every ocean in the world B. in warm water C. in the north pole D. in the south pole 56. Sharks are important because __________ A. they clean the ocean B. they are very big C. they eat fish D. they are meat eaters 57. What happens when a shark's tooth falls out? A. It can not eat B. Another tooth moves in C. The shark dies D. New tooth appear 58. Sharks can find food because _________ . A. they feel vibration B. they can see with their eyes C. they can hear D. A and B 59. Sharks hunt for food at night because __________ . A. they are hungry at night B. they see well in low light C. other fish are sleeping D. A and C 60. Information about sharks may __________ . A. help people prevent cancer B. help animals prevent cancer C. help sharks live longer D. B and C 61. What is the main idea of this passage? A. Sharks are dangerous B. Sharks are meat eaters C. Sharks can help people prevent cancer D. Sharks are important and useful animals Chän ph­¬ng ¸n (A hoÆc B,C,D) øng víi c©u tèt nhÊt ®­îc t¹o ra b»ng nh÷ng tõ cho s½n: 62. famous/ show/ will/ all/ be/ most/ the/ in/ singers/ heard/ this/ pop/. A. All most the famous pop singers will be heard in this show. B. All most the famous pop singers will be in this show heard. C. All the most famous pop singers will be heard in this show. D. All the most famous singers pop will be herd in this show. 63. I/ on/ the/ was/ both/ and/ long/ which/ boring/ couldn't/ lecture/ biology/ understand/. A. I couldn't understand on the biology lecture which was both long and boring. B. I couldn't understand which was both the long and boring lecture on biology. C. I couldn't understand which lecture on biology was both long and boring. D. I couldn't understand the lecture on biology which was both long and boring. 64. When/ a/ disappear/ hair/ it/ longer/ no/ purpose/ serves/ useful/ will/. A. When hair no longer serves, it will disappear a useful purpose. B. When hair no longer serves a useful purpose, it will disappear. C. When hair no longer serves it, a useful purpose will disappear. Copyright © 4
  5. Generated by Foxit PDF Creator © Foxit Software For evaluation only. D. When hair will no longer disappear, it severs a useful purpose. 65. As/ second/ mother/ to/ only/ a/ tongue/ English/ ranks/ Chinese. A. As English ranks a mother tongue second only to Chinese. B. As English only ranks Chinese second to a mother tongue. C. As a mother tongue English ranks second only to Chinese. D. As a Chinese English only ranks second to mother tongue. 66. today/ reduced/ farm/ work/ is/ much/ the/ with/ help/ the/ machines/ modern/ of/. A. Today the modern machines is much reduced with the help of farm work. B. Today the farm work is much reduced with the help of modern machines. C. Today the help of machines is much reduced with modern farm work. D. Today the modern work is much reduced with the help of farm machines. VIII. Chän ph­¬ng ¸n (A hoÆc B,C,D) øng víi tõ/ côm tõ cã phÇn g¹ch ch©n cÇn ph¶i söa trong c¸c c©u sau: 67. Unlike folk dancers, which are the product of a single culture, ballet is an international art form A B C D 68. The unit o f measuring called the foot was originally based on the length o f the human foot. A B C D 69. Today o ysters are grown and harvested much like any another crop. A BC D 70. Playwright Frank Shin has often describes the lives o f Chinese Americans in his dramas. A B C D 71. Eggs may be boiled in the shell, scrambled, fried, and cooked in the countless another ways. A B C D 72. Around 75 percents of the earth's surface is covered by water. A B C D 73. In the 1920s, gasoline companies began giving away free road maps to the customers. A B C D 74. A fully grown male mountain lion may be eight long feet. A B C D 75. Neither humans or dogs can hear as well as cats. A B C D IX. Chän ph­¬ng ¸n (A hoÆc B,C,D) øng víi c©u cã nghÜa gÇn nhÊt víi mçi c©u cho s½n sau: 76. His behavior was rather a shock to me. A. I find his behavior not a shock at all. B. His behavior took me aback. C. His behavior took me away. D. I was rather displeased with his behavior. 77. " That's a lovely new dress, Jean," said her mother. A. Jean's mother said she liked her dress. B. Jean's mother wanted to buy a lovely new dress. C. Jean's mother told her to buy that lovely new dress. D. Jean's mother complimented her on the lovely new dress. 78. Rather than disturb the meeting I left without saying goodbye. A. I would rather disturb the meeting than leave without saying goodbye. B. I left without saying goodbye as I didn't want to disturb the meeting. C. I disturbed the meeting because I said goodbye. D. The meeting was disturbed as I left saying goodbye. 79. No matter how hard Fred tried to start the car, he didn't succeed. A. Fred tried very hard to start the car, and succeed. B. However hard Fred tried, he couldn't start the car. Copyright © 5
  6. Generated by Foxit PDF Creator © Foxit Software For evaluation only. C. It's hard for Fred to start the car because he never succeeded. D. Fred tried hard to start the car, and with succeed. 80. What you have been saying is beside the point. A. You was honest to have said like that. B. What you have been saying is quite irrelevant. C. You have talked too much. D. What you have been saying is beyond my expectation. Copyright © 6
  7. Generated by Foxit PDF Creator © Foxit Software For evaluation only. BẢNG PHÂN LOẠI ĐÁNH GIÁ CÂU HỎI. Môn: Tiếng anh Đề/tên file: Đề ĐH-CĐ/de dh4.doc Họ và tên: Nguyễn Thị Bính - GV trường THPT Cửa lò - Nghệ An 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 M· c©u Ng÷ Tõ vùng - §äc ViÕt Ph©n 3 7 Chung §¹i §¸p §é khã ©m Ng÷ ph¸p hiÓu ban n¨m n¨m häc ¸n(A,B,C,D) (1,2,3) 1. 2 D 2 2. 2 D 3 3. 2 A 2 4. 2 B 3 5. 2 D 2 6. 1 A 2 7. 1 D 2 8. 2 D 2 9. 2 C 3 10. 3 D 2 11. 3 C 2 12. 3 B 2 13. 2 D 3 14. 4 B 2 15. 2 B 3 16. 5 D 2 17. 5 D 3 18. 5 C 2 19. 5 A 2 20. 5 B 3 21. 4 A 3 22. 4 A 2 23. 4 B 3 24. 4 C 3 25. 4 B 2 26. 1 A 2 27. 1 B 2 28. 1 C 2 29. 1 D 2 30. 1 D 2 31. 1 B 2 32. 1 D 2 33. 1 C 2 34. 1 A 2 35. 1 A 2 36. 1 A 2 37. 1 C 3 38. 1 D 2 39. 1 B 3 Copyright © 7
  8. Generated by Foxit PDF Creator © Foxit Software For evaluation only. 40. 1 A 2 41. 1 A 2 42. 1 C 2 43. 1 B 3 44. 1 A 3 45. 1 D 2 46. 2 D 2 47. 2 C 3 48. 2 A 3 49. 2 A 2 50. 2 D 2 51. 2 C 3 52. 2 A 2 53. 2 B 2 54. 2 B 2 55. 2 B 2 56. 2 B 2 57. 2 B 3 58. 2 D 2 59. 2 B 2 60. 2 A 3 61. 3 D 2 62. 3 C 2 63. 3 D 2 64. 3 B 2 65. 3 C 2 66. 3 B 2 67. 1 A 3 68. 1 B 2 69. 1 D 2 70. 1 B 2 71. 1 D 2 72. 1 B 2 73. 1 D 3 74. 1 D 2 75. 1 A 2 76. 2 B 3 77. 2 D 2 78. 2 B 2 79. 2 B 2 80. 2 B 3 Copyright © 8



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