MC và các hệ thống phổ Bá P2

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MC và các hệ thống phổ Bá P2

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MC-CDMA and MC-DS-CDMA In this chapter, the different concepts of the combination of multi-carrier transmission with spread spectrum, namely MC-CDMA and MC-DS-CDMA are analyzed. Several single-user and multiuser detection strategies and their performance in terms of BER and spectral efficiency in a mobile communications system are examined. 2.1 MC-CDMA 2.1.1 Signal Structure The basic MC-CDMA signal is generated by a serial concatenation of classical DSCDMA and OFDM. Each chip of the direct sequence spread data symbol is mapped onto a different sub-carrier. Thus, with MC-CDMA the chips of a spread data symbol are transmitted in parallel on different sub-carriers, in contrast to a...

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