Soneplex® E1 Quad Loop Extender Module (EQLX)

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Soneplex® E1 Quad Loop Extender Module (EQLX)

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The Soneplex E1 Quad Loop Extender (EQLX) module converts four multiplexed, E1 signals into an optical E2 for delivery over two singlemode optical fibres. The optical E2 is converted back to four E1s at the customer premises. It supports optional 1+1 protection and provides extensive alarms and diagnostic capabilities. ADC’s Soneplex system is the lowest total cost solution for carriers to grow their E1- based business services. Focused on providing flexible, end-to-end solutions, the Soneplex system saves carriers money on E1-based services over copper or fiber, using HDSL or optical E2 technology in a single platform. From operations, maintenance, provisioning and high-speed backbone connections to central office space and cabling, the Soneplex system is designed to take costs...

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