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Mechanical engineering

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  • In clinical practice the number of urothelial cells collected by biopsy are limited and the procedure requires general anaesthesia. Therefore, in order to acquire enough urothelial cells for in vitro engineering of the urothelium, in this research we aim to isolate urothelial cells from human urine by an alternative, effective, low-cost and safe technique rather than using the indicated method.

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  • Ebook Intelligence integration in distributed knowledge management: Part 2 presents the following content: Chapter VII: Aspects of openness in multi-agent systems: Coordinating the autonomy in agent societies; Chapter VIII: How can we trust agents in multi-agent environments? Techniques and challenges; Chapter IX: The concept of autonomy in distributed computation and multi-agent systems; Chapter X: An agent-based library management system using RFID technology; Chapter XI: Mechanisms to restrict exploitation and improve societal performance in multi-agent systems; Chapter XII: Norm emergen...

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  • This work demonstrated the potential of US for mitigating membrane fouling. However, the integration of the US transducers within the membrane system will be a major challenge for the application of US in membrane cleaning. It is more appropriate that US is used as pre-treatment to the membrane system, the transducers can be placed prior to the coagulant feed line. Further work on the determination of the detailed mechanisms associated with enhancing coagulation would enable optimisation of the system with regard to process, cost and energy efficiency.

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  • In this thesis, a numerical model with detailed reaction mechanism which is tailored for studying the behaviour of combustion of natural gas has been introduced and validated with available experimental data. The numerical model attempts to comprehensively simulate the physical conditions (temperature and pressure), equivalent ratio, and fuel dilution and strain rate effect in the laminar flames.

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  • 3D animation software is extensively used to create graphics for special effects sequences in live-action films, in animated feature film production and for the generation of computer games and virtual reality content. It is a commonly held view within the computer graphics community that 3D animation software is ―just another tool‖ for self-expression. This research questions that view by examining the inherent nature of the tool itself. In doing so, some of the philosophical assumptions embedded in the design of the new digital tool are revealed.

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  • The aim of this Master of Engineering (MEng) - Aerospace thesis is to study the structural response and failure of aerospace grade composites during exposure to fire. Key aspects of the research are to analyse the thermal and mechanical responses of laminates and sandwich composites in high temperature and fire environments, which result in softening and structural failure. The research is concentrated on carbon/epoxy laminates and sandwich composites, which are the most common composite materials used in aerospace structures.

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  • The limits of current micro-scale technology is approaching rapidly. As the technology is going toward nano-scale devices, physical phenomena involved are fundamentally different from micro-scale ones. Principles in classical physics are no longer powerful enough to explicate the phenomena involved in nano-scale devices. At this stage, quantum mechanic sheds some light on those topics which cannot be described by classical physics. The primary focus of this research work is the development of an analysis technique for understanding the behavior of strongly perturbed harmonic oscillators.

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  • In the course of current research the procedure of obtaining of the piecewise linear vibration systems time and frequency responses have been developed. The method is partly analytical and partly numerical and is based on combining of linear solutions of different sections in a cycle of motion. In a row with the method of obtaining of the exact steady state time and frequency response, also it is provided sensitivity analysis of the vibration isolator.

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  • This research focuses on Fibre Cement Felts (FCF), which is a non-woven textile substrate acting as a conveyor belt for the manufacturing of Fibre Cement Sheets (FCS). Fibre Cement Felts are a valued component required in the manufacturing process of Fibre Cement Sheets, used in construction for today’s building industry. Identifying the key factors that most influence FCF will assist in understanding of the relationship between fibre diameters, carded web, and mechanical bonding.

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  • One of the limitations of the BDI (Belief-Desire-Intention) model is the lack of any explicit mechanisms within the architecture to be able to learn. In particular, BDI agents do not possess the ability to adapt based on past experience. This is important in dynamic environments as they can change, causing previously successful methods for achieving goals to become inefficient or ineffective.

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  • This study aims to use CFD analysis of CT scan data from the nasal cavities of a range of older Asian males to investigate the impact of geometric variations between older nasal cavities on the airflow structures and airconditioning capacity of the nasal cavity. Air flow mechanisms, heat transfer rates and humidification efficacy are analysed in order to arrive at a more precise understanding of the role of nasal geometry in the presentation of respiratory ailments.

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  • This research is built upon the determination of the Eigenpairs of one and two dimensional positive differential operators with periodic boundary conditions. The Schrödinger equation was solved for positive operators in both one and two dimensions. Fourier series were used to express the derivatives as the summation of Fourier terms. This led to a novel approach for the calculation of the eigenmodels of a perturbed potential well. The perturbation can be done via an electric field applied to the potential well.

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  • The thesis is a hermeneutic study: it wants to interpret ugliness in fashion. In exposing the mechanics of fashion, in revealing the seams as it were of those traditional drivers of fashion – beauty and glamour – we see the destruction of the illusion of fashion and an unknotting of many of the certainties around how and why we dress the way we do. Thus dressing poor represents a willful instability in its relationship to beauty and offers an alternative way to think through the history of fashion.

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  • Epigenetic defects (gain or loss of DNA methylation) of the human ICR1 11p15 domain result in two opposite foetal growth disorders (BWS and SRS) depending on which parental allele is affected. A few deletions within ICR1 have been reported in familial BWS cases with ICR1 gain of methylation, however the mechanism(s) of the DNA methylation defects at ICR1 remains largely unknown in most BWS and SRS patients.

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  • The objective of this research was to determine the role of neural feedback and muscle mechanics in the generation of physiological tremor oscillation. This research developed a neuromuscular model to simulate the individual and resulting oscillatory mechanisms of tremor. The oscillations found in EMG signal were also analysed empirically from EMG data from 54 subjects using Hilbert Transform and rectification to obtain the envelope of the signal. The time between rhythmical waveform patterns in the EMG signal, TC was found to be 78ms.

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  • The main aims of this study are to: understand the phenomena of isolated mixing regions (IMRs) in Newtonian fluids agitated in mechanically stirred vessels, in particular, the formation of core torus, using experimental studies; investigate the behavior of IMRs structures by manipulating the operating variables such as impeller rotational speed and direction, as well as geometrical variables such as impeller types and baffle location; investigate the temporal chaotic mixing using different speed modulation protocols.

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  • Detailed objectives of this study are: to analyze the risk of failure and probability of failure of existing reinforced concrete bridges qualitatively and quantitatively; to consider the effects of interactions among various deterioration parameters and among bridge components on system failure; to identify major durability related distress mechanisms of deterioration of reinforced concrete bridges and model the subsequent risk of failure of bridge system;…

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  • The main aim of this study is to investigate utilising root-like architectures to improve the interfacial strength of pin-integrated hybrid composite-metal structures. Joints are critical elements in aircraft structures and require special consideration due to their vital role in the structural integrity of airframes. Although bonded and bolted systems are used commonly in engineering applications, pinning technologies have shown tremendous potential for hybrid joints.

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  • The specific research objectives of this study are: 1. The development of a high throughput method for evaluation of alloys (5xxx Al as model materials in this work) subject to pitting; 2. Understanding the roles of variation in functional groups' in determining the inhibition efficiency; 3. Elucidating the inhibition mechanisms; and 4. Unveiling the role of intermetallic present in Al matrix and their contribution to the inhibition mechanism, particularly the long-term durability of the inhibitor systems.

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  • In this thesis, the limitations of using existing LTE congestion mitigation mechanisms such as Discard Timer and RED have been explored. A different mechanism to analyse the effects of using control theory for congestion mitigation has been developed. Finally, congestion mitigation in LTE networks has been addresses using radio resource allocation techniques with non-cooperative game theory being an underlying mathematical framework.

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