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10 đề ôn thi đại học - cao đẳng môn Tiếng Anh hay cho các bạn học sinh khối D tham khảo. Hy vọng các đề thi giúp các bạn học sinh thao tác nhanh và nâng cao kỹ năng làm bài thi.

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  1. ð ÔN T P THI ð I H C ,CAO ð NG NĂM H C 2010-2011 MÔN THI: TI NG ANH ðs1 (Th i gian làm bài: 90 phút) Question 1:Fill only one word in each of the numbered blanks in the reading passage. It had been a tiring day and I was a quiet evening .My husband would not be back..2..late and I had decided to settle down..3..a comfortable armchair in the living-room and..4..a book. I put the children to bed early and prepared a cold supper and some coffee. Soon I was sitting comfortably with a tray full of food before me and a book at my side. I was just beginning to eat..5..the telephone rang. I dropped my knife and fork and hurried to answer..6.. By the time I got back to the living room, my coffee had got cold. After I finished my supper, I began..7..with my book open at page one. Suddenly there was a the door. It gave me..9..a surprise that I spilt the coffee and made an ugly..10..on my skirt. Some stranger had lost his..11..and wanted me to direct him. It took me ages to get rid..12..him.At length I managed to sit down again and actually read a whole page without further interruption until the baby woke..13..He began..14..loudly and rushed upstairs. The baby was 11 o’clock when my husband came home. I could have screamed when he asked me if I had spent a pleasant evening. Question 2:Choose the best answer a, b, c or d to complete these sentences. 1,The Belgian football player, Van Moer, is…….the question of retirement. a-deciding b-thinking c-contributing d-considering 2,Keeping the ball out of the net is the……responsibility of the goal-keeper. a-own b-sole c-unique d-individual 3,For this recipe to be successful, you…….cook the meal for at least two hours in the moderate oven. a-need b-must c-ought d-will 4,She wondered……her father looked like now, after so many years away. a-how b-whose c-that d-what 5,…….of the committee, I’d like to thank you for your generous donation. a-According b-On behalf c-Together d-In addition 6,Several items of……were found on the river bank. a-clothes b-dress c-costume d-clothing 7,The meeting had to be put……until a late date. a-away b-on c-off d-up 8,The usual reason for exemption from tax does not……in this case. a-apply b-impose c-regard d-concern 9,The world Bank has criticised Britain for not giving enough financial……to developing countries. a-allowance b-aid c-loan d-provision 10,The government made serious attempts to raise the……of living. a-standard b-cost c-level d-mode Question3:Rewrite these sentences, beginning as shown. 1,It was two years ago at the end of this week that I started working here. / At the end………………… 2,”Try going to bed earlier”, the doctor said to Mrs White. / The doctor suggested………………………… 3,You should have an early night, so that you don’t feel tired. / So as……………………………………… 4,The weather forecast was inaccurate, so we didn’t take the right precautions. Had the weather………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 5,I went to the zoo last year and that is where I saw a real tiger for the first time. / Before I……………… 6,Fischer will require bottlers to use water that Fischer specifies. / Bottlers……………………………… 7,The dress was so tempting that I bought it. / I couldn’t resist the………………………………………… 8,The passengers don’t realize how lucky they have been. / Little………………………………………… 9,Most people can understand him when he speaks English. / He can make……………………………… 10,We arrived too late to see the first film. / We didn’t………………………………………………………… Question 4:Supply the correct form of the verbs, using one of the verbs below to fill in each gap. fall, hurt , celebrate , find , laugh , cannot , spend , take , lose , leave , need , save Gary Smith yesterday..1..his 18th birthday, but he’s lucky to be alive. In March this year, he was climbing Ben Nevis, Britain’s highest mountain, when he..2..his way and..3..three days in sub-zero temperatures. “My me for having so much survival equipments, but life.”. On the first night, the weather was so bad that it store his new mountain tent to pieces, so he moved into a Youth Hostel for the
  2. night.He..6..the hostel at 10.00 the next morning, but he was soon in trouble. “ a rock and..8.. my knees. I..9..move.” Mountain rescue teams went out to look for Gary,and..10..him at 1.00 in the morning. A helicopter hospital, where he..12..several operations. “Next time I’ll go with my friends,not on my own !” he joked. Question 5:Fill one preposition in each numbered blank to finish the reading passage below. Some hundred years ago there was not and women because people then considered women to be the weaker sex. This prejudice..2..women had its origin..3..the dawn of mankind's history when men lived in caves and went task of food gathering and hunting needed great strength of body. Therefore, the best place for women was not..5..the forest, but at home where they could satisfactorily do their job, namely feeding their children and looking..6..them. Things have changed much..7..those early days. In the modern life of the twentieth century, more brains are needed, not more strength of the muscle. ..8..a consequence, women play an important role ..9..the modern society. They have proved repeatedly that they are equal and often in almost every field. Question 6:Supply the correct form of the word in brackets. 1,I enjoy taking…….bicycle trips to the countryside when I have a day off. (leisure) 2,Many foreigners love the peaceful…….of Vietnamese countryside. (beautiful) 3,The new year…….has been considered a great holiday in our country.(celebrate) 4,May Day……the spirit of the working class all over the world. (symbol ) 5,The children laughed…….at the funny clowns in……trousers. (heart / bag) 6,We had a marvellous holiday and our trip to the mountains was…….( forget) 7,She was very angry but later she apologized for her……..(patient) 8,To win the gold medal you have to beat all the other……..( compete ) 9,The main weakness of the book was the……..ending.(predict ) 10,Some parents worry about their children’s…….to computer games.(addict ) Question 7:Turn these sentences into passive. 1,Tom was writing two poems. 2,The car knocked a woman down in the street. 3,He isn’t going to buy that house. 4,They will have to pull down that building. 5,He has caught a lion and shot two others. 6,How many books do you give me ? 7,The police haven’t found the murderer yet. 8,Why did people think Halloween was important ? 9,We made her head of the class. 10,I advise my sister to put her money box under the carpet. Question 8:Change this sentences into indirect speech. 1,Father said: ”The taxi is coming now. Is everyone ready ?” 2,The passenger said to the taxi-driver : “Hurry up. I must be at the station on time. “ 3,She asked her boyfriend, “Is it true that your father fought in the last war.” 4,I asked the children: “Who took away the magazines from my desk ? “ 5,Henry said to the librarian, “How many books can I borrow at a time ? “ Question 9:Choose the best answer a, b, c or d to complete the reading passage below. In the..1..days of the cinema, before sound was introduced, silent films a pianist, or even a small orchestra playing in the cinema itself. One reason..3..this was to cover up the noise of the projector. However, a more important role was to provide..4..for what was going on in the film,and..5..the audience through the story. Different kinds of music were..6..with different situations, fights, chases, romantic scenes and so on. Music was..8..used to identify the geographical location or historical setting of the story.In..9..,individual characters often had their own tune, which could also..10..what sort of person they were. 1,a-early b-starting c-beginning d-original 2,a-chased b-pursued c-taken d-accompanied 3,a-on b-about c-for d-of 4,a-support b-description c-suggestion d-comment 5,a-allow b-guide c-follow d-send 6,a-grouped b-joined c-associated d-collected 7,a-if b-for c-such d-so 8,a-too b-also c-additional d-more 9,a-plus b-addition c-all d-total 10,a-see b-point c-put d-indicate Question10: Find the word which has the main stress syllable different from the others in each group. 1,a- computer b-memory c-serious d-special 2,a- writer b-carefully c-origin d-compete 3,a- lesson b-delay c-wonder d-pencil
  3. 4,a- childhood b-experience c-succeed d-unable 5,a- weather b-important c-informal d-ability Key 1 Question 1: 1-forward 2-until 3-in 4-read 5-when 6-it 7-reading 8-knock 9-sush 10- stain (stain: vÕt bÈn ) 11-way 12-of 13- up 14-crying 15-awake Question 2: (VB T 21 ) 1-d 2-b 3-b 4-d 5-b 6-d 7-c 8-a 9-b 10-a recipe [‘resəpi] c«ng thøc l m mãn ¨n, c¸ch l m sole: duy nhÊt, mét v chØ mét moderate: [‘mǤdərit] võa ph¶I,cã møc ®é donation: vËt tÆng generous: thÞnh so¹n,h o phãng costume : [‘kǤstju:m] quÇn ¸o ,trang phôc exemption [ig’zemp∫n] sù gi¶m (thuÕ) impose ®¸nh (thuÕ) ai / c¸i g× mode: c¸ch thøc, ph−¬ng thøc Question 3: 1,At the end of this week, I shall have been working here for two years. 2,The doctor suggested that Mrs White should try going to bed early. 3,So as not to feel tired, you should have an early night. 4,Had the weather forecast been accurate, we might have taken the right precautions. [pri'kǤ:∫n] phong ng a; s ñê phong; s lo trư c 5,Before I went to the zoo last year, I had never seen a real tiger. 6,Bottlers will be required to use water specified by Fischer 7,I couldn’t resist the temptation to buy the dress. Resist the temptation: Chèng l¹i sù c¸m dç 8,Little do the passengers realize how lucky they have been. 9,He can make most people understand him when he speaks English. 10,We didn’t arrive in time / early enough to see the first film. Question 4 (headway preinter) 1-celebrated 2-lost 3-spent 4-laughed 5-saved 6-left 7-fell 8-hurt 9-couldn’t 10-found 11-took 12-needed Question 5: 1-between 2-against 3-from 4-for 5-in 6-after 7-since 8-As 9-in 10-to Prejudice [‘predʒudis] th nh kiÕn Question 6: 1-leisurely 2-beauty 3-celebration 4-symbolises 5-heartily / baggy 6-unforgettable 7-impatience 8-competitors 9-predictable 10-addiction addict : ng−êi nghiÖn,ng−êi say mª c¸i g× Question 7: 1,Two poems were being written by Tom. 2-A woman was knocked down in the street. 3,That house isn’t going to be bought. 4-That building will have to be pulled down. 5,A lion has been caught and two others have been shot. 6,How many books are given to me ? 7,The murderer hasn’t been found yet. 8-Why was Halloween thought to be important ? 9,She was made head of the class. 10 advise my sister that her box money should be put under the carpet. Halloween: [hælou'i:n] ®ªm tr−íc ng y lÔ c¸c th¸nh, ng y 31-10. Question 8: 1,Father said that taxi was coming and asked if everyone was ready. 2,The passenger told the taxi-driver to hurry up and added that he had to be at the station on time. 3,She asked her boyfriend if it was true that his father had fought in the last war. 4,I asked the children who had taken away the magazines from my desk. 5,Henry asked the librarian how many books he could borrow at the time. Question 9: (Nguyen Bao Trang TII ) Tune: [ tju:n] sù ho ©m,®óng ®iÖu,giai ®iÖu a’ccompany ®i cïng víi ai, ®Öm nh¹c cho ai / c¸i g× Associate kÕt hîp víi, liªn t−ëng (ý nghÜ ) 1-a 2-d 3-c 4-a 5-b 6-c 7-c 8-b 9-b 10-d Question 10 : (Nguyen Bao Trang TII ) 1-a 2-d 3-b 4-a 5-a 1,a- com’puter b-‘memory c-‘serious d-‘special 2,a- ‘writer b-‘carefully c-‘origin d-com’pete 3,a- ‘lesson b-de’lay c-‘wonder d-‘pencil 4,a- ‘childhood b-ex’perience c-suc’ceed d-un’able 5,a- ‘weather b-im’portant c-in’formal d-a’bility
  4. ð ÔN T P THI ð I H C ,CAO ð NG NĂM H C 2010-2011 MÔN THI: TI NG ANH ðs2 (Th i gian làm bài: 90 phút) Question 1: Choose the best answer a ,b, c or d to complete the following sentences. 1,I like him very much, he is…… a-quite and intelligent boy. b-quite an intelligent boy. c-a quite intelligent boy. d-a boy quite intelligent. 2,What did you do this morning ? +We……the room white-washed. a-had b-have c-got to d-order 3,What do you suppose………..? a-to happen b-happened c-happening d-it happen 4,Will you……me a favor ? a-make b-do c-give d-call 5,Who will go with us ? + The man………to Mary. a-talking b-to talk c-talks d-is talking 6,The price runs………sixty dollars. a-high not than b-so high as c-as high as d-as high like 7,Neither heat nor cold…….the postman. a-daunts b-daunt c-daunting d-to daunt 8,Do you think the book is expensive ? + Yes, it’s not…….what we paid for it. a-worthy b-worth of c-worth d-valuable 9,He works……..the government. a-to b-for c-in d-with 10,Do you object to…….the door ? a-my opening b-open c-that I open d-to have opened Question 2:Choose the underlined word or phrase ( a, b, c or d ) that would not be appropriate. 1,The delicious of chocolate depends not only on the quality of the cacao but also on a complex a b c process of grinding, heating, and blending. d 2,Cotton is one of the most popular fiber used to make clothes. a b c d 3,Women are said to reliable too much on intuition and instinct. a b c d 4,George is not enough intelligent to pass this economics class without help. a b c d 5,Around 75 percent of earth’s surface is covered by water. a b c d 6,Thousand of antibiotics have been developed, but only about 30 are in common use today. a b c d 7,The major source of air pollution vary from city to city. a b c d 8,Although the Indians lacking animals, they had the ability to cultivate plants suitable for daily use. a b c d 9,Since the world began, nations have difficulty in keeping peace with their neighbours. a b c d 10,Bricks can be made from many difference types of clay. a b c d Question 3:Choose the best answer a, b, c or d to fill each blank with the correct form of the word given in brackets 1,There is no…….to the problem of the beginning of the universe. (solve ) a- solution b- solusion c- soluvation d- solutionist 2,The chairman expressed doubts about…….of showing the film on children’s television. ( suit ) a-unsuitable b- suitableness c-suitable d- suitably 3,He wanted a divorce because his wife had been…….. (faith ) a- faithful b-faithfulness c- unfaithful d- unfaithfully 4,To be successful, an artist must show great………( origin )
  5. a-origination b-originally c-originality d- original 5,Telling lies is……… (moral) a-morality b-morals c-moral d- immoral 6,Have no excuses. My actions were………( explain ) a- explanation b-explainable c-unexplained d-unexplainable 7,He’s behaving in a very…………way. (mystery ) a- mysterious b- mystery c-mysteriousness d-mystical 8,There seems to be some……..about what she actually said. ( confuse ) a-confuse b-confusion c-confutation d-confusing 9,It’s…….of him to lose his temper like that. He’s usually very calm. (character ) a-characterise b-character c-characterization d-uncharacteristic 10,Sales forecasts indicate a poor……..for the clothing industry. ( look ) a-lookup b-outlook c-look d-overlook Question 4:Read the passage below and then choose the best answer a,b, or c . While fats have lately acquired a bad image, one should not forget how essential they are. Fats provide the body’s best means of storing energy sources than either carbohydrates or proteins. They act as insulation against cold, as cushioning for the internal organs, and as lubricants. Without fats, energy would be no way to utilize fat soluble vitamins. Furthermore, some fats contain fatty acids that contain necessary growth factors and help with the digestion of other foods. An important consideration of fat intake is the ratio of saturated fats to unsaturated fats. Saturated fats, which are derived from daily products, animal fats, and tropical oils, increase the amount of cholesterol in the blood. Cholesterol may lead to coronary heart disease by building up in the arteries of the heart. However, unsaturated fats, derived from vegetable oils, tend to lower serum cholesterol if taken in a proportion twice that of saturated fats. The consumption of a variety of fats is necessary, but the intake of too much fat may lead to a variety of health problems. Excessive intake of fats, like all nutritional excesses, is to be avoided. 1,The main idea of the first paragraph is that a-fats have a bad image. b-fats serve important functions in the body. c-fats store food more efficiently than proteins or carbohydrates. 2,What is the main idea of the second paragraph ? a-Unsaturated fats may reduce cholesterol levels. b-The consumption of any type of fat leads to heart disease. c-Fats taken in the proper proportion may reduce serum cholesterol. 3,The main idea of the third paragraph is that a-people are eating less and less fat today. b-fats should be gradually eliminated from the diet. c-excessive consumption of fats may be dangerous to one’s health. 4,With which of the following is the whole passage primarily concerned ? a-The role of fats in human health. b-The dangers of cholesterol. c-The benefits of fats in the diet. Question 5:Read the reading passage then choose the best answer a, b, c or d. The London Underground map is extremely well designed. Simple, understand and attractive, it performs its primary tasks of guiding both..2..and tourists round the London very well. The man behind this great..4..was called Henry Beck, an employee of the London Underground Drawing office,..5..designed the map in 1931.The design of the map showed great..6..because it represented a complex network of communication clearly. This design was ..7..used by most of the world’s underground systems. The map used before 1931 was messy and..8..So Beck decided to sketch out a better..9..using a diagram rather than a traditional map. This new map was an enormous success with the public, when, In 1931,it made its first..10..on underground platforms and at station entrances. 1, a-easy b-good c-complete d-clear 2, a-people b-man c-inhabitants d-children 3, a-group b-system c-company d-entrance 4, a-finding b-result c-gain d-achievement 5, a-that b-who c-whose d-whom 6, a-specialty b-interest c-originality d-oddness 7, a-later b-after that c-late d-recent 8, a-busy b-jammed c-unclear d-crowded 9, a-map b-one c-ones d-line 10,a-look b-turn c-show d-appearance Question 6:Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others in each group .
  6. 1,a-chorus b-Christian c-cholesterol d-check 2,a-cost b-most c-post d-cold 3,a-clear b-ear c-heard d-near 4,a-using b-university c-union d-umbrella 5,a-here b-atmosphere c-there d-mere 6,a-enough b-rough c-tough d-though 7,a-kept b-progress c-pneumonia d-program 8,a-hour b-hear c-hit d-hat 9,a-ache b-chemist c-cheerful d-scholarship 10,a-suitable b-biscuit c-building d-guilty Key 2 Question1 : (OLYMPIC tr.328) 1-b 2-a 3-b 4-b 5-a 6-c 7-a 8-c 9-b 10-a quite a: th«ng minh ra trß daunt [dǤ:nt] khuÊt phôc, l m n¶n lßng, do¹ n¹t Question 2: (Nguyen Bao Trang TII -T3) 1-a (~ness) 2-c (fiberation ? ) 3-b ( rely ) 4-a (intelligent enough ) 5-c (c¸ch së h÷u o dïng cho ®å vËt) 6-a ( thousands) 7-b (sources) 8-a (lacked) 9-c (had difficulty ) 10-c (different ) grind [graind] xay blend pha, trén intuition [,intju:'i∫n] trùc gi¸c fiber: cÊu tróc sîi instinct ['instiηkt] b¶n n¨ng antibiotics (adj / n ) thuèc kh¸ng sinh clay: ®Êt sÐt Question 3: ( voca tr.23 T.13 ) 1-solution (a) 2-suitability / suitableness (b) 3-unfaithful (c) 4-originality (c) 5- immoral (d) 6-explainable (b) 7-mysterious ( a ) 8-confusion (b) 9- uncharacteristic (d) 10-outlook (b) Question 4: (TOEFL 289 ) 1-b 2-a 3-c 4-a insulation [,insju'lei∫n] cushion ['ku∫n] l m yÕu ®i, image ['imidʒ] Ên t−îng sù c« lËp, sù c¸ch ly lubricant ['lu:brikənt] chÊt b«i tr¬n utilize ['ju:təlaiz] tËn dông soluble ['sǤljubl] cã thÓ ho tan intake l−îng lÊy v o ratio ['rei∫iou] tû lÖ saturate ['sæt∫əreit] no,b o ho > < un~ ch−a,kh«ng b o ho derive [di'raiv] chuyÓn ho¸ tõ coronary ['kǤrənəri] ®éng m¹ch v nh serum ['siərəm] huyÕt thanh consumption [kən'sȜmp∫n] sù tiªu thô excess [ik'ses] sù d− thõa excessive qu¸ ®¸ng nutrition dinh d−ìng take in ®−a v o Question 5:( Nguyen Bao Trang II ) 1-a 2-c 3-b 4-d 5-b 6-c 7-a 8-c 9-a 10-d sketch ph¸c th¶o, ph¸c ho¹ oddness kú côc, l¹c lâng Question 6:( Nguyen Bao Trang II ) 1-d 2-a 3-c 4-d 5-c 6-d 7-c 8-a 9-c 10-a 5,a-here i3 b-atmosphere c-there e3 d-mere i3 i3 10,a-suitable su: b-biscuit i c-building i d-guilty gilti
  7. ð ÔN T P THI ð I H C ,CAO ð NG NĂM H C 2010-2011 MÔN THI: TI NG ANH ðs3 (Th i gian làm bài: 90 phút) Question 1:Read the reading passage and then choose the best answer a, b, c or d . One step beyond automated machines is the industrial robot,the heart and brain of which is the microcomputer. Unlike most automated machines, industrial robots can be programmed to do a variety of tasks that are usually accomplished by human factory workers.Like their human counterparts, industrial robots can be switched from one job to another and can programmed to handle new tasks. Thus far,robots have found their greatest use in assembling mechanical components. However,they are swiftly branching from basic assembly operations to construction and mining,and their most glamorous use of all,the exploration of oceans and outer space. 1,The author’s main purpose in writing this passage is to a-describe the industrial robot and its uses. b-argue the advantages of the industrial robot c-compare the industrial robot to human factory workers. d-narrate a story about the industrial robot. 2,The author’s reaction to an innovative form of transportation,such as the electric car, would most likely be a-positive b-negative c-confusion d-surprise 3,The paragraph following this passage would most be likely about a-types and uses of automated machines. b-how industrial robots are used in exploration. c-the uses of the microcomputer. d-how robots assemble mechanical components. 4,This passage would most likely be found in a-an entertainment magazine. b-a medical journal. c-a book of short stories. d-a popular science journal. 5,It can be concluded from this passage that a-robots will never replace human factory workers. b-industrial robots are not as versatile as automated machines. c-the microcomputer will soon be used in automated machines. d-additional uses will be found for the industrial robot. Question 2:Choose the best answer a,b,c or d to complete the following sentences. 1,”You can….me the details: I don’t want to know all about your arguments with your boss.” a-spare b-save c-deprive d-avoid 2,The student worked….a barman during his holidays. a-at b-as c-like d-as if 3,I just can’t……the winter so I can go skiing again. a-wait for b-look forward to c-expect d-await 4,Lawrence Oliver gave an excellent….in the film. a-performance b-play c-act d-character 5,He has been out of work……a long time. a-during b-since c-for d-through 6,If we want to buy a house,we’ll have to……our spending. a-care for b-cut back c-let down d-miss out 7,We are constantly being…..of the problems of overpopulation. a-reflected b-reminded c-remembered d-reviewed 8,You… you were coming ! a-said b-explained c-told d-announced 9,He fell……his best friend over a girl they both like. a-over b-down c-out with d-off 10,Look,Officer. I’m not drunk.I’m as… a judge. a-calm b-steady c-clear d-sober Question 3:Choose the best answer from the four choices(a,b,c or d)given to complete each sentence 1,There’s………use in complaining.They probably won’t do anything about it. a-a few b-a little c-few d-little 2,Anna put the electric fire on……warm. a-for getting b-in order get c-so she gets d-to get 3,The accident was seen by some people……at the bus stop. a-waited b-waiting c-are waiting d-who waiting 4,Don’t go too fast.I can’t keep……you. a-on to b-on with c-up to d-up with 5,Mary isn’t……...she looks.
  8. a-as old than b-oldest than c-so older as d-so old as 6,The village is…….Sheffield.It’s only six miles away. a-nearly b-close c-near d-next 7,Our friends have a house in………….. a-a West London b-the West London c- West London d- West of London 8,The washing machine has broken down again.I think we should get……….. a-a new b-a new one c-new d-new one 9,In England most children go…….at the age of five. a-school b-to school c-to some schools d-to the school 10,I……..missed the bus.I was only just in time to catch it a-mostly b-near c-nearest d-nearly Question 4:Choose the underlined word or phrase that would not be appropriate. 1,The vibrations that make musical sounds are more pleasanter than those causing noise. a b c d 2,Neither you nor he have to leave for New York immediately. a b c d 3,Many folk songs have been writen about farmers and country life. a b c d 4,Political science,alike other social sciences,is not an exact science. a b c d 5,Lasers cut steel by focus an intense beam on the metal. a b c d 6,The molecules of a liquid are held together tighter than that of a gas. a b c d 7,Because of their hardness,industrial diamonds can be used for cutting,to grind and drilling. a b c d 8,In music,a chord is the sound of two or more notes that are playing together. ab c d 9,A little simple precautions can prevent accidents at home and on the job. a b c d 10,Pat is so short to take part in this game. ab c d Question 5 :Choose the best answer of the word form a,b,c or d to complete the reading passage. Wildlife..1..had always been a hobby for Mark Chester,but when he lost his job,he took turn it into a full-time career.Mark had obtained his..3..qualifications in the fields of..4..and advertising and felt that these skills would be useful in his new life.He had sold his work before,and was..5..confident that he could earn enough to live on. Mark discovered that he would be able to receive an..6..from a help him set up his business.They also provided him with..8..information on how to run his affairs.As ..9..of his work increased,Mark realised that he could not paint to keep up with demand,so he is now trying to interest producing prints of his work.Meanwhile,Mark has started making prints of his own. 1, a-paint b-painting c-painted d-painty 2, a-decision b-decided c-deciding d-decide 3, a-profession b-professionally c-professionalise d-professional 4, a-photograph b-photographic c-photography d-photographically 5, a-unreasonable b-reason c-reasonably d-reasonable 6, a-allowance b-allow c-allowed d-allowable 7, a-agency b-agent c-agence d-agenty 8, a-use b-usage c-useful d-useless 9, a-sell b-selling c-sold d-sales 10,a-origin b-original c-originate d-originally 11,a-publisher b-publish c-publishable d-publishing Question 6 Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others in each group . 1,a-purity b-burning c-cure d-durable 2,a-see b-seen c-sportsman d-sure 3,a-pull b-sugar c-plural d-study 4,a-course b-court c-courage d-cough
  9. 5,a-bark b-share c-dare d-bare Question 7:Choose the word which has stressed syllable different with other words. 1,a-politics b-imaginary c-result d-annoyed 2,a-Japan b-astronaut c-unfortunate d-approximate 3,a-consequently b-profile c-initiate d-project 4,a-conference b-announcement c-arrival d-reception 5’a-argument b-definite c-museum d-permanent Key 3 Question 1: (TOEFL readind tr.80) 1-a 2-a 3-b 4-d 5-d assemble thu thËp, tËp hîp l¹i component th nh phÇn, cÊu th nh counterpart b¶n sao glamorous ['glæmərəs] sù say ®¾m, ®Ñp quyÕn rò narrate [nə'reit] kÓ l¹i Question 2: (V.B tr.88 T 22) 1-a 2-b 3-a 4-a 5-c 6-b 7-b 8-c 9-c 10-d Question 3: 1-d 2-d 3-b 4-d 5-d 6-c 7-c 8-b 9-b 10-d Question 4: 1-b 2-b 3-c 4-a 5-b 6-d 7-d ? --> ( c ) 8-d 9-a 10-b Vibration sù rung c¶m intense (c¶m gi¸c) m¹nh, intensive tËp trung molecule ['mǤlikju:l] (hoa hoc) phân t grind ( ai ) xay, m i drill khoan Question 5 : (Voca ABC tr.73 T-43) 1-painting 2-decision 3-professional 4-photography 5-reasonably 6-allowance 7-agency (c/d –no meaning) 8-useful 9-sales 10-original 11-publisher(‘s) Question 6: 1-b 2-d 3-d 4-c 5-a Question 7: 1-a 2-b 3-c 4-a 5-c 1,a-‘politics b-i’maginary c-re’sult d-a’nnoyed 2 ,a-Ja’pan b-‘astronaut c-un’fortunate d-a’pproximate 3, a-‘consequently b-‘profile c-i’nitiate d-‘project 4, a-‘conference b-an’nouncement c-a’rrival d-re’ception 5,a-‘argument b-‘definite c-mu’seum d-‘permanent Astronaut ['æstrənǤ:t] initiate [i'ni∫iit] ng−êi b¾t ®Çu
  10. ð ÔN T P THI ð I H C ,CAO ð NG NĂM H C 2010-2011 MÔN THI: TI NG ANH ðs4 (Th i gian làm bài: 90 phút) Question 1:Read the reading passage then choose the best answer a,b,c or d. When you put a letter into a post-box,do you know what will happen to it? First of all, a postman will come in a van to collect all the mail from it.The mail is collected at fixed times, usually once in the afternoon. These collection times are shown on each post-box. The van will then take the mail to the nearest post office. The mail to places in the same district will be put together. A machine will chop the stamps so that they cannot be used again.Then postman will arrange the letters into bundles and pack them into their postbags. The work of a postman is not easy. He often has to get up very early. He has to work outdoors in all weathers. He must be strong in order to carry his heavy postbag. He sometimes has to read bad writing. Can you read the address on this envelope? It is very difficult for postmen to deliver mail quickly and correctly when addresses are not written clearly. Do you know the proper way to send a letter? If you are writing to someone in Hong Kong, you should use a white envelope. If you want to send a letter to a country outside Hong Kong, you should use an envelope bordered by red and blue stripes. Also you should write the name and address clearly and correctly on the envelope. Letters and small parcels can be posted in post-boxes or at a post office. However, you must take large parcels to a post office. It costs more to send a heavy parcel than a light one. It is also more expensive to send overseas. 1, In line 1, what does “it” refer to? a-a postman b-the van c-the post-box d-the mail 2, when is the mail collected from a post-box? a-Usually twice a day b-At any time in a day. c-Only once in the afternon. d-twice in the morning 3,How do we know the collection times? a-A policeman will tell us. b-They are shown outside the mail vans. c-They are written on the postbags d-They are shown on the post-boxes 4, What does a machine do to the mail collected in a post office? a-It takes the stamps off for use again. b-It put a chop on the stamps. c-It sticks more stamps onto them. d-It arranges the letters into bundles 5, What does the writer think about a postman’s work? a-It is really very easy. b-He has to work in good and bad weather. c-He has to walk all the time. d-He often works inside a post office. 6,What kind of envelope should you use when you send a letter to a local address? a-A white envelope b-A red envelope with blue stripes c-A white envelope with red and blue stripes d-A blue envelope with red stripes Question 2: Choose the best answer a, b, c or d to complete the following sentences. 1, The people are…… outsiders. a-unfriendly b-bored c-tired d-sad 2, Smoking is………in these buildings. a-limited b-postponed c-forbidden d-given 3, A few of the students were…………by the lion’s roar. a-destroyed b-bitten c-frightened d-collapsed 4, Stephen is the tallest…………. a-among three boys b-in three boys c-for the three boys d-of the three boys 5, If you put them……….the sun they will soon dry out. a-in b-under c-at d-below 6, Near the White House is another land mark………the Washington Monument. a-is which b-which called c-called d-it is called 7, Because the first pair of pants did not fit properly he asked for…….. a-another pants b-others pants c-the others one d-another pair 8, He reminds me……….my mother. a-of b-to c-at d-no preposition 9, John lied……….his mother about losing his watch. a-of b-to c-with d-for 10, I congratulate him………..his success.
  11. a-in b-at c-to d-on Question 3:Choose the best answer a, b, c or d to complete the reading passage. You have probably never heard of Charles Burgess Fry but in the early years of this century, he was the most famous university, mainly on..2..of his achievements in sport. He was, at the same time, captain of the university football, cricket and athletics teams and..3..the world record for the long run jump. He was also a..4..sports journalist. He was so famous that letters addressed to Mr Fry, Oxford were..5.. to him without any difficulty. His college, had quite a different name, “Fry “ College. Some people have..8..Fry’s sporting achievements. They..9..out that he lived at a time when standards were quite..10..and it was much easier to..11..well in several sports. It is certainly true that athletes of that time did not have the totally dedicated..12..of modern athletes. However, it is judge him..14..the standards of his own time. There is no doubt that he had extraordinary skill..15..skill with an ability to write about sport with style and intelligence. 1, a-still b-yet c-then d-already 2, a-case b-account c-view d-regard 3, a-held b-did c-made d-reached 4, a-common b-usual c-normal d-popular 5, a-posted b-diverted c-delivered d-carried 6, a-despite b-although c-however d-otherwise 7, a-referred b-named c-called d-known 8, a-complained b-contradicted c-criticised d-contrasted 9, a-point b-give c-put d-speak 10, a-bad b-small c-low d-weak 11, a-make b-be c-go d-do 12, a-approach b-style c-method d-skill 13, a-balanced b-rational c-fair d-precise 14, a-for b-by c-as d-with 15, a-attached b-combined c-connected d-related Question 4:Choose the underlined word or phrase (a, b, c or d ) that must be changed for the sentence to be correct. 1, All root vegetables grow underground, and not all vegetables that grow underground are roots. a b c d 2, The process of fermentation takes place only in the absent of oxygen. a b c d 3, In about 1920, experimental psychologists have devoted more research to learning than to any other topic. a b c d 4, Transfer taxes are imposed on the sell or exchange of stocks and bonds. a b c d 5, One of the greatest of mountains climbers, Carl Blaurock was the first to climb all of the mountains a b c higher than 14,000 feet in the United States. d 6, Biochemists have solved many of the mysteries about photosynthesics, the process which plants a b c make food. d 7, Oceanic islands have been separated from the mainland for too long that they have evolved a b c distinctive animal populations. d 8, Certain species of penicilin mold are used to ripe cheese. a b c d 9, Many of the important products obtained from trees, one of the most important is wood pulp, which a b c is used in paper-making. d
  12. 10, Not longer are contributions to the advancement of industry made primarily by individuals. a b c d Question 5:Choose the best preposition to complete the following sentences. 1, He invested all his money…stocks and shares. a-in b-on c-of d-for 2, I accused him….cheating at cards,but he denied it. a-on b-into c-for d-of 3, He congratulated her….passing her driving test. a-for b-with c-on d-im 4, I prefer living in town…living in the suburbs. a-of b-to c-as d-at 5, The smell of the food reminded me…when I was a child. a-about b-of c-at d-on 6, My daughter is skillful…..painting. a-to b-about c-by d-at 7, It was contrary…..their thoughts. a-with b-to c-for d-on 8, Is she capable….using computer? a-on b-about c-with d-of Key 4 Question 1: ( Dong-Phan nghia tr.53 T.20 ) 1-d 2-c 3-d 4-b 5-b 6-c Question 2: 1-a 2-c 3-c 4-d 5-a 6-c 7-d 8-a 9-b 10-d Question 3: ( P D B new tr.140 ) 1-a 2-b 3-a 4-d 5-c 6-b 7-d 8-c 9-a 10-c 11-d 12-a 13-c 14-b 15-b divert [dai'və:t] l m trÖch h−íng, l m trÖch ®i contradict [,kǤntrə'dikt] phñ nhËn rational cã lý attach coi, cho l Question 4: ( TOEFL news tr.449 ) 1-c 2-d 3-a (since ) 4-b 5-a 6-c ( process by which ) 7-b 8-c ( to ripen ) 9-d ( making paper ) many of + ( a/the/this/ my) + (N) 10-a No longer ) fermentation [,fə:men'tei∫n] s lên men imposed on ®¸nh thuÕ ai bond hîp ®ång photosynthesics [,foutou'sinθəsis] (sinh vât hoc) s quang h p obtain thu ®−îc Question 5: 1-a ( in ) 2-d (of ) 3-c (on ) 4-b ( to ) 5-b ( of ) 6-d 7-b 8-d (of )
  13. ð ÔN T P THI ð I H C ,CAO ð NG NĂM H C 2010-2011 MÔN THI: TI NG ANH ðs5 (Th i gian làm bài: 90 phút) Question 1:Choose the best answer a, b, c, or d to complete the reading passage below. Primitive societies saw fire as a heavenly gift. They tried to preserve burning..1..or charcoal unaware that they themselves.It is suspected that the first man-made..3..were produced by chance. The..4..first fire-lightning methods involved the creation, for example, rapidly rotating a a round hole. The..7..of percussion or persistent chipping was also widespread in Europe and among other..8..such as the Chinese and Eskimos. European practice of this..9..continued until the 1850s despite the..10..of phosphorus some years earlier. 1, a-cuts b-logs c-woods d-trees 2, a-create b-build c-contain d-maintain 3, a-lamps b-lights c-flames d-fire 4, a-extremely b-early c-maiden d-very 5, a-friction b-attack c-collision d-touch 6, a-line b-stick c-tube d-span 7, a-management b-usage c-application d-use 8, a-countries b-peoples c-nationalities d-nations 9, a-method b-way c-methodology d-style 10, a-making b-creation c-discovery d-invention Question 2:Choose the best answer a, b, or c to complete the following sentences; 1, Every member of my family…… tonight. a-is b-are c-be 2, There……lots of water on the floor. a-are b-is c-be 3, Eight hours of sleep a night………enough for most people. a-are b-is c-be 4, I had to stop the car to let a flock of……cross the street. a-goose b-gooses c-geese 5, The…….washroom is at the end of the hallway. a-ladies’s b-lady’s c-ladies’ 6, The exam is from 10:00 to 12 . It’s a….test.. a-two-hour b-two hours c-two hour’s 7, Her parents are very……their daughter’s education. a-concerning of b-concerned in c-concerned about 8, This dress…..has a stain on the sleeve. a- ,which is my favourite, b- which is my c-, is my favourite favourite 9, If you take the train to Whistler, you will see…….. a-a beautiful scenery b-beautiful scenery c-some beautiful sceneries 10, During the storm last night there was lots of…….. a-thunders and lightnings b-thunder and lightnings c-thunder and lightning 11, ……is very grey today. I think it will rain soon. a-A sky b-The sky c-Sky 12, When it is ripe, …….a yellow skin. a-a banana has b-banana have c-banana has 13, I have a…….in my pocket but not enough to buy a magazine a-little change b-few change c-few changes 14, Most ….are old.I want to buy some new clothes. a-my clothes b-of clothes c-of my clothes 15, Most…….were late arriving at the ball park today. a-player b-of players c-players Question 3:Read the reading passage then choose the best answer a, b, c or d. Humanitarian Dorothea Dix was born in Hampden, Maine, in 1802. At the age of 19, she established a school for girls, the Dix Mansion School, in Boston, but had to close it in 1835 due to her poor health. She wrote and
  14. published the first of many books for children in 1824. In 1841, Dix accepted an invitation to teach classes at a prison in East Cambridge, Massachusetts. She was deeply disturbed by the sight of mentally-ill persons thrown in the jail and treated like criminals. For the next eighteen months, she toured Massachusetts institutions where other mental patients were confined and reported the shocking conditions she found to the state legislature. When improvements followed in Massachusetts, she turned her attention to the neighboring states and then to the West and South. Dix’s work was interrupted by the Civil War; she served as superintendent of women hospital nurses for the federal government. Dix saw special hospitals for the mentally-ill built in some fifteen states. Although her plan to obtain public land for her cause failed, she aroused concern for the problem of mental illness all over the United States as well as in Canada and Europe. Dix’s success was due to her independent and thorough research, her gentle but persistent maner, and her ability to secure the help of powerful and wealthy supporters. 1, In what year was the Dix Mansion School closed ? a-1821 b-1824 c-1835 d-1841 2, Why did Dorothea Dix first go to a prison? a-She taught classes there. b-She was sent there by the state legislature. c-She was convicted of a crime. d-She was doing research for a book. 3, Where was Dorothea Dix first able to bring about reforms in the treatment of the mentally ill? a-Canada b-Massachusetts c-The West and South d-Europe 4, Dorothea Dix was Not successful in her attempt to a-become superintendent of nurses. b-publish books for children. c-arouse concern for the mentally ill. d-obtain public lands. 5, At what point of the passage does the author discuss specific reasons for Dix’s success? a-line 7-8 b-line 9-10 line 11-12 line 14-15 Question 4:Choose the best form of the word ( a, b, c or d ). 1, Three firms are in……..for the same contract. a-compete b-competition c-competitor d-competing 2, He is completely……Not only is he lazy but he is also dishonest. a-unemployment b-unemployed c-employed d-employee 3,Going around the world in the hot-air balloon was a fantastic….. a-achieve b-achieving c-achievement d-achieved 4, To sail single-handed across the ocean takes both skill and….. a-determination b-determine c-determined d-determinative 5,They became…..short of water so Jane had to make her way down the step path to the river with a bucket. a-danger b-dangerous c-endanger d-dangerously 6, My friend is a keen……… a-nature b-natural c-naturalist d-naturalize 7,Some areas in Vietnam are being………quickly. a-urban b-urbanization c-urbanize d-urbanized 8,…………has caused a lot of social problems. a-urban b-urbanization c-urbanize d-urbanized 9, The pond is so shallow that we have to………it. a-deep b-deeply c-depth d-deepen 10, Vietnam’s joining ASEAN will provide new opportunities for regional……….. a-development b-developing c-develop d-developer Question 5:Choose the underlined word (a, b, c, d or e) pronounced differently from the rest. 1, a-height b-fine c-tidy d-cliff e-light 2, a-through b-themselves c-threaten d-thunder e-mathematics 3, a-shy b-physical c-fly d-sky e-cycle 4, a-cow b-how c-crowd d-know e-now 5, a-timber b-time c-mime d-climb e-timoneer Question 6:Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from the others in each group. 1, a-simultaneous b-feedback c-different d-errors 2, a-arrangement b-distinguish c-theorist d-collective 3, a-optimism b-struggle c-congratulation d-talents
  15. 4, a-appropriate b-emotional c-pronounce d-situation 5, a-incessant b-hazard c-withstand d-exploitable Question 7:Choose the best answer a, b, c, or d to complete the following sentences. 1, Mathematics……….very interesting to me. a-are b-have been c-were d-is 2, Twenty dollars………..the price. a-are b-is c-being d-were 3, A number of graduates…… from this department. a-have received b-has received c-are received d-receives 4, Most of the rooms in the hotel……..air-conditioning. a-has b-having c-have d-are 5, A few…….the test. a-have failed b-has failed c-is failing d-failing Key 5 Question 1: (Ng B Trang I tr.203 ) 1-b 2-a 3-c 4-d 5-a 6-b 7-a 8-b 9-a 10-c chip ®Ëp n¸t rotate lu©n phiªn nhau percussion ®Ëp ( vËt n y lªn vËt kh¸c ) persistent [pə'sistənt] kiên tri ; liên tuc maiden trinh n÷; ch−a cã kinh nghiÖm friction ma s¸t collision [kə'liʒn] s va cham, span gang tay Question 2: (Tuyen chon Tap 4 ) 1-a 2-b 3-b 4-c 5-c 6-a 7-c 8-a 9-b 10-c 11-b 12-a 13-a 14-c 15-c Question 3: ( TOEFL New ) 1-c 2-a 3-b 4-d 5-d legislature ['ledʒisleit∫ə] cơ quan lâp phap mental-ill: mÊt trÝ Convict ( v ) kÕt ¸n Jail / jeil / = gaol nh tï, ( v ) bá tï superintendent [,su:pərin'tendənt] ngư i trông nom , ngư i quan ly (công viêc..) gentle ‘dzentl hiÒn l nh, dÞu d ng persistent [pə'sistənt] kiên tri, liên tuc secure [si'kjuə] t×m d−îc, b¶o ®¶m Question 4: 1-b ( competition) 2-b (unemployed ) 3-c (achievement ) 4-a (determination ) 5-d (dangerously) 6-c ( naturalist ) 7-( urbanized) 8-b (urbanization ) 9-d (deepen ) 10-a ( development ) Question 5: timoneer [,taimə'niə] ngư i lai tau; ngư i câm lai 1- d 2-b 3-b 4-d 5-a Question 6: 1-a 2- c 3- c 4- d 5-b 1, a-,simul’taneous b-‘feedback c-‘different d-‘errors er3 2, a-a’rrangement b-dis’tinguish c-‘theorist d-co’llective 3, a-‘optimism b-‘struggle c-con,gratu’lation d-‘talents 4, a-a’ppropriate b-e’motional c-pro’nounce d-,situ’ation 5, a-in’cessant b-‘hazard c-with’stand d-ex’ploitable hazard ['hæzəd] môi nguy hiêm; rui ro Incessant kh«ng ngít, liªn miªn Question 7: ( Nguyen B Trang I tr.104) 1- d 2-b 3- a 4- c 5- a
  16. ð ÔN T P THI ð I H C ,CAO ð NG NĂM H C 2010-2011 MÔN THI: TI NG ANH ðs6 (Th i gian làm bài: 90 phút) Question 1:Read the text below and decide which answer a, b, c or d best fits each space. I’m driving test examiner. I ran my own driving school for twelve years before applying to become an examiner in 1996. Since then I’ examine lorry and bus drivers and instruct trainee examiners. I..2..that I’ve assessed 16,000 people and passed around half of them. The first lorry driver I passed ..3..tears. However, the most..4..reasons for failing are not being ready and being too ..5.. Inwardly I’m telling the candidates not to do something stupid like..6..out into moving traffic, but I’m tell them how to drive. When own test I was extremely nervous and had to..9..with a very strict and unfriendly examiner. We’re taught nowadays to put people at their..10.. We pass everyone who’s up to..11..but people often present themselves too soon. I’ve never offered money to pass anyone, man asked me if he could make me change my..13.. I then..14..him to the police. My ambition is to be a supervising examiner in..15..of test centers in a large area. 1, a-resulted b-succeeded c-qualified d-mastered 2, a-count b-number c-judge d-estimate 3, a-burst into b-turned back c-carried on d-set off 4, a-simple b-regular c-average d-common 5, a-tense b-tight c-stretched d-stiff 6, a-make b-pull c-pick d-stand 7, a-admitted b-let c-allowed d-enabled 8, a-took b-performed c-achieved d-effected 9, a-suffer b-meet c-experience d-deal 10, a-rest b-ease c-peace d-leisure 11, a-limit b-test c-measure d-standard 12, a-while b-even c-although d-despite 13, a-mind b-thoughts c-attitude d-view 14, a-reported b-declared c-announced d-notified 15, a-responsibility b-care c-duty d-charge Question 2:Choose the best answer a, b, c or d to complete the following sentences. 1, “Thank goodness you have come……!” she exclaimed in relief. a-finally b-at the end c-lastly d-at last 2, It was a magnificent car which must have belonged to a very…….person. a-plentiful b-wealthy c-expensive d-luxurious 3, Heavy snowfalls have………all trains. a-cancelled b-postponed c-delayed d-omitted 4, He spent ten years in the army and for most of the time he was……abroad. a-camped b-situated c-placed d-stationed 5, This is a challenging position in the car industry for a qualified……… a-engineer b-engine c-mechanical d-machinery 6, His first novel was much more exciting…….any he has written since. a-to b-as c-so d-than 7, Jane and Margaret…… live next door to each other at one time. a-had used b-used c-were used d-have used 8, There is a large car-park…….to the station. a-across b-by c-close d-right 9, Food prices have been……steadily for at least twenty years. a-rising b-raising c-lifting d-growing 10, According to the……of the contract, tenants must give six months notice if they intend to leave. a-laws b-rules c-terms d-details Question 3:Read the reading passage and then choose the best answer a, b, c or d. In an effort to produce the largest, fastest, and most luxurious ship afloat, the British built the S.S Titanic. It was so superior to anything else on the seas that it was dubbed “unsinkable”. So sure of this were the owners that they provided only twenty lifeboats and rafts, less than one half the number needed for 2.227 passengers on board.
  17. Many passengers were abroad the night it rammed an iceberg, only two days at sea and more than halfway between England and its New York destination. Because the luxury liner was travelling so fast, it was impossible to avoid the ghostly looking iceberg. Panic increased the number of casualties as people jumped into the icy water or fought to be among the few to broad the lifeboats. Four hours after the mishap, another ship, the Carpathina, rescured the 705 survivors. The infamous S.S Titanic had enjoyed only two days of sailing glory on its maiden voyage in 1912 before plunging into 12,000 feet of water near the coast of Newfoundland,where it lies today. 1, All the following are true Except a-only a third of those aboard penshed. b-the Carpathia rescued the survivors c-the S.S Titanic sank near Newfoundland. d- the S.S Titanic was the fastest ship afloat in 1912. 2, All of the following contributed to the large death toll Except a-panic b-fire c-speed d-the Carpathia 3,How many days was the S.S Titanic at sea before sinking? a-2 b-4 c-6 d-12 4, In line 10, the word “ maiden “ is closest in meaning to a-inaugural b-most elegant c-longest d-final 5, The word “dubbed “ in line 2 is closest in meaning to a-called b-initiated c-christened d-listed 6, What is the main idea of this passage? a- The S.S Titanic proved itself the most seaworthy vessel in 1912. b-Attempts to rescue the S.S Titanic‘s survivors were not successful. c-Overconfidence by builders and owners was greatly responsible for the sinking of the vessel. d-A fire and panic were the only causes for the sinking of the ship. Question 4: Choose the best form of the word a, b, c or d to complete the following sentences. 1, Politicians.........blame the media if they don’t win the election. They’re so predictable. a-variable b-variety c-various d-invariably 2, This is very......! Can’t you practise your violin somewhere else? a-convenient b-conveniently c-inconvenient d-convenience 3, I would like to show you my latest........,which I have called” Boats on a Lake “ a-creativity b-creator c-create d-creation 4, Why does everybody........him all the time? a-criticize b-critic c-criticism d-critical 5, They’re going to announce their.........tomorrow. a-decision b-indecisive c-decide d-decidedness 6, During the festival.......were hanging from every tree. a-decorator b-decorations c-decorative d-decorativeness 7, He offered to give me a........of how the machine worked. a-demonstrator b-demonstration c-demonstrate d-demonstrative 8, We are not........on other countries for most of our food. a-dependent b-independence c-dependable d-dependability 9, He acted in an extremely...........manner, which made him very unpopular. a-dictation b-dictatorial c-dictate d-dictatorship 10, I had to look up the number in the telephone........... a-direction b-directly c-directory d-directors Question 5: Choose the underlined word or phrase a,b,c or d that would not be appropriate. 1,It’s a nice day. I suggested we go out for a walk. a b c d 2, Tim was tired. He has been studying hard all day. a b c d 3, The eyes of some fish enable them to see not only what is gonig on in water around them and also a b c d in the air above the surface. 4,Hardly did somebody pass the examination. a b c d 5, The house was very quiet when I got home. Everybody went straight to bed. a b c d
  18. Question 6:Choose the underlined word (a, b, c,or d ) pronounced differently from the rest. 1, a-compliments b-volunteers c-fights d-tanks 2, a-rational b-notion c-question d-condition 3, a-hoped b-annoyed c-preferred d-played 4, a-sea b-singer c-sugar d-smoked 5, a-listen b-escape c-seeds d-toast Question 7:Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from the others in each group. 1, a-harvest b-circumstances c-produce d-ceremony 2, a-commercial b-tremendous c-textile d-validity 3, a-constructed b-availability c-expansion d-supplant 4, a-iron b-system c-economy d-engine 5, a-occasion b-voyage c-compartment d-immediate Key 6 Question 1: ( On h/s gioi THPT ) 1-c 2-d 3-a 4-d 5-a 6-b 7-c 8-a 9-d 10-b 11-d 12-c 13-a 14-a 15-d Question 2: ( P D B new Test 11 ) 1-d 2-b 3-c 4-d 5-a 6-d 7-b 8-c 9-a 10-c tenant ['tenənt] ngư i thuê, ngư i mư n (nha, ñât...) Question 3: ( P D B new tr.242- test 12 ) 1-a 2-d 3-a 4-a 5-a 6-c dub phong cho c¸i tªn ‘panic ho¶ng lo¹n, hèt ho¶ng casualty ng−êi bÞ giÕt glory vÎ léng lÉy ‘mishap tai n¹n, rñi ro maiden ®Çu tiªn inaugural [i'nǤ:gjurəl] m ñâu, khai trương vessel ['vesl] thuyên l n, tau l n Question 4: ( Nguyen B Trang I – tr 184 ) 1-d 2-c 3-d 4-a 5-a 6-b 7-b 8-a 9-b 10-c invariably [in'veəriəbli] luôn luôn vân vây, luc nao cung vây media ph−¬ng tiÖn th«ng tin ®¹i chóng demonstration sù thuyÕt minh dictatorial [,diktə'tǤ:riəl] ñôc tai dictate ®äc, mÖnh lÖnh Question 5: ( Nguyen B Trang I – tr 146 ) 1-b 2-a 3-d 4-b 5-d Question 6: ( Nguyen B Trang I – tr 17 ) 1-b 2-c 3-a 4-c 5-c 5, a-listen b-escape c-seeds d-toast s s s Question 7: 1-c 2-c 3-b 4-c 5-b 1, a-‘harvest b-‘circumstances c-pro’duce ( v ) d-‘ceremony 2, a-co’mmercial b-tre’mendous d÷ déi c-‘textile d-va’lidity gi¸ trÞ ph- lý 3, a-con’structed b-a,vaila’bility c-ex’pansion d-su’pplant chiÕm chç 4, a-‘iron b-‘system c-e’conomy d-‘engine 5, a-o’ccasion b-‘voyage c-com’partment gian d-i’mmediate
  19. ð ÔN T P THI ð I H C ,CAO ð NG NĂM H C 2010-2011 MÔN THI: TI NG ANH ðs7 (Th i gian làm bài: 90 phút) Question 1: Read the reading passage and then choose the best answer , b, c or d. The computer age is producing an army of robots-machines that are directed by electronic brains and which replace human labour in industrial operations. Many are artificial arms which reach into areas man enters only at his peril, such as the inside of a nuclear reactor. Already in 2000 there were 90,000 such robots working in industrial plants throughout the world. The big change over to robots, however, is likely to come only when their costs go down while workers’ wages continue to rise. 1, Sentence 1 indicates that robots are used mainly to a-fight war. b-operate computer. c-direct electronic brains. d-take the place of human workers. 2, An observer today is most likely to see robots in operation in a-military battles. b-modern factories. c-business offices. d-scientific laboratories. 3,The shape of many robots already in use is somewhat similar to that of a human a-brain b-hand c-arm d-foot 4, The passage makes clear that a very valuable use of many robots is to a-act as a teacher to human beings b-replace the human brain in producing computers c-aid doctors in medical operations d-do tasks extremely dangerous for human to do 5, Which of the following statements about the last sentence in the passage is certainly true? a-The cost of the average robot is higher than that of a human worker. b-The cost of a human worker is higher than that of the average robot. c-Robots are becoming more and more expensive. d-Robots are becoming cheaper and cheaper. Question 2: Choose the best answer a, b, c or d. 1, On the battlefield of Waterloo about 54,000 men were left……. a-dead and wound b-dead and wounded c-to die and wound d-death and wound 2, The bank is on…….side of the street. a-another b-other c-the other d-the rest 3,Do you believe that ghosts………? a-exist b-are existed c-are existing d-are being existed 4, The accident…….while he was driving to his office. a-occurred b-was occur c-was occurred d-was being occurred 5,Why don’t you buy bananas when they are much……..than apples? a-less expensive b-not expensive c-expensive d-expensive lesser 6, The scenery looks………in December than in April. a-far pleasant b-much more pleasantly c-very pleasant d-much more pleasant 7, Mr. Brown is the landlord…….we rent the house. a-who b-whom c-from who d-from whom 8, Today…….seems more expensive than usual. a-most of everythings b-almost everything c-most of everything d-almost everythings 9, The movie was……..I went to sleep. a-boring until b-too boring c-so boring that d-such boring that 10, He speaks……..good English that it is a pleasure to talk with him. a-so b-such c-such a d-very Question 3: Choose the best answer a, b, c or d to complete the reading passage below. Around the age of sixteen, you must make one of the biggest decisions of your life. Do I stay on at school and hopefully go to university..1..? Do I leave and start work or begin training..2..? The decision is yours, but it may be..3..remembering two things: There is more unemployment ..4.. people who haven’t been to university, and people who have the right..5..will have a big advantage in the competition for jobs. If you decide to go..6..into a job, there are many opportunities for training. Getting qualification will to get on more quickly in many careers, and evening classes allow you to earn. Starting work and taking a break to study when you are older is..9..possibility. This way, you can save up money for your student days as well as..10..practical work experience. 1, a-after b-later c-then d-past 2, a-school b-class c-course d-term 3, a-worth b-necessary c-important d-useful
  20. 4, a-between b-among c-with d-through 5, a-notes b-papers c-arts d-skills 6, a-straight b-just c-direct d-rather 7, a-make b-help c-let d-give 8, a-where b-while c-when d-what 9, a-also b-again c-another d-always 10, a-getting b-making c-taking d-doing Question 4:Choose the best form of the verb 1, “Who’s that pretty girl Tom is dancing with? “ +” I don’t know. I……..her before. a-never have seen b-had never seen c-was never seeing d-have never seen 2, What he has learned through practice before……..him a lot in his future work. a-helping b-helped c-it helps d-will help 3, _”She seldom has meals at school,……..?” + “…………………” a-does she / No, but she did. b-does she / No, she hasn’t. c-has she / Yes , she has. d-hasn’t she / Yes, she does. 4, ………………me or aren’t you? a-Will you help b- Are you going to help c-Have you help d-Will you be helping 5,Did you ask the teacher what………this afternoon? a-will we do b-shall we do c-we would do d-would we do 6, -“You’ve left the light on” +”Oh, I have. …………..and turn it off. a-I’ll go b-I’ve gone c-I go d-I’m going 7,My sister met him at the Grand Theatre yesterday afternoon, so he………your lecture. a-couldn’t have b-needn’t have c-mustn’t have d-shouldn’t have attentded attended attended attended 8, -“You’re drinking too much.” +”Only at home. No one……….me but you.” a-is seeing b-had seen c-sees d-saw 9, -“Hi, Tracy, you look tired” +” I’m tired I…….the living room all day. a-painted b-had painted c-have been painting d-have painted 10, -“Oh, it’s you! I……” +” I’ve just had my hair cut and I’m wearing new glasses.” a-didn’t recognize b-hadn’t recognized c-haven’t recognized d-don’t recognize Question 5: Choose the best form of the word to complete the following sentences. 1, My new car is more……..than the one I had before. a-economical b-economics c-economically d-economize 2, The fire was caused by an………fault in the television. a-electrician b-electricity c-electrical d-electric 3, He hoped the…… would find him a job. a-employee b-unemployed c-employer d-employment 4,I’m afraid they weren’t very…..about your idea of going out this evening. a-enthusiastically b-enthusiastic c-enthusiasm d-enthusiast 5, It is doubtful that government will……..marijuana in the future. a-legal b-legalize c-legality d-legally 6, The student did not do well in the class as he had a problem with……. a-absent b-absently c-absentee d-absenteeism 7, Adversity struck, and the family lost all their………. a-possessions b-possess c-possession d-possessive 8, Even though the remark was not……..,it caused embarrassment. a-intension b-intend c-intensionally d-intentional 9, The……..of her dress was in sharp contrast to the mansion she called home. a-simple b-simplicity c-simplify d-simplistic 10, It’s difficult for a sloppy person to live with a……….. a-perfect b-perfection c-perfectionism d-perfectionist Question 6: Choose the underlined word or phrase a, b, c or d that would not be appropriate. 1, There are many different ways of comparing the economy of one nation with those of another. a b c d 2, Until diamonds are cut and polished, they just like look small grey stones. a b c d 3, I wish I have a car. It would make life so much easier. a b c d



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