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  1. [해커스토익] 2009년 6월 정재현 선생님 예상문제 109. The special offer ------- Brown copy paper is valid 101. If customers wish to return a purchase, ------- at participating stores until next Monday. must present the original sales receipt. (A) without (A) ours (B) on (B) himself (C) below (C) they (D) in (D) it 110. In order for customers to receive a full refund, 102. ------- the conditions of the service contract, the they must present a ------- receipt. user of the photocopier is responsible for keeping the (A) costly machine clean. (B) valid (A) So as (C) sincere (B) Rather than (D) lasting (C) According to (D) Regardless 111. All applicants are required to have a graduate 103. Although Mr. Benoit studied at one of the most degree in business with a ------- of five-year relevant prestigious universities and had a ------- academic work experience. (A) choice record, he failed to be recruited. (B) selection (A) overcharged (C) clearance (B) distinguished (C) considerable (D) minimum (D) depending 112. Since Ms~ stayed late last night to finalize the 104. Please remind all staff in your division ------- budget for the next quarter, she missed the last train business matters courteously. and ------- a taxi home from the office. (A) conducting (A) would have taken (B) conducts (B) was taken (C) was conducted (C) had to take (D) to conduct (D) had been taking 105. The computers in the library should be checked -- 113. It is very unfortunate that there have been ----- disk errors regularly. numerous ------- about abrupt and inappropriate (A) about behavior of our sales representatives. (B) from (A) complained (C) by (B) complains (D) for (C) complaining (D) complaints 106. It is very important to review ------- the contract amendments before closing the deal. 114. We need to fully ------- the damage to the factory (A) all and our products that the recent earthquake has (B) whole caused. (C) every (A) access (D) entire (B) assign (C) assess 107. Since Mr. Shmidov led his sales task force successfully, he will be ------- promoted to District (D) agree Manager next month. (A) greatly 115. The registration fee will cover all travel and (B) undoubtedly accommodation costs, but ------- (C) normally expenses are the participant's responsibility. (D) irregularly (A) dine (B) dined 108. The resignation of the communications manager - (C) dining ------ two weeks ago in the company newsletter. (D) dines (A) has announcing (B) will be announced (C) was announced (D) are announced
  2. [해커스토익] 2009년 6월 정재현 선생님 예상문제 124. A paperback version of Mary Wolson's ------- 116. The CEO of the company ------- to outline her book is due out by the end of the year. policy objectives at Tuesday's meeting of the board. (A) late (A) checks (B) latest (B) maintains (C) lateness (C) intends (D) lately (D) collects 125. The results of our recent analysis are expected to 117. The ------- market demand must be taken into be consistent with ------- findings. account before another assembly line is opened. (A) past (A) project (B) quick (B) projects (C) before (C) projection (D) done (D) projected 118. The director of public relations is ------- 126. ------- staffing shortages have affected concerned about the possible affects of the plant- production dramatically, all current employees have closings. been working overtime to meet deadlines. (A) As (A) temperately (B) Except (B) readily (C) Whereas (C) essentially (D) Instead (D) extremely 127. Please fax the relevant documents ------- rather 119. By having an international partnership, than trying to scan and send them by email. KECO.corp has successfully ------- its market. (A) themselves (A) expanded (B) itself (B) exhibited (C) yourself (C) included (D) herself (D) inclined 128. Mr. Toshi ------- his clients to the new 120. It is very important for a company to establish photography exhibit, where ~ the potential ------- of its new product before it is (A) escorted placed on the market. (B) arranged (A) appeal (C) visited (B) appealed (D) reported (C) appealing (D) to appeal 129. When Mr. Mckinley completes the difficult and 121. Parco Airlines has changed its ------- and now time-consuming assignment, ------- will be transferred passengers should pay extra for late check-in. to the main office. (A) which (A) accommodation (B) who (B) measure (C) he (C) handling (D) its (D) policy 130. Government economists will gather next week in 122. Lenson Industries will ------- move its order to discuss ------- to raise interest rates. administrative offices while its headquarters are being (A) what renovated. (B) in which (A) temporal (C) whether or not (B) temporary (D) those (C) temporarily (D) temporize 131. The maintenance department will have the 123.. Annual sales of Solar Skin products have heating system of the building redesigned ------- the increased much more than ------- projected. high cost involved. (A) even though (A) initial (B) regardless of (B) initials (C) rather than (C) initialling (D) initially (D) since
  3. [해커스토익] 2009년 6월 정재현 선생님 예상문제 (C) At 132. How Business reported that the stock prices of (D) On Vista Corporation have risen ------- after the merger announcement. 137. All ------- wishing to join the company's (A) moderately supplementary pension plan must submit an (B) considerately application to the human resources department. (C) durably (A) that (D) equally (B) those (C) them 133. The waiting period for ------- on new patents is (D) these now much longer than it ever was before. (A) approve 138. To avoid further loss, Logan Corporation has (B) approving decided to ------- its activities in the estate market. (C) approved (A) curtail (D) approval (B) conform (C) descend 134. The primary purpose of ------- is to encourage (D) appoint consumption and thereby raise sales. (A) advertise 139. According to the hotel policy, guests need to (B) advertised check out by noon to avoid ------- for an extra night's (C) advertising stay. (D) advertiser (A) to charge (B) charging 135. Although Mr. Garcia Young has limited experience (C) charged at the managerial level, he has shown ------- to be a (D) being charged very reliable executive. (A) his 140. The CEO of the company had his secretary get a - (B) him ------ of the quarterly report because he wanted to see (C) himself the recent sales figures. (D) he (A) mark (B) shape 136. ------- the time the Cami Theatre was built, there (C) count were not many shops and restaurants in the area. (D) copy (A) Of (B) Up
  4. [해커스토익] 2009년 6월 정재현 선생님 예상문제 Questions 141-143 refer to the e-mail To : From : Subject : Malaysian opportunity Date : 09:00 June 11 Warren, I just wanted to give you a quick update on the situation in Malaysia. As you know, I ------- back from my four-day, fact-finding trip there. 141. (A) just got (B) had just got (C) would have just got (D) will just get While in Malaysia, I spoke with Sayam Bertamu, one of the local executives at our factory there. He told me that there has been a great deal of interest in our XB-12 high-pressure pump on the part of both local truck manufacturers and European companies with local production facilities. He offered ------- a series of meetings for you to meet some of the key players. 142. (A) set up (B) to set up (C) setting up (D) sets up I know you are busy right now, but this sounds like a real possibility for us to expand our presence in Southeast Asia. Mr. Bertamu strongly advocated the idea that one of our top managers should be ------- for the negotiations. 143. (A) present (B) attended (C) departed (D) arisen I'm happy to meet with you any time this week to give you more information about what I found out. Keisuke
  5. [해커스토익] 2009년 6월 정재현 선생님 예상문제 Questions 144-146 refer to the advertisement. ATTENTION : German cars owners We at German Auto Repair are dedicated to providing you with the ------- possible repair service for 144. (A) good (B) better (C) best (D) well your German-made automobile. All of our mechanics are experienced in working with German cars and most are factory-trained in Germany. ------- shops may offer to repair your car for a slightly lower price, but to do that they often take shortcuts and 145. (A) Each other (B) Another (C) Other (D) The others cover up problems with a temporary fix. We know because we fix their mistakes! Thus you ultimately end up spending more than if you had brought your car to us in the first place. Bottom line : We do it right the first time. We use only original factory-made ------- and guarantee the quality of 146. (A) parts (B) ingredients (C) copies (D) issues our work for 60days. We look forward to meeting your auto service needs. Be sure to visit our Web site at for valuable discount coupons.
  6. [해커스토익] 2009년 6월 정재현 선생님 예상문제 Questions 147-149 refer to the letter Warwick Manufacturing 1500 Burnside Parkway ․ Warwick, RI 02891 August 24, 2008 Glenn Golden 90 Wuthering Heights Dr. Kingston, RI 0288 It is pleasure to announce that Warwick Manufacturing ------- an improved employee benefit plan starting October 1. 147. (A) to have offered (B) is offering (C) have offered (D) had offered After much discussion with management and labor, we have settled on a plan that allow you to choose ------- benefits you want and need. 148. (A) those (B) every (C) another (D) all of The enclosed brochure outlines the complete program. We are excited about it because you will have total control over your benefits. Please call Sally Martin in the Human Resources Department if you have any questions or concerns. We hope that you will be pleased with this ------- benefit package. 149. (A) prior (B) traditional (C) former (D) new Sincerely, Signature susanna M. Graham President SMG:eer Questions 150-152 refer to the letter Merker's Department Store 1115 Brandon ․ New Ulm, MN 56053 July 22 2008 Kim Langworth R.R. 1
  7. [해커스토익] 2009년 6월 정재현 선생님 예상문제 Red Earth, MN 56670 Dear Ms. Langworth: We at Merker's would like to ------- our sincerest apologies and ask for your understanding. 150. (A) progress (B) extend (C) apply (D) attract Our recent sales brochure made claims that we could not follow through on. Not all merchandise in the Summer Saver Sale was on sale at 50 percent off. The printer left out the important word "selected." Because of this -------, we have decided to postpone our sale 151. (A) fortune (B) opportunity (C) error (D) effort and reschedule it for another time. By ------- the sale, we will be able to offer you even better bargains than we had originally planned. 152. (A) postpone (B) postpones (C) postponing (D) postponed Thank you for your understanding in this embarrassing situation. Sincerely. R. Merker Chairman of the Board RCM:hhh 정답 및 해설 동영상강의는에서 확인하세요.



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