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  1. [해커스토익] 2009년 5월 김동영 선생님 예상문제 101. The Templeton Community Council is a ----- 109. ------- entry to the park is free of charge, there is group of about 50 individuals. an admission fee for the museum. (A) diverse (A) In spite of (B) diversity (B) Except (C) diversely (C) While (D) diverseness (D) Equally 102. At his previous company, Mr. Montgomery was in 110. All chemical plant employees should follow the charge of ------- the projects for several departments. standard ------- if they are using dangerous chemicals. (A) collaborating (A) procedures (B) intending (B) developments (C) pending (C) categories (D) coordinating (D) qualifications 103. The recent security measures have ------- to 111. To improve ------- among faculty across the longer waits at several airports. university, the dean started a conference with (A) contributions members from different departments. (B) contributed (A) interact (C) contribute (B) interaction (D) contributor (C) interactive (D) interacting 104. Unique and ------- priced French cuisine attracts customers from across the city. 112. Fortunately, the clothes were mailed ------ the (A) virtually right address. (B) gratefully (A) until (C) thoroughly (B) upon (D) reasonably (C) among (D) to 105. Neither the managing director ------- the shareholders will be at the presentation. 113. Mr. Kendall grabbed Mr. Scott’s wallet because he (A) or mistakenly thought it was -------. (B) nor (A) him (C) yet (B) himself (D) but (C) his (D) he 106. Resort guests ------- ask for the "Daily Special" will be given the choice of two side dishes with the 114. The final fulfillment of the popular mystery series main course. ------- due to arrive in stores last Friday, but (A) who unexpected shipping problems caused delays. (B) whose (A) is (C) when (B) to be (D) what (C) was (D) were 107. Dorsey's overseas recruiting office has been under the ------- of Alex Hardy for the last couple of 115. Poski Industries’ newest product pamphlet had to years. be proofread to fix a few -------- errors. (A) attendance (A) overdue (B) supervision (B) minor (C) sight (C) reliable (D) provision (D) rapid 108. The report was finished by the deadline despite 116. Despite the failure to finalize the deal, the the fact that ------- guidelines changed several times. relations between GBC Incorporated and F&R --------- (A) every harmonious. (B) this (A) reach (C) each (B) result (D) its (C) remain (D) reveal
  2. [해커스토익] 2009년 5월 김동영 선생님 예상문제 117. To be --------- for the job, an applicant must be a 125. Verixon Telecom does not distribute private college graduate. information such as mailing addresses or cell-phone (A) eligible numbers -------- the customer’s written consent. (B) considerate (A) within (C) regarded (B) between (D) liable (C) without (D) except 118. Executives are required to ------- professional 126. All of the people at the environmental conference attire. were asked to fill out the evaluation -------. (A) wore (A) form (B) wearing (B) receipt (C) worn (C) bill (D) wear (D) claim 119. Mr. Han should hire IT support staff that are -------- available for any possible technical issues. 127. Luckily, the investors --------- agree with the (A) accurately suggestions made by the consulting firm. (B) precisely (A) strong (C) readily (B) stronger (D) softly (C) strongest (D) strongly 120. Mr. Karish was accepted to the Management- 128. I am writing ---------- behalf of Mr. Thomas to Training Program, ------- were some other employees update you about the itinerary change for our from the sales department. approaching conference in London. (A) as (A) at (B) also (B) on (C) too (C) for (D) thus (D) to 129. ------- the five charity programs share much in 121. They have around 150 employees who design, common, unmistakable differences still exist in their build, and ------ our product line. funding method. (A) markets (A) Although (B) market (B) Unlikely (C) marketing (C) Meanwhile (D) marketed (D) Even 130. The former director of the organization, Kevin 122. The marketing division has ------- sent out their Briggs, will give a keynote --------- on internet security monthly report this afternoon. for the first hour of the convention. (A) ever (A) addressing (B) soon (B) address (C) lately (C) addresses (D) just (D) addressed 131. Management is responsible for ensuring that 123. On July 12, Mr. Jones will introduce --------- pertinent safety notices are -------- posted throughout methods to promote our product. the facility. (A) addition (A) hourly (B) additional (B) easily (C) additionally (C) necessarily (D) additions (D) clearly 124. Employee satisfaction has improved among 132. Mr. Dane wants his managers to take more ------- workers -------- performance‐based incentives. and build relationships with potential customers. (A) given (A) initiative (B) were given (B) initiated (C) have given (C) initiation (D) gave (D) initiating
  3. [해커스토익] 2009년 5월 김동영 선생님 예상문제 133. They anticipate that there will be --------- 120 Questions 141-143 refer to the following letter. professionals at the seminar. (A) approximate June 19 (B) approximately Global Audio (C) approximation 2230 42nd Street (D) approximated Los Angeles, CA 90245 134. The quality control manager at the factory agrees Dear Sir or Madame: with the assertion that --------- inspections of the machinery will result in less defective products. I received a bill from your company, which states that (A) frequent I have a ------- of $500 on my account. (B) frequency 141. (A) surplus (C) frequents (B) charge (D) frequently (C) budget (D) loan 135. A group of four government agencies has been brought together to ------- a plan to improve the According to the warranty, if there are any problems nation’s education system. with the product I can return it within ninety days of (A) notice the purchase date. I ordered the stereo system in May (B) situate and I ------- it from your company in the mail at the (C) develop 142. (A) receive (D) raise (B) will have received (C) received (D) receiving 136. All of the products on sale should ------- near the beginning of June. front of the department store so that customers will However, I soon realized that the speakers did not see them when they enter the store. produce any sound at all. (A) have displayed Because of this -------, I promptly called the customer (B) displays 143. (A) alteration (C) displaying (B) urgency (D) be displayed (C) charge (D) defect 137. Strong sales is not necessarily ------- of a service center and spoke to a representative that told successful branding strategy. me to ship the entire stereo system back to the (A) decisive company. I am writing to confirm whether the stereo (B) reminiscent system was received or not and also when I can (C) protective expect to receive a replacement. (D) indicative Sincerely, 138. The last page of the consulting report should Jonathan Macklin ------- the critical points from the introduction. (A) summarize (B) convince (C) delegate (D) budget 139. We apologize for the scheduling issues and promise you that any more changes will be handled -------. (A) randomly (B) promptly (C) relatively (D) ultimately 140. Mr. Chaplin is a famous golfer who likes to spend his leisure time ------- music. (A) composes (B) composed (C) composing (D) composer
  4. [해커스토익] 2009년 5월 김동영 선생님 예상문제 Questions 144-146 refer to the following email. To: “Sally Johnson” Subject: Office furniture Questions 150-152 refer to the following article. From: “Ronald Mackenzie” Date: Wednesday July 13th The Bahati Company submitted a report showing a ------- in sales for the fourth quarter. Bahati CEO Ron Dear Ms. Johnson, 150. (A) push It was a pleasure meeting you today. After seeing your (B) fall office space, I am sure -------- Landmark Products can (C) stall 144. (A) as (B) that (D) boost (C) if (D) so Bouchard says that the increase demonstrates the provide you with desks and chairs that meet the space effectiveness of the sales training workshops provided limitations of your office and help --------- neck and back by the company over the last two months. The 145. (A) eliminating (B) that increase shows the vitality and resilience of our eliminates company. (C) eliminate (D) has eliminated This is the positive result of the changes we ---------. pain among your staff. As I said before, our chairs and 151. (A) are making desks are ergonomically designed and are made from (B) have been making only the finest materials. As a preferred corporate client, (C) would have been we can offer a discount of 10% on orders of $1000 or making more. You stated that you wanted to buy ten desk and chair sets, which cost $600 per set. The normal bill would (D) will be made come to $6000. However, after the 10% discount, the Production costs for Bahati Company have also price would come to $5,400. The chairs you chose are the decreased. The increased profit margin further most popular item we sell. We should have enough in illustrates the ------- of the company. stock for your current order, but I cannot promise that 152. (A) strongly the price will not change in the near future. With (B) strength increasing transportation costs, the prices fluctuate. (C) strengthen ---------, I highly suggest you place your order soon. (D) stronger 146. (A) Therefore (B) Because (C) However (D) Whenever Sincerely, R. Mackenzie Corporate Sales Director Landmark Products Questions 147-149 refer to the following advertisement. Summer Internship Dynabol Corporation offers internships to talented, college engineering students -------- wish to work in 147. (A) whose (B) in which (C) that (D) what challenging multi-cultural environments. Our internship program has a variety of activities from writing a research paper to practical experience on an engineering team. Dynabol Corporation wants to provide opportunities to not only develop professionally but also expand your cultural perspective. We are seeking applicants with passion, energy, and a desire to make a ----------. Apply now for 148.(A) profit (B) choice (C) donation (D) difference an opportunity to change your perspective and --------- 149. (A) gain (B) gaining (D) gains (C) gained practical work experience.



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