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Trên mạng hiện nay có khá nhiều headhunter và các recruiter nhưng có khá ít bạn chia sẻ những kỹ thuật, kiến thức các bạn đang sử dụng để "headhunt". Tham khảo ngay "Bài giảng về Headhunt and network" nhằm giúp cho các bạn mới vào nghề có một tài liệu đầu tay và phát triển tốt kĩ năng của mình. Để xem thêm nhiều tài liệu, bài giảng hay về lĩnh vực Nhân sự, mời các bạn ghé xem tại Bộ tài liệu Hướng dẫn Đào tạo nội bộ Doanh nghiệp.

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  1. Lets HEADHUNT AND NETWORK !!!!    
  2. What are we covering today…….. • How to be effective in headhunting • Different ways of Headhunting and networking. • Some important tips.    
  3. "Knowledge is a process of piling up facts; wisdom lies in their simplification." Hence “simplify” and “apply” Knowledge    
  4. Headhunting – Why and When 1. Quality of CVs – Conversion Ratio is higher 2. Niche Skills requirements – When requirement is very specific 3. When competition stiff – Multiple vendors 4. Lead time less 5. Database Poor 6. To target candidates who otherwise may not apply    
  5. You can be a good Headhunter If you have/are - • Knowledge • Common Sense in abundance • Perseverance • Organised • Creative • Good Networking skills • Confident    
  6. Knowledge  Client’s Requirement Client’s Business Client’s Industry Target company – People;Projects and Processes    
  7. Common Sense   Am I tapping the right industry, the right people at the right time at the right place? Am I introducing myself in the right manner Am I using the right words while making these calls? Am I closing the conversation at the right time? Am I asking right and to-the-point questions?    
  8. Organised  Do I document the relevant details after every call I make.Important names and nos. etc. Do I document the research findings for future reference. Am I able to retrieve the information whenever I need them    
  9. Good networking skills • Establishing relationships with other professionals. • Join associations, talk to new people, talk to people  you know, and to people they know.  • In case, you cannot network openly do it with with  discretion, but do network! • Remember, just because you've interacted with  someone once does not mean that you're  networking job is done. You must keep the  communication open on a continual basis.     
  10. Perseverance "We are told that talent creates its own opportunities. But it sometimes seems that intense desire creates not only its own opportunities, but its own talents.“    
  11. Creativity "The best way to get a good idea is to get a lot of ideas." Linus Pauling    
  12. Confidence "I've found that luck is quite predictable. If you want more luck, take more chances. Be more active. Show up more often." Brian Tracy "I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work." Benjamin Franklin    
  13. Process Flow Map companies where similar skills are available Try getting in touch with candidates from these companies Present CVs to client and then schedule the profiles that have been short listed by client Expect closures    
  14. Map and identify similar companies 1. Understand client requirement/company 2. Take ideas from client about head-hunting prospects / related industries. 3. Brainstorm and note down similar companies in the same line of business. 4. Search Internet for better understanding. 5. Talk with colleagues about similar past requirements. 6. List down all similar companies with phone numbers in an excel sheet    
  15. Headhunting • Trying to get through reception or other probable barriers. Common excuses: – We are organizing a seminar. – I am a summer trainee. – I am calling from CII/Management Associations – I am calling from College – Technical positions – I am calling from a vendor/supplier company – Calling from a Market Research Company Once the reception is convinced get connected to the person whom you are looking for    
  16. Head hunting contd.. The opening statements determines the fate of the call It makes or breaks the head hunting exercise •I am calling from a staffing company. •Is this a good time to talk to you? •Would like to speak to you regarding a job option/placement with a client of mine •Describe the job option in detail •Send an email with JD and company details    
  17. Unable to get past the reception 1. Take references from placed candidates. 2. References from candidates in database. 3. Generating leads from friends 4. Reference from team members. 5. Check job portals for candidates from target companies    
  18. Tips on Headhunting • Cracking extension numbers of the identified cos. • Speaking to candidate using aliases • Calling them up leaving your name and mobile number asking them to call back. • Using personal email ids to send mails to candidates • Using job portals to identify candidates from targeted companies, and generating references from identified candidates.    
  19. Challenges and Threats • Threat of getting through wrong people who may not be looking for a change and might escalate. • Risk of getting into rude and awkward situations. • Getting escalated to one of the existing client managers.    
  20. When you reach for the stars, you may not quite get them, but you won't come up with a handful of mud either. --Leo Burnett    




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