count and uncount noun

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  1. Grammar                                                                                           E­Learning Center Grammar                                                                                           E­Learning Center Countable and uncountable noun No.1 Countable noun Uncountable noun 1 Countable nouns are easy to recognize Uncountable nouns are substances, such as individual objects,people,places, concepts , abstract ideas, etc that we cannot we can count divide into separate elements. We cannot "count" them • dog, cat, animal, man, person • • music, art, love, happiness bottle, box, litre • • advice, information, news coin, note, dollar • • furniture, luggage cup, plate, fork • rice, sugar, butter, water • • electricity, gas, power table, chair, suitcase, bag • money, currency 2 Countable nouns can be singular or uncountable nouns are singular (using a plural singular verb) • This news is very important. • My dog is playing. • Your luggage looks heavy. • My dogs are hungry. 3 We can use the indefinite article a/an We do not usually use the indefinite article with countable nouns: a/an with uncountable nouns. We cannot A dog is an animal. say "an information" or "a music". But we When a countable noun is singular, we can say a something of: must use a word like a/the/my/this with • a piece of news it: • I want an orange. (not I want • a bottle of water orange.) • Where is my bottle? (not Where • a grain of rice is bottle?) When a countable noun is plural, we can use it alone: • I like oranges. • Bottles can break. 4 We can use some and any with We can use some and any with uncountable countable nouns: nouns: • I've got some dollars. • I've got some money. • Have you got any pens? • Have you got any rice? 5 We can use a few and many with We can use a little and much with
  2. Grammar                                                                                           E­Learning Center Grammar                                                                                           E­Learning Center countable nouns: uncountable nouns: • I've got a few dollars. • I've got a little money. • I haven't got many pens. • I haven't got much rice. Note: You cannot use a/an before an uncountable noun. Instead, you can use a measurement and the word of: A carton of orange juice Countable Uncountable dollar money A tin of paint song music A bottle of wine suitcase luggage A box/packet of cereal table furniture A jar of jam battery electricity bottle wine A tube of toothpaste report information A glass of water tip advice A cup of coffee journey travel job work A kilo of cheese view scenery Five metres of cable Twenty litres of petrol A piece of wood A slice of bread A piece/sheet of paper A bar of chocolate A loaf of bread



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