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  1. ĐỀ ÔN THI TỐT NGHIỆP THPT – ĐỀ 2 I/. NGỮ ÂM A/. Chọn từ có gạch chân được phát âm khác với những từ còn lại: 1/ A. Complete B. Object C. Defend D. Prevent. 2/ A. Rh inoceros B. Habitat C. Vehicle D. Wh ale 3/ A. Involved B. Decided C. Explained D. Swallowed. 4/ A. admit B. confide C. decide D. retire 5/ A. land B. sa ve C. cramp D. cash 6/ A. tap es B. cakes C. chores D. dates B. Chọn từ có trọng âm chính nhấn vào âm tiết có vị trí khác với các từ còn lại: 7/ A. Apology B. Canoeing C. Industry D. Disaster. 8/ A. Interview B. Shortage C.Applicant D. Supportive 9/ A. certificate B. apartment C. individual D. biology 10/ A. scientific B. availlable C. suspicious D. supportive II/ TỪ VỰNG & NGỮ PHÁP : Chọn từ hoặc cụm từ thích hợp nhất để hoàn thành câu sau : 11/.When her____________ for the job was refused , she felt very disappointed . A. applicant B. applicable C. application D. apply 12/ The Red List is a special book that provides names of ____________ animals . A. endangered and hunted B. extinct and killed C. sold and hunted D. vulnerable and endangered 13/ My father helps my mother with the housework. He proves to be _________ especially when she is sick . A. support B. supporting C. supportive D. supported 14/ They have been in love with each other _________they were young. A. since B. while. C. until D. all are correct 15/ Lack of funs prevented him ___________ with his studies. A. from continuing B. with continuing C. to continuing D. of continuing 16/ Parents __________ children are in college are working longer hours to pay their tuition. A. who B. whom C. whose D. that 17/ The room ____________ when I arrived . A. was being cleaned B. is cleaned C. was cleaning D. was cleaned 18/ It is dark in here . Can I __________ the lights. A. fill in B. look at C. take off D. turn on 19/ Many species of animals have disappeared. They have become __________ . A. die B. death C. extinct D. dangerous 20/ The more electricity you use, ___________ A. the higher your bill will be . B. the higher will be your bill C. your bill will be higher D. the highest your bill will be 21/__________ their valuable fur , many animals are hunted . A. Because B. Inspite of C. because of D. therefore 22/ “When____________ ?” _ “ In 1928 ” . A. did penicillin discovered B. penicillin was discovered C. did penicillin discover D. was penicillin discovered 23/ It is _________ that I can’t put it down. 1
  2. A. such interesting book B. so interesting book C. too interesting book D. such an interesting book 24/ These days everybody is aware ___________the danger of smoking. A. up B. of C. on D. with 25/John told me about his new job , ___________ very much . A. that he’s enjoying B. he’s enjoying C. which he’s enjoying D. he’s enjoying it 26/________Sahara is __________ biggest desert in __________ Africa . A._/ the / _ B. The / _ / _ C. _ / The / an D. The / the / _ 27/ The students are being made ________ harder. A. work B. worked C. to work D. working 28/ ________ the weather is, __________ I feel. A. The warm / the good B. The warmer / the better C. Warmer / better D. The warmest / the best 29/ I can’t speak English , ___________ . A. neither can she B. she can’t either C. she can’t too D. A, B are correct 30/ He told me____________. A. to give up smoke B. giving up smoking C. to give up smoking D. gave up smoking 31/ she said that she _________ for five hours . A. had been driving B. has been driving C. drove D. would d rive 32/ If you _________ right away , you would probably catch the train. A. left B.will leave C. would leave D. leave 33/ _________ my father is old, he still goes jogging. A. Although B. Because of C. So that D. Despite 34/ I advised him _________ too much about the result of the test . A. not worrying B. not to worrying C. not to worry D. don’t worry 35/ He asked me _________ home the day before. A.what time I leave B. what time I will leave C. what time I left D. what time I had left 36/ Where is Mary ? _ She ___________ her homework in her room. A. is performing B. is making C. is doing D. is learning 37/ The development of wildlife habitat reserves is a good conservation measure ___________ . A. to prevent endangered species B. to feed endangered species C . to benefit from endangered species D. to save endangered species 38/ Don’t drink to dive. The effects of alcohol can be extremely _______ in diving. A. endanger B. endangered C. dangerous D. danger 39/ Men are ________at making decisions than women. A. better B. good C. more D. well 40/ Paula wish es she __________ more time to spend on her hobbies . A. had B. has C. can have D. willhave 41/ The members of the Red Cross were dedicated their whole life to ________the sufferings of human b eings. A. reduction B. reducing C. reduce D. reductive 4 2/ My grandfather died after he __________ ill for a long time. A. had been B. was C. has been D. would be 43/ It is easier to get there _________ foot than by car. 2
  3. A. in B. at C. by D. on 44/ The plane took off _________ the fog. A. because of B. because C. despite D. although 45/ Don’t worry .You _________ imformed if there is a change of plan . A. would be B. will C. will be D. had 46/ This is the shortest way to the city center; ________ it is not the only way. A. however B. although C. therefore D. while 47/ A mystery is something that _________ . A. must explain B. mustn’t explain C. can be explained D. can’t be explained 48/ That is the __________interesting novel I’ve ever read. A. more B. so C. most D. very 49/ At present, gazelles are ________ danger because of human poaching. A. up B. in C. on D. with 50/________ Columbus was one of _________ first people to cross ______ Atlantic . A. _ / the /_ B. The / the / the C. _ / the / the D. _/ a / an 51/ If we _________ your address, we’d have written to you. A. knew B. could know C. have known D. had known 52/ During the school year I’m not allowed_____________T.V until I have finished my homework. A. watched B. watch C. to watch D. watches 53/ I gave the little boy some biscuits, _________he ate immediately. A. that B. which C. who D. what 54/ By 2050, medical technology _________ many diseases. A. will have conquered B. conquered C. has conquered D. is conquering 55/ Neither of them will be treated preferentially,__________? A. won’t they B. will they C. won’t them D. will them 56/ We have enough food at home, so we ________ go shopping today . A. must B. needn’t C. should D. might 57/ We try to help our mother ________ household chores . A. make B.take C. build D. do 58/ It was quite cold ____________ it was very sunny . A. although B. because C. so that D. as 59/ I like Nha Trang , ___________ A. which has a beautiful beach B. it has a beautiful beach C. where has abeautiful beach D. that it has a beautiful beach 60/ He asked me _________ to her party the day before . A. whether I come B. if I would come C. whether I came D. if I had come III/. VIẾT : A/. Xác định từ hoặc cụm từ có gạch chân, cần phải sửa để câu trở thành chính xác: 61/ My parents ( A ) let ( B ) me (C ) to go out without ( D ) saying anything. 62/ The students ( A ) were (B) interesting ( C ) in taking a trip to the National History Museum , but they (D ) were not able to raise enough money. 63/ George (A) hasn’t completed (B) the assignment yet, (C) and Maria (D) hasn’t too. 64/ The (A) more you (B) p ractice, (C) the fluently you can (D) speak. 65/ Janet and Betty ( A ) plays ( B ) tennis every ( C ) afternoon with (D ) Jack and me. A. Xác định từ hoặc cụm từ có gạch chân, cần phải sửa để câu trở thành chính xác: 3
  4. 66/ Tom (A) used to going to (B) a lot of parties (C) when (D) he was a student. 67/ He (A) apologized (B) with me (C) for arriving (D) late. 68/ As (A) childs grow (B) o lder, (C) their bones become (D) thicker and longer. 69/ We didn’t (A) go out (B) b ecause of (C) the (D) heavily rain. 70/ This bed, (A) where h e (B) u sed to rest on, (C) is made (D) of wood. B. Chọn câu (ứng với A hoặc B, C, D ) thích hợp câu sau : 71/ Noone has used that door for 20 years. A. That door wasn’t used for 20 years. B. That door has not been used for 20 years. C. That door has been not used for 20 years. D. That door has been used by none for 20 years. 72/ The police officer said to us ;“where are you going?” A. The police officer wanted to know us where we were going. B. The police officer wanted to know where were we going. C. The police officer asked us where you were going. D. The police officer asked us where we were going. 73/ I have tried hard but I can not earn enough money. A. Although I have tried hard, I can’t earn enough money. B. I have tried hard and so I can earn enough money. C. I have tried h ard so that I can earn enough money. D. I have tried hard ; therefore I can’t earn enough money. 74/ As television programmes become more popular, they seem to get worse. A. The more popular be come television programmes, the worse they seem. B. The popular television programmes, the worse they seem. C. The more popular television programmes become, the worse they seem. D. The most popular television programmes become, the worst they seem. 75/ She started working as a secretary five years ago. A. She used to work as a secretary five years ago. B. It’s five years since she started working as a secretary. C. She has worked as a secretary for five years . D. Both B & C are correct. E. B. Chọn câu (ứng với A hoặc B, C, D ) thích hợp câu sau : 76/ I like classical music and he does, too. A. Both he and I like classical music. B. Neither he nor I like classical music. C. I like classical music more than him. D. I like classical music, but he likes it more than me. 77/ Jane hardly ever enjoys eating vegetables. A.She enjoys eating vegetables. B.She is fond of eating vegetables. C.She almost never eats vegetables. D.She sells vegetables for living. 78/ You drink too much coffee ; that’s why you can’t sleep. A. If you didn’t drink too much coffee, you could sleep. B. You couldn’t sleep although you drank too much coffee. C. If you hadn’t drunk too much coffee, you could have slept . D. If you don’t drink too much coffee, you can sleep. 79/ Why don’t we go to the beach this Sunday? A. This Sunday is the best time to go to the beach. 4
  5. B. Let’s go to the beach this Sunday. C. I suggest we should go to the beach this Sunday. D. Both B and C are correct. 80/ She said to us “ Don’t be late again ”. A. She said us not to be late again . B. She told us not to be late again . C. She told us not be late again . D. She told us to be not late again. IV/. ĐỌC HIỂU : A. Chọn từ thích hợp để điền vào chổ trống trong đoạn văn sau: A large supermarket was looking for a manager for a new store they were p lanning to open. Out of over 90 people who had applied for the post they had chosen five and asked them to come for an interview. The first ___ (81)____, Mr Riley, walked into the interview room. He was smartly dressed, but it was clear that he was listening to a personal stereo. He sat down, ___(82)____ off his shoes and lit a cigarette. One of the interviewers said that they wou ld prefer him not to smoke and Mr. Riley apologized. Just at that moment, a telephone rang. Mr. Riley reached into his pocket, took ____(83)____ his mobile phone and began a conversation with a friend of his. After a minute or two, the interviewers h ad enough and said they wanted to begin. “Certainly, go ahead,”said Mr. Riley. They _____(84)______ him why he wanted the job. “I don’t,” he replied. “But I __(85)___ like a day in London, and you’ve already paid my train fare to come up here for the interview. 81. A. applied B. application C. applicant D. applier 82. A. took B. put C. wore D. taken 83. A off B. in C. out D. over 84. A. said B. told C. warned D. asked 85. A. felt B.wanted C. was D. needed A.Chọn từ thích hợp để điền vào chổ trống trong đoạn văn sau: Once there were lots of pandas in the mountains of western China. To day, they are ___(86)____ extinct. The reason is that they can not find enough food. Pandas eat ___(87)____ leaves. They do not like another food. The bamboo grows very slowly. It can take 10 years for a bamboo to grow from a seed to a big plant. Some types of b amboo have seeds only once every 60 years. Pandas ___(88)____ wait many years for their food to grow. While the bamboo is growing, pandas do not have enough leaves to eat. China and World Wildlife Fund ( WWF ) are trying to save the panda. In 1979 they began to set up special parks ___(89)______ pandas live. Scientists come here to study the panda’s eating and mating habits . By learning more about the panda’s habits, scientists can save it from ____(90)_____ . 86. A. being B. becoming C. having D. making 87. A. banana B. cabbage C. grass D. bamboo 88. A. must B. should C. ought D. might 99. A. what B. because C. where D. when 90. A. appearance B. destruction C. extinction D. damage B. Đọc kỹ đoạn văn và trả lời các câu hỏi bằng cách chọn phương án đúng . The elephant is the largest animal to walk on Earth. An elephant can carry a load o f 1,200 pounds. They eat 300 pounds of food a day. An elephant baby can weigh 200 5
  6. pounds at birth. Elephants can live up to 70 years. Elephants can be trained to carry logs with their trunks. They also use their trunks for drinking water, bathing, eating and communicating. There are two kinds of elephants : the African elephant and the Indian elephant. African elephant can be characterized as larger ears. The African elephant grows up to 10 feet and weighs as much as 12,000 pounds. The Indian elephant grows up to 9 feet tall, and weighs up to 800 pounds. This elephant is characterized as smaller ears. Another name for the Indian elephant is the Asian elephant. 91/ What is the topic of the passage? A. African elephant B. Indian elephant C. Elephants D. Elephants’ trunks 92/ How much does a baby elephant weigh at birth? A. 70 pounds B. 200 pounds C. 300 pounds D. 1,200 pounds 93/ According to the passage, elephants can use their trunks for the following activities EXCEPT? A. Bathing B. communicating C. Sleeping D. Drinking 94/ Which kind of elephant is the largest? A. The Indian elephant B. the African elephant C. the Asian elephant D. the Indian and Asian elephant 95/ An Indian elephant has __________ than an African elephant? A. a longer tail B. a stronger trunk C. smaller ears D. bigger teeth B. Đọc kỹ đoạn văn và trả lời các câu hỏi bằng cách chọn phương án đúng . The student Environmental Action Coalition (SEAC) was started after a University of North Carolina student published an ad in a Greenpeace magazine in 1988 requesting that there be some kinds of international, students – b ased coalition of environmental activists. Now SEAC includes more than 1,500 different high schools and colleges around the world. The site’s primary goal is to raise awareness and encourage activism about current environmental issues among students and youth. This p age is a starting point for those interested in the social and political aspects of these activities. 96/ What is the first work of SEAC ? A. To publish an ad in a greenpeace magazine. B. To raise awareness and encourage activism about current environmental issues among students and youth. C. To build many high schools and colleges around the world . D. To help students understand the environment. 97/ How many high schools and colleges are there in SEAC ? A. more than 1,500 B. less than 1,500 C. only a few D. few 98/ Which of the following is not true? A. SEAC includes more than 1,500 high schools and colleges. B. The goal of SEAC is to raise awareness about environmental issues. C. SEAC was started in 1988. D. The members of SEAC are politicians. 99/ What is SEAC concerned about ? A. politics B. economics C. environment D. culture 100/ The word “aspect” means most nearly _________? 6
  7. A. problem B. particular part C. face D. difficulty 7
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