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Expert on Cambridge IELTS practice test 1: Part 2

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Following the contents of the first book, Expert on Cambridge IELTS practice test 1, part 2 gives readers the lessons in reading, writing, listening and speaking English on the theme: Greneral training, answer key, model and sample answers for writing tasks, ... Invite you to consult.

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Nội dung Text: Expert on Cambridge IELTS practice test 1: Part 2

  1. r WRITING TASK 1 You should spend about 20 m inutes on this task. The table below sh o w s the a v e ra g e n u m b e r o f visits p e r yo u n g a d u l t p a y s to different types o f e s ta b lis h m e n t s p e r y e a r in selected countries. S u m m a r is e the in form ation by se lec tin g a n d r e p o r tin g the m a in features, a n d m a k e c o m p a risio n s where relevant. Write at least 150 words. France Britain Germany Italy Cafes 16.9 23.5 12 22.5 Restaurants 17.3 13.2 12 17.9 Pubs and bars 30.1 39.4 16.4 48.3 Fast food outlets 11.7 20.2 11.4 8 Nightclubs 4ế7 4.2 8.1 3.4 Cinemas 7.3 5 4.4 7.8 Bowling 0.9 1.1 1.5 2.6 Fitness centres 4.7 18.3 5.2 17.3 _______________ / Writing I 153
  2. WRITING TASK 2 You should spend about 40 m inutes 071 this task. P resen t a w r itte n a r g u m e n t o r case to an e d u c a t e d r e a d e r w ith no s p e c ia li s t k n o w le d g e o f the f o llo w in g topic. Some p e o p le believe t h a t the lives o f p e o p l e from th e i r c h i l d r e n ’s g e n e r a tio n w i ll be b e tte r th a n th e i r own. O th ers believe th a t th e ir lives w i ll be worse. D iscuss both vie w p o in ts a n d g iv e y o u r own opinion. You should use your own ideas, knowledge and experience and support your argum ents with examples and relevant evidence. Write at least 250 words.
  3. PART 1 The examiner asks the candidate about him/ herself, his/ her home, work or studies and other familiar topics. EXAMPLE Study What do you study? Tell me something (more) about the school/ university you attend. Tell me something about your professors. What courses do you study? Com puters How often do you use a computer? In what ways do people use computers in your country? How "computer literate" are you? W eather and clim ate What is your favourite time of the year? Do you do different things in summer and in winter? What kind of clothes do you wear in the winter? PART 2 Tell me about a child you are related to or who lives You will have to talk about the near you. You should say: topic for one or two minutes. • who the child is and how old he/she is • what he/she likes (and doesn'tlike) doing You have one minute to think Ể how much time you spend with this child about what you're going to say. and say whether you generally like spending time You can make some notes to spending time with children and why. help you if you wish. PART 3 D iscussio n topics: Children Exam ple question: How do children in your country usually spend their time? What kinds of things do parents and their children enjoy doing together? What kind of toys do children like to play with? How much are children influenced by their friends? How is being a child today different to being a child 20 years ago? What are some (more) of the difficulties children face? What things do people keep to remind them of their childhoods? V---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------Ạ Speaking I 155
  4. f ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ^ INTERNATIONAL ENGLISH LANGUAGE TESTING SYSTEM General Training: Reading and Writing Test A ► Reading (60 minutes - 40 Questions) ► W ritin g (60 minutes - 2 Tasks) HEC-VN006 HAI JIM'S TESTING DOCUMENT 156
  5. READING SECTION 1 Questions 1-13 Read the following text and then answer Q u e stio n s 1-6. Buckingham Palace is the London residence of H er M ajesty The Queen, as well as the adm inistrative head q u arters of the Royal Household. It is one of the few working royal palaces rem aining in the world today. Today the S tate Rooms are used extensively by The Queen and M embers of the Royal Fam ily to receive and en tertain their guests on S tate, ceremonial and official occasions. D uring A ugust and Septem ber when The Queen m akes h er annual visit to Scotland, the Palace's nineteen S tate Rooms are open to visitors. You can find out more about the history of Buckingham Palace and how it is used today on the B ritish Monarchy website. The S tate Rooms form the h e a rt of the working palace and are lavishly furnished w ith some of the greatest treasu res from the Royal Collection-paintings by Rem brandt, Rubens, Poussin and Canaletto; sculpture by Canova; exquisite examples of Sevres porcelain; and some of the finest English and French furniture. Open 28 Ju ly - 25 Septem ber 2007, 9:45-18:00 (last adm ission 15:45) Admission is by tim ed ticket w ith entry every 15 m inutes throughout the day. Tickets are valid only on the date and at the entrance time specified on the ticket. Regrettably, late-comers cannot be adm itted. A visit lasts between 2 and 2M hours. Admission prices to the S tate Rooms of Buckingham Palace (including audio guide) Adult: £15.00 Over 60/ S tu d en t (with valid ID): £13.50 U nder 17: £8.50 U nder 5: Free Fam ily: £38.50 (2 adults and 3 under 17s) Writing I 157
  6. (----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ì Q uestions 7-6 Do the following statem ents agree w ith the information given in the p assage? In boxes 1-6 on your answer sheet write TRU E if the information in the text supports the statem ent FALSE if the information in the text does riot support the statement N O T G IV E N if there is no information about the statem ent in the text 1 Buckingham Palace is the only Royal Palace in London open to tourists. 2 Buckingham Palace's State Rooms are open when the Queen goes to visit Scotland. 3 The State Rooms contain many works of art. 4 People are admitted until 2 hours before closing. 5 If you are late for your tour, you will not get your ticket money back. 6 Children between the ages of 5 and 17 get tickets for half price. 158 I Reading
  7. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 'ì Q uestions 7-13 Read the descriptions o f 7 film s and match each description with the type of film being described. A n example has been done for you. Each type of film can only be used once and one type of film will rem ain unused. Types of film : Action Animation Comedy Documentary Drama Mystery Romance Science Fiction Wildlife Example: This is a film about teenagers with special powers. They can communicate with each other using telepathy. Together with their talking computer, they do battle with people and creatures from earth and space. (Science Fiction) 7 A modern adaptation of the classic story set in the nineteenth century about the fiery and passionate relationship between a young working-class woman and her mysterious upper-class employer. 8 This film was made by having no less than a dozen cameras follow the great footballer throughout a single match. The man himself then recorded a voice-over onto the footage, with comments from friends and other players added later. 9 A group of top investigators is given the job of reopening an old case to see if they, using modern technology, can solve it and capture a murderer who escaped capture ten years ago. 10 The stars of this critically-acclaimed series return in this feature length film version. Many things have changed, but not the hilarity with which the characters deal with the unlikely series of events thrown at them. 11 The mix of humour and dealing with serious issues makes this film both entertaining and thought-provoking to watch. The computer-generated " almost human " characters and the graphics are incredible. 12 Politics is a serious business. Mistakes are pounced upon by opponents and successes are often credited to others. See how the fictional-but entirely plausible-characters from the White House deal with a series of apparently unconnected incidents in this thought-provoking film. 13 This film follows the migration route of one of the world's most incredible beasts. This film took over two years to make and conditions for the film­ makers were often dangerous. The result is a film that will shock, surprise and delight. Writing I 159
  8. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - SECTION 2 Questions 14-27 Q uestions 14-20 Read the following information about 6 residential compounds that offer flats for purchase. For which residential compounds are the following statem ents true'! Remember that between 1 and 3 residential compounds may match each statement. A. The F o u r Seasons Price to buy: $ 1 ,000 per square metre Flat size: 70-260 square metres (1-5 bedroom flats) Facilities; 24-hour security, gym, indoor swimming pool, tennis and squash courts, bar and restaurant Almost, half of the development area is devoted to greenery, providing residents with scenic surroundings all year round. The blocks of flats are at least 200 metres apart, allowing adequate sunlight into each flat,. All flats come with high-end interior fittings designed by international designers. Shopping centres and supermarkets are within walking distance. B. High Class Price to buy: $ 1,300 per square metre Flat size; 160-250 square metres (3- 5 bedroom flats) Facilities; 24-hour security, swimming pool, tennis court, children's playroom, bar and restaurant The large size of the flats in this development means th at this is a low-density community. All flats come with high-end interior fittings. The surrounding land on three sides is naturally hilly, providing privacy for residents. c. Five S tar Price to buy; s 820 per square metre Flat size; 70-150 square metres (1-3 bedrooms) Facilities; 24-hour security, running track, tennis court, basketball court, gym bar and restaurant
  9. Nearby, there is a famous international kindergarten. Wireless Internet access is available throughout the compound. A large cinema is under construction nearby. Many international companies are located in nearby offices. D. Live Well Price to buy; $ 860 per square metre Flat size; 90-150 square metres (1-3 bedroom s) Facilities; 24-hour security, gym, bar and restaurant Many of the flats here are owned by people working in the IT industry. The blocks of flats are at least 90 metres apart, allowing decent views and privacy. Apartments come without interior fixtures, so th at owners can design their flats according to their own tastes and requirements. E. High S p irit Price to buy: $ 1050 per square metre Flat size; 80-240 square metres (1-5 bedroom s) Facilities; 24-hour security, running track This development has large gardens and green areas between blocks of flats and is located in the embassy area of the city. There is a shopping centre within walking distance and many international companies have offices nearby. F. C entral Place Price to buy; $ 1100 per square metre Flat size; 60-160 square metres (1-3 bedroom s) Facilities; 24-hour security Big departm ent stores, supermarkets, offices, fitness centres and bars and restaurants are all located within a few minutes' walk of this development right in the city centre. All flats come fitted with high-end interior fittings. Many of the owners work in the nearby offices. Writing I 161
  10. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 14 This residential compound offers the most expensive flats. 15 This residential compound offers the biggest flats. 16 This residential compound has no sports facilities. 17 Many residents work near the residential compound in which they live. 18 This residential compound has facilities for children in it or nearby. 19 There are shopping facilities near this residential compound. 20 Flats in this residential compound have fittings included. 162 I Reading
  11. f------- ------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- \ Q uestions 21-27 Read the following text and then answer Questions 21-27 Inform is a private charitable institution th a t serves as a resource for innovative people and institutions worldwide. We currently have an opportunity available in our Communications D epartm ent. Reporting to and working with the Communications Director, you will help develop editorial content, including policy essays, a magazine, the website, m ultim edia products, and more. The selected candidate will also m anage a team of staff and consultant w riters to produce m aterial for an influential and knowledgeable audience of policy-makers, academics, and leaders in a wide variety of fields related to our mission. Requirem ents include a minimum of 12 years experience with progressive responsibility for conceiving, writing, editing and m anaging w ritten content across m ultiple platforms, with em phasis on inventive policy essays and original thinking; a Bachelor's in English, History, or the H um anities and experience m anaging the ; I complete editorial process and working effectively with senior m anagem ent. A M aster's degree is preferred. We offer a competitive salary and generous benefits package. To apply please send resum e and cover letter, with salary inform ation, to: Mrs. Smith, Inform, II 100 E ast 3rd Street, New York, NY 10017 or visit Equal employment opportunity and having a diverse staff are fundam ental principles of Inform. Writing I 163
  12. Do the following statem ents agree w ith the iiiformation given in the passage? In boxes 21 -27 on your answer sheet write TRU E if the information in the text supports the statem ent FALSE if the information in the text does not support the statement N O T G IV E N if there is no information about the statem ent in the text 21 Inform is a private company. 22 The duties include helping to prepare material for the Inform websiteệ 23 The duties include meeting important professors and government advisors. 24 This job is probably suitable for people under the age of 30. 25 The successful applicant will probably have a post-graduate degree. 26 The salary will be higher than average for this position. 27 Mrs. Smith will be selecting the successful applicant. V_________________________ 164 I Reading
  13. SECTION 3 Questions 28-40 Read the following text and answer Questions 28-40. DELIGHTS OF MASS TOURISM REACH GALAPAGOS Never has the discovery of a ra t provoked so much alarm . It was only a single creature, but it had no business being on the island of S anta Fe in the isolated Galapagos archipelago, where conservationists now strive to keep foreign wildlife at bay as effectively as hundreds of miles of open ocean did for millions of years. The ra t is alleged to have arrived on the MV Discovery, a giant B ritish cruise liner th a t visited the islands in April. Today, the ship is due to retu rn to the Galapagos, and arriving w ith it are 460 paving passengers, protests and a cam paign to protect the islands from such m ass tourism . D raw n by the unique wildlife and mystique, annual visitors to the archipelago have soared from about 40.000 in the late 1980s to more th a n 100,000 now. Voyages of Discovery, the cruise company, promises visitors to the islands th a t The enigmas, secrets and charm s of this spectacular and rich landscape are. like a dream, an unequalled adventure ju st w aiting to be discovered. But to environm ental cam paigners, the ship's arrival is a nightm are. Conservationists on the Galapagos have also found sw arm s of foreign insects on the islands since the liner's la st visit and fear its re tu rn today could introduce more alien species th a t m ight fu rth er disrupt the sensitive eco-systems. The Discovery, the first large cruise ship to have visited the islands, is scheduled to re tu rn again this April and twice each year thereafter. P erm its recently granted by the Ecuadorian governm ent-the islands are owned bv the South American country-could see one cruise ship stop there a month. Leonor Stjepic, director of the Galdpagos Conservation Trust, warned th at such an acceleration in visitor numbers would overwhelm efforts to keep out pests and disease. The more people th at come, the greater the risk of invasive species and the less effective the quarantine system is going to be. With the best will in the world it's virtually impossible to search a boat that size thoroughly. Ju st sheer numbers means it's much easier for something to slip through. And if we can't protect the GalGpagos then what does it say -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Writing I 165
  14. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- > about the other natural spaces in the world? The Galapagos are not suitable for this land of mass tourism. The islands just don't have the infrastructure for th at number of people. Tourism has got to be high-value, lowAvolume tourism, Stjepic claims. Before the Discovery's stopover, almost all visitors to the islands flew direct from the mainland. However, this cruise ship has travelled all the way down the coast of South America and could bring all sorts of things with it. As well as the rat, and the insects, environm entalists say the Discovery's previous visit left the islands covered in litter, dropped by w ealthy tourists who have no idea w here they are or the im pact their visit may have. Graffiti was scrawled at th e visitor centre and one passenger reportedly asked where the local Starbucks was. The study of the im pact of the liner's first visit was carried out by the local Charles D arw in Foundation and the Galapagos N ational P ark Service. As well as the foreign wildlife, it found th a t sales for local businesses increased by 5% , a th ird of w hat was expected. In frastru c tu re was overwhelmed, they said, and local tour operators, who tak e visitors around the different islands, were forced to lan d large boats on fragile shorelines because elderly cruise passengers were unable to scram ble in and out of rubber dinghies. However, David Yellow, m anaging director of Voyages of Discovery, said the cam paigners were speaking from ignorance. He said th e firm operated under strict restrictions and carried out an in-depth environm ental im pact study before it was granted a licence to operate in the Galapagos. He claims th a t Voyages of Discovery is experienced at operating in environm entally sensitive areas and knows w hat to do. All passengers are given a lecture before they go ashore and Yellow says they adhere to it. The Discovery anchored at th e islan d of San Cristobal during its stay, he said, a good 25 m iles (40 km) from S an ta Fe where the ra t was found. M r Yellow said there was no proof th a t the graffiti and litte r were left by Discovery tourists. " Local people create litter. They are not as sensitive to the environm ent as th e people we take there. There are local people who smoke a cigarette and throw it into the street. " 166 I Reading
  15. Q u e s t io n s 2 8 -3 4 Do the following statem ents agree with the information given in the passage? In boxes 28-34 on your answer sheet write TRUE if the information in the text supports the statem ent FALSE if the information in the text does not support the statement N O T G IV E N if there is no information in the text about the statem ent 28 A rat was found on the ship MV Discovery. 29 Environmentalists are unhappy with the idea of cruise ships visiting the Galapagos Islands. 30 Leonor Stjepic believes that the quarantine system on the Galapagos Islands was completely effective before large cruise ships began to arrive. 31 Leonor Stjepic thinks that the Galapagos Islands should focus on tourists who have more money to spend. 32 There is a Starbucks on the Galapagos Islands. 33 Local businesspeople are very happy with the arrival of the cruise ship. 34 David Yellow gives lectures on environmental protection to passengers on the MV Discovery. Writing I 167
  16. Questions 35-40 Fill the gaps in the following sentences using N O M O R E T H A N T H R E E W O RD S from the text. 35 Alien species have been kept away from the Galapagos Islands by_ 36 About____________visit the Galapagos each year. 37 Cruise ships visiting the Galapagos Islands need a____________ . 38 Leonor Stjepic thinks that the islands'____________ cannot handle large numbers of tourists. 39 Many of the people visiting the islands are__________ and cannot use small boats. 40 Leonor Stjepic and David Yellow disagree over who caused the discovered after the first visit by the MV Discovery. 168 I Reading
  17. r WRITING TASK 1 You should spend about 20 minutes on this task. Your' c o m p a n y is o r g a n iz in g a trip a b r o a d for la n g u a g e t r a i n in g a n d th ere are a l im ite d n u m b e r o f p l a c e s a vailable . Write a le tte r to the H e a d o f T r a in in g ẻ e x p la in in g w ho yo u are • e x p r e s s in g th a t yo u w a n t to jo in a n d • s a y in g w h y yo u th in k th a t yo u s h o u ld be ch o sen Write at least 150 words. You do N O T need to write your own address. Begin your letter as follows: Dear................ , _______________ y Writing I 169
  18. WRITING TASK 2 You should spend about 40 m inutes on this task. P res en t a w r itte n a r g u m e n t o r case to an e d u c a t e d r e a d e r w ith no s p e c ia li s t k n o w le d g e o f the f o llo w in g topic. M any p e o p l e believe t h a t a n i m a l e x p e r im e n ts are cruel. O th ers believe t h a t they are n ecessary f o r s c ie n tific dev elopm en t. To what extent do you agree or disagree? You should use your own ideas, knowledge and experience a nd support your argum ents with examples and relevant evidence. Write at least 250 words. 170 I Writing
  19. Answer key ■
  20. TEST 1 Listening Section 1, Questions 1-10 Section 3, Q uestions 21-30 1 faster, more expensive 21 D 2 logistics, weather (conditions) 22 lack of fluency 3 19th next month 23 significant source 4 tax (and) insurance 24 develop language skills 5 furniture 25 c 6 fragile items/things 26 B 7 Debra whealing 27 B 8 PT6 2JA 28 challenge 9 42a Lake View 29 full 10 1 o'clock/13:00 30 nationwide benchmark Section 2, Questions 11-20 Section 4, Questions 31-40 11 dinosaur's footprint 31 missing link 12 dinosaur fossils 32 375 million years 13 full-size / full size 33 North Pole (NB capital 1 14 new hunter 34 sharp teeth 15- 17 IN ANY ORDER 35 1.2-2.7 B ,E ,F 36 clearly defined 18 under 15 37 strong 19 main gate 38 wrist joint 20 discount 39 5/five years 40 near (the) equator If you s c o re ... 0-12 13-26 27-40 you are highly unlikely to get you may get an acceptable you are likely to get an an acceptable score under score under examination acceptable score under examination conditions and we conditions but we recommend examination conditions but recommend that you spend a that you think about having remember that different lot of time improving your more practice or lessons before institutions will find different English before you take IELTS. you take IELTS. scores acceptable.



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