Giáo án Tiếng Anh lớp 8: Unit 6 The young pioneers club Lesson 4 : Read

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Giáo án Tiếng Anh lớp 8: Unit 6 The young pioneers club Lesson 4 : Read

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  1. Unit 6 The young pioneers club Lesson 4 : Read A/ Aims and Objectives : By the end of the lesson , Ss will be able to know more about a youth organization – the Boy Scouts of America ( BSA ) B / Teaching aids : Text book , Poster of T /F statements C / Procedure : I / Warm up : Jumbled words - Write six words whose letters are in disorder 1. Racchtaer 4. Pexainl Work in teams 2. Iojn 5 . Nessmsibuan 3. Mai 6 . Thauolgh - Ask Ss to work in 2 teams and call on 6 Ss from h team write the right words on the
  2. board . 1. Character 2. Join 3. Aim Listen and copy 4. Explain 5. Businessman 6. Although II / Pre- reading : Introduce the topic of the reading passage and some new words to Ss . 1. Pre – teach vocabulary : - to encourage : give the verb which means to give Sb support Repeat chorally , - Citizenship (n) = quyen cong dan individually . - coeducational (a) ( translation ) - Voluntary (a) = tu y , tu nguyen - to lead – led – led Play game - to establish = to start / to create an organization Work in groups to * Checking : Slap the board predict . 2. T /F Statements prediction - Stick the poster with the statements on the
  3. blackboard and guess which is true , which is false . a. The Boy Scout of America is a youth organization b. Scouting began in America Report their c. William Boyce is a businessman in predictions LOndon . d. Boys and girls can join BSA e. The Scouting Association is the biggest Listen to the tape voluntary youth organization in the world . and read the - Call on Ss to report their predictions and passage to check write them on the board their predictions III / While - reading : 1. Reading : Read their results . - Turn on the tape and ask Ss to look at their books at the same time to read the passage to check their predictions Correct the false
  4. - Call on some Ss to read their results aloud statements and give feedback : a. T b. F c. F d. F e. T - Have them correct false statements . Read the passage b. Scout began in England aloud . c. William Boysce is an American business man . Work in pairs to do d. BSA is mainly for boys . the exercise - Call on some Ss to read the passage aloud . - Correct mistakes if any . 2. Fill in the missing dates - Ask Ss to work in pairs to do exercise 1 / 57 Work in pairs to - Call on some pairs to demonstrate in front practice asking and of class answering the - Give feedback :a.1907 b. 1909 c. 1910 d. questions . 1994
  5. 3. Answer : - Have Ss work in pairs to practice asking answering the questions . - Call on some pairs to practice in front of the class Work in open pairs - Give feedback a. Scouting began in England in 1907 b. The meeting between a boy scout and Mr William Boyce led the Scouts Association crossing the Atlantic in 1910 . c. Girls can join in the Girls Guides Association and Camp Fire Boys and girls . d. They are building characters , good citizenship and personal fitness . IV / Post - reading : Interview a member of the Boys Scouts of American - Call on an excellent student in class to
  6. practice with the teacher . - Ask Ss to work in closed pairs Interview Member of BSA 1. When did - In 1907 in England Listen and copy scouting begin ? - They were 2. When were the established in 1907 . aims established ? They are building the characters , good 3. Can a girl join citizenship and the BSA ? personal fitness . - No , It is mainly for boys but girls can join similar organization such as the Girl Guides 4 . How many Association or the members does the Coeducational Camp Scouting fire Boys and Girls .
  7. Association have Over 25 million now ? 5. Is it the largest voluntary Youth - Yes, Of course Organization in the world ? V / Homework : 1. Learn by heart new words and write the summary of the BSA 2. Prepare the next lesson



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