Photoshop - Hiệu ứng grunge

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Photoshop - Hiệu ứng grunge

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Hôm nay tôi sẽ chỉ cho bạn cách để tạo ra một bố trí theo phong cách vector với một hiệu ứng tốt đẹp grunge Đây là hướng dẫn 164 từ marathon hướng dẫn 500 của chúng tôi.

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  1. Hello my friends Today i will show you how to create a vector style layout with a nice grunge effect This is tutorial 164 from our 500 tutorials marathon. In this tutorial i want to show you the power of brushes
  2. Open a new document, and on this document place the following image
  3. here you can see how i have placed this image
  4. On the bottom part of the layout add a black shape. You can use " Rectangle Tool "
  5. from Photoshop Designer's Pack please load the following set of brushes
  6. Select a green color, and place this brush drawing on a separate layer , Please note that this layer must be under the other 2 layers ( in your layer palette ) This is how i placed the image
  7. I will hide for a few seconds the other layers, to see better what i am doing. I will leave only this nice smooth brush drawing With Magic Wand Tool , i will click on time on the top part of the brush drawing. You can see a selection right around the top part of the brush After i have this selection i will press on CTRL+J ( this will make a new layer right above this one ) with move tool,i will rotate this layer, until i have this result. in the same time i will add another color for this shape
  8. If you have problems changing the color , i highly recommend using the Color overlay option To apply a new color for each layer, you need to have one layer selected, then you must go to Layer > Layer styles > Color overlay add any color you like
  9. This is my result so far Now i will use another brushes from the same Photoshop Designer's Pack Please go to --== Ornaments Folder ==-- and load Ornaments-9
  10. Please note that that you need to reset the brushes from time to time, because in our package we have a few hundreds brushes in each set, and your photoshop software can use a lot of resources if you load to many brushes But i am sure many from you have powerful computers if you try to be a designer here is the brush i have used I am showing you this screenshots with brushes, because there are almost 12.000 brushes in Photoshop Designer's Pack and for us it was very hard to look each time someone needs the exact brush used in any tutorial I will create a new layer ( press CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+N ) , then with black color add some details with the brush from above I will add also some stars brushes which you can find it in the same package
  11. Now i will download the following brush set Free Photoshop Brushes » Splatter brushes - Dirty Brushes - Messy brushes and on a new layer i will add some crazy grunge brushes
  12. The next step is to add some content on our usual i will not explain this small steps because i am sure everybody can use Type tool
  13. Now it is time to download another set of brushes: Free Photoshop Brushes » High Resolution Grunge Frame Brushes After you load this brushes, create a new layer above all layers, and with a white color add some
  14. grunge borders on your layout
  15. You can leave this layout also without this border. here is an example or you can use some other types of brushes ( splat brushes ) also downloaded from Free Photoshop Brushes
  16. I hope you like this layout. download this layout to understand better how this layout is created
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