Tài liệu luyện thi Đại học Môn Tiếng Anh - Đề 1

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Tài liệu luyện thi Đại học Môn Tiếng Anh - Đề 1

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  1. Tài li ệu luyện thi Đại học – Môn Tiếng Anh * TN / Đề 1 Page 1 NAME: ........................................... Time allowance: 90' TEST 1 Total marks: / 85 A- PHONETIC: Pick out the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest. 1) A. learn B. nearly C. ear D. clear 6) A. artificial B. compare C. call D. calculus 2) A. willing B. diameter C. tradition D. addition 7) A. would B. ought C. should D. could 3) A. take B. radius C. spark D. cake 8) A. decl are B. compare C. share D. are 4) A. subtract B. traffic C. specific D. cinema 9) A. checks B. makes C. composes D. select s 5) A. added B. subtract ed C. omitted D. stopped 10) A. cheap B. champagne C. church D. much B - VOCABULARY: I/ Choose the best answer: 1) We just have to decide which is the .................. of two evils. A. little B. less C. lesser D. least 2) .................. several football - players who were interviewed .................. Hongson. A. among / were B. among / had C. one of / were D. among / was 3) It was not until the thirteen stroke ................... the bell stopped. A. so that B. that C. before D. when 4) In factories, mobile robots are already used to carry ............ a large number of the distribution and assembly tasks. A. over B. out C. on D. with 5) Mike was not feeling well so we gave him ................... to do than you. A. fewer works B. less work C. little works D. least work 6) I could tell from the ................... look on his face that something terrible ................... . A. frightened ... was happened B. frightening ... would happen C. frightened ... had happened D. frightening ... had been happened 7) The cattle moved off quickly, stopping ................... to eat some grass. A. nowadays B. probably C. here and thereD. here and now 8) My teacher can write a beautiful poem in ................... . A. little than half an hour B. a little than half an hour C. less than half an hour D. less than half an hour 9) We both decided to do different things: he wrote a letter ................... I listened to the radio. A. if B. because C. while D. since 10) “What does he do for a living?” – “He is ...............” A. bus driver B. a bus driver C. bus’ driver D. a bus’ driver II/ Read the following paragraph and choose the best answer: Three people jumped 1 )__________ a car on a busy Oxford road after a fire started under the bonnet this morning. They were just able to rescue their possessions before the car burst into 2)________. Mr. Peter Collins, 25, of Wey Road, Berinsfield 3)________ his Avenger estate car home 4)__________ work with two friends when he noticed smoke coming into the car. He stopped, 5)________ was unable to open the bonnet. He poured a bottle of water over the radiator where the smoke was coming from, but could not put out the flames. He then 6)_______ to get fire extinguishers from a nearby 7) _______, but 8)________ also failed to have any effect. 9)_________ he phoned for a 10)________, but by the time it arrived, the car was totally burnt out. 1) A. into B . on C. out of D. over 2) A. flames B. petrol C. smoke D. sparks 3) A. drove B. has driven C. was driving D. was driven 4) A. to B. from C. at D. in 5) A. but B. because C. although D. so 6) A. wandered B. jumped C. walked D. ran 7) A. hospital B. garage C. library D. swimming pool 8) A. this B. those C. that D. these 9) A. At length B. Finally C. At the end D. Terminally 10) A. police car B. ambulance C. taxi D. fire engine C- GRAMMAR: Choose the best answer for each sentence below. NguyÔn §øc H­ng* - Marie Curie High School, HP. (: 3710743 - 0912.883.190)
  2. Tài li ệu luyện thi Đại học – Môn Tiếng Anh * TN / Đề 1 Page 2 1) "Who should go to see him?" - "I suggest that Mary ................... too see him." A. go B. goes C. would go D. went 2) "John, do you have a passport?" - "No, but I wish I ................... one." A. having B. have C. can have D. had 3) "Did you enjoy the show last night?" - "Yes, but I wish I ................... a cold." A. hadn't B. didn't have C. hadn't had D. wouldn't have 4) Costner's going to be nominated to receive the Academy Award for best director, ................ ? A. won't he B. didn't he C. isn't he D. doesn't he 5) According to the conditions of my scholarship, after finishing my degree, .................. A. my education will be employed by the university. B. employment will be given to me by the university. C. the university will employ me. D. I will be employed by the university. 6) Have you fed the chicken yet? A. Have the chicken fed yet? B. Have you had fed the chicken yet? C. Have the chicken been fed yet? D. have you had the chicken fed yet? 7) The Consumer Price Index lists .................. A. how much costs every car. B. how much does every car cost. C. how much every car costs. D. how much are every car cost. 8) It is important that the TOEFL Office .................. your registration. A. will confirm B. must confirm C. confirms D. confirm 9) We all realise .................... A. how difficult is the university entrance examination. B. how the university entrance examination is difficult. C. how difficult the university entrance examination is. D. how is the university entrance examination difficult. 10) Teachers may be ............ large classes and may not know how to get the best results form small classes. A. used to teaching B. used to teach C. using to teach D. used teach 11) When sugar .................... to yeast, fermentation takes place. A. by adding B. adding C. it is added D. is added 12) Transfer of information takes place .................... in some way to the material that was originally learned. A. only if the new material is similar B. when is the new material similar C. only with similar new material D. so the similar new material 13) There is no water on the moon, nor .................. an atmosphere around it. A. there is B. it is C. there is not D. is there 14) In ancient times the Egyptians ................ cats. A. worship B. worshipped C. had worshipped D. were worshipping 15) “You look very tired!” – “I am. I .................. papers all day.” A. have been marking B. had been marking C. am marking D. had marked D - READING COMPREHENSION: I/ Fill in each numbered blank with ONE suitable word: One step beyond automated machines is the 1)_________ robot, the heart and brain 2)_________ which is the microcomputer. Unlike most automated machines, industrial robots can 3)_________ programmed to do a variety of tasks 4) _________ are usually accomplished by human factory workers. Like their human 5 )_________, industrial robots can be switched from one job to 6)_________ and can be programmed to 7)_________ new tasks. Thus, robots have found their greatest use in assembling 8)_________ components. However, they are swiftly branching 9 )_________ basic assembly operations to construction and mining, and their 10)_________ wonderful use of all is the exploration of oceans and outer space. 1) A. industry B. industrial C. industrialise D. industrialisation 2) A. of B. in C. from D. for 3) A. to be B. be C. is D. being 4) A. who B. whom C. whose D. that 5) A. combination B. counterpart C. evaluation D. abolishment 6) A. some B. any C. another D. others 7) A. handle B. expose C. judge D. compare 8) A. mechanic B. mechanical C. mechanics D. mechanization 9) A. for B. onto C. from D. forward 10) A. most B. best C. worse D. less II/ Read the following paragraph and choose the best answer for each statement: NguyÔn §øc H­ng* - Marie Curie High School, HP. (: 3710743 - 0912.883.190)
  3. Tài li ệu luyện thi Đại học – Môn Tiếng Anh * TN / Đề 1 Page 3 Most of the people who like films are only interested in the leading actor or actress when they enjoy a film. It seems to them that it is only t he actors or actresses that have made the film successful and interesting. They always pay attention to the actors' or actresses' appearance, performance, and fashion. There are many film viewers who have no awareness of the other people's work to make a film. A finished film, actually, is the result of the collaboration of many persons, and the most important among them are the scriptwriter, the cinematographer, the film editor, the actor, and the director. Especially, in some thrilling scenes, the roles of the stuntmen are very important. They are always in danger when they are acting, some of them are even badly hurt or dead. But what a pity, many film viewers rarely appreciate their work. 1) To many film viewers, ..................... . A. the director is the most important. B. no one is more important than the leading actor or actress. C. the stuntmen play the most important role. D. the most important person is the cinematographer. 2) Many film viewers always pay attention to ........................... . A. the director's name and appearance. B. the pictures taken by the cinematographer. C. the leading actors' or actress' family. D. the actors' and actress' appearance, performance and fashion. 3) A finished film is the result of the collaboration of ................... . A. many persons. B. the leading actor and the director C. the actors and actresses. D. film viewers and the directors. 4) There are ...................... most important individuals in making a film. A. 3 B. 4 C. 5 D. 6 5) The work of the stuntmen are ...................... . A. secure B. dangerous C. interested D. thrilled III/ Read the following paragraph and choose the best answer for each statement: Some kinds of animals that are still around today were in existence millions of years ago during the time of dinosaur. One of these survivors is the crocodile, which has been around for about 100 million years. Today’s crocodiles can grow to a length of 20 feet and weight about a ton. Their prehistoric ancestors were about two and a half times the size of today’s animals. Another survivor from the past is the Galapagos tortoise, whose history goes back around 200 million years. The tortoise of today has not evolved much over the last 200 millions years; it looks about the same now as it did way back then. The oldest survivor from prehistoric times is the cockroach. Cockroaches have been able to stick around for more than 250 million years. The main reason for their incredible endurance is their ability to live in all kinds of conditions and survive on all kinds of food. 1) This passage is mainly about .............. A. the dinosaur. B. how the crocodile has survived. C. animals that have existed for a long time. D. types if animals that have existed for a long time. 2) According to the passage, the crocodile ............. A. survive an attack by dinosaurs. B. first appeared 100,000 years ago. C. has increased in size over time. D. has existed for millions of years. 3) It can be inferred from the passage that prehistoric crocodiles could reach a maximum length of .............. A. ten feet. B. twenty feet. C. fifty feet D. one hundred feet. 4) The passage indicates that the Galapagos tortoise .............. A. has changed considerably. B. has b een around for 250 million years. C. is about the same as it was in the era of the dinosaur. D. is much larger than prehistoric tortoises. 5) Which of the following if NOT mentioned about the cockroach? A. It has been evolved considerably over the years. B. It lived at the time of the dinosaur. C. It has been around for a quarter of a billion years. D. It eats many kinds of food. E - USE OF ENGLISH: I/ WORD FORMATION: Choose one word that best fits the blank. 1) She sent me a letter of _________. A. invite B. invitation C. invited D. inviting E. uninviting 2) The little boy felt very _________ because his parents did not let him go with them. A. disappoint B. disappointed C. disappointment D. disappointing E. appointment 3) I am very _________ to you for helping me with English. NguyÔn §øc H­ng* - Marie Curie High School, HP. (: 3710743 - 0912.883.190)
  4. Tài li ệu luyện thi Đại học – Môn Tiếng Anh * TN / Đề 1 Page 4 A. grate B. grateful C. grateness D. grateless E. ungrate 4) A _________ letter should be an interesting piece of writing. A. friendship B. friendly C. unfriendly D. befriend E. befriended 5) I find true _________ in her love. A. happiness B. happy C. happily D. unhappy E. happier 6) I try to do my job to the best of my _________. A. ability B. inability C. unable D. disability E. disable 7) Her parents always _________ her in her studies. A. courage B. courageous C. discouraged D. encouraged E. encouraging 8) The pull of the earth is _________ gravity. A. call B. called C. calling D. calls E. to call 9) The film is so _________ that I have seen it twice. A. interest B. interested C. interesting D. disinterested E. uninterested 10) It is _________ to make friends with him. A. dangerous B. endangered C. endangering D. dangering E. danger II/ ERROR IDENTIFICATION: Choose the underlined word or phrase in each sentence below that needs correcting. 1) Charcoal is odourless and tastelessness, and has the ability to absorb a large quantity of gas. A B C D 2) During the Industrial Revolution, farmers have left their fields and went to work in dimly-lit factories and mines. A B C D 3) In 1744, Benjamin Franklin lead in the founding of the American Philosophical Society, the first learned society of America. A B C D 4) Magnesium is almost five times lighter than steel, so it is wide used in space vehicles and aircraft. A B C D 5) Hunger depends of the blood's concentration of glucose, a kind of sugar. A B C D III/ Which of the followings is the best transformation of the given sentence: 1) That was the first time he had ever been on ski. A. He had never been on ski for the first time. B. Never had he before been on ski. C. Never before had he been on ski. D. Never before had he ever been on ski. 2) Even though he is so old, he still plays tennis every day. A. Despite of being old, he still plays tennis every day. B. Despite being old, but he still plays tennis. C. Despite his old age, he still plays tennis every day. D. Despite his old, he still plays tennis every day. 3) We couldn’t persuade her to come with us. A. She couldn’t come with us because we didn’t persuade. B. She couldn’t be persuaded to come with us. C. She could come because she persuaded. D. She wasn’t not persuaded much enough. 4) If you have any trouble at all, phone me at once. A. Should you to have any trouble, give me a ring. B. Should you have any trouble, phone to me. C. Should you have any trouble, phone me at once. D. Should you phone me, you have trouble. 5) She was a year or two older than Mary. A. Mary is a year or two younger than her. B. Mary was a year or two younger than her. C. Mary was a year or two not young than her. D. Mary was a year or two as young as her.  NguyÔn §øc H­ng* - Marie Curie High School, HP. (: 3710743 - 0912.883.190)



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