Trắc nghiệm về mạng máy tính ( wifi )

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Trắc nghiệm về mạng máy tính ( wifi )

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1) IP, a) b) c) d) e) f) and IPX operate at what layer? Presentation Application Session Transport Network Data Link 2) What is, or is becoming the topology of choice for networks? a) Bus b) Star c) Hierarchical d) Mesh 3) If computers are connected along a single cable this is called what type of topology? a) Star b) Bus c) Hierarchical d) Mesh 4) 1000Base-T is not a Category 5 cable. a) True b) False 5) Mesh topologies are the least expensive and are easier to maintain. a) True b) False 6) RJ-45 connectors are used with ? a) Coax b) Fiber-optic c)...

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