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VSTEP là một kỳ thi đánh giá năng lực tiếng Anh mới theo khung năng lực Ngoại ngữ 6 bậc, bắt đầu áp dụng tại đại học Ngoại Ngữ từ ngày 16 tháng 5 và hiện nay 7/10 đơn vị được Bộ cấp phép đã tổ chức thi chứng chỉ tiếng Anh B1, B2, C1 theo định dạng Vstep.

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VSTEP SPEAKING PART 1<br /> TEST 1<br /> A. LET’S TALK ABOUT HOBBIES<br /> 1. What do you do in your spare time?<br /> When I have free time, I often do some aquatic sports like swimming and scuba<br /> driving. In the summer time, going to swim is a great source of entertainment<br /> because the temperature would probably be reduced when being under water.<br /> Moreover, this kind of relaxing keeps me a good shape and it is beneficial for my<br /> digestion. After practicing in the pool, I feel like the food is tastier.<br /> 2. Do you prefer spending your time alone or with others?<br /> Frankly, I find it preferable to spare my time alone. Having a private time, I am<br /> not bothered so I can entertain myself. I am a great lover of quiet, thus, I can<br /> rethink about what I’ve done in a day, which was correct or which required an<br /> adjustment. It’s a good way for me to perfect myself.<br /> 3. What are good hobbies and bad hobbies?<br /> I have numerous healthy hobbies, besides many bad ones. In terms of my good<br /> favorite activities, doing housework is well-done by me when I have spare time. I<br /> like tidying up my room, rearranging the bookcase, washing and ironing the<br /> clothes and cooking. Concerning the unhealthy hobbies, I think I absorb a lot of<br /> fast food which can make me be overweighed.<br /> <br /> B. LET’S TALK ABOUT PETS<br /> 1. What’s your favorite pet?<br /> My enjoyable pet is dog which is known as the most intelligent and loyal domestic<br /> animal. When playing with dog, I feel relaxed and funny, especially with tiny<br /> breed dogs. Dog play an essential role in keeping the house protected and they are<br /> friendly with the nice guests.<br /> 2. Do you have a pet at home?<br /> <br /> LỚP ÔN THI VSTEP – 0987 924 268 –<br /> <br /> Teddy is the dog which has been fostered by my family for 7 years. Teddy is such<br /> a lovely guy that every guest visiting my house adore her so much. She has a<br /> white-yellow feather and light eyes. When I am happy or sad, she seems to know<br /> it and she also tries to share with my feelings by sitting next to me and glaring at<br /> me. Teddy is not only the beloved member in my family but she is also a<br /> safeguard of my house. She protects my house at night and waits everyone coming<br /> back home from work.<br /> 3. What are the benefits of keeping pets?<br /> Pet’s upbringing is advantageous because it is a helpful way of entertainment.<br /> Talking to pets or taking care of them would be funny which release the burden of<br /> a day. That their extinct functions support house owners in protecting the house is<br /> the second merit. Dogs are loyal housekeepers, cats are skillful mice-catchers and<br /> birds are constant informers.<br /> <br /> TEST 2<br /> A. LET’S TALK ABOUT FRUITS<br /> 1. Do you like fruits? Why?<br /> Fruits are my passion and I enjoy fruits every day. Undeniably, the benefits of<br /> fruits are numerous, including provide people with energy and nutrition. As far as<br /> I concerned, eating more fruits makes us look younger and keeps our skin be more<br /> energetic so I absorb as many as I can. Fruits also helps me refresh my mind and<br /> they are the best choice in the summer days, when the thirsty feeling causes me to<br /> be dead exhausted.<br /> 2. What’s your favorite fruit?<br /> I am fond of such fruits including a lot of vitamin C as oranges, five-star fruits, or<br /> pomelos. As the proverbs goes, “An apple a day keeps doctors away”, these kinds<br /> of fruits will strengthen me by supplying immune elements, especially when I am<br /> sick or I catch a cold. They also have a good effect on my brain while I storm it.<br /> <br /> LỚP ÔN THI VSTEP – 0987 924 268 –<br /> <br /> They motivate me to find out more interesting ideas and create an exciting<br /> emotion when doing research.<br /> 3. How important is fruit to your health?<br /> Fruits are supportive for both physical and mental health. We can keep fit and<br /> have a beautiful skin by increasing fruits input. They also do good to immunity<br /> system because of nutrient elements in fruits. Eating more fruits is likely to wake<br /> up our minds, hence, more ideas would be flashed out interestingly.<br /> <br /> B. LET’S TALK ABOUT MEALS OF THE DAY<br /> 1. What’s your favorite meal of the day?<br /> I am into the breakfast which gives me a dynamic start of a new day. It is the<br /> most well-prepared meal, often with rice or bread and pork meat or eggs. After<br /> having the main food, I drink a cup of milk and have a few fruits. This fully<br /> nutrient provision makes me feel confident and active in my work during<br /> morning.<br /> 2. Do you cook it or someone else does it for you?<br /> I propose that “Eating your breakfast likes doings of a King” so I cook the<br /> breakfast myself. It is fresher because the food is washed, clean and is not the<br /> remains. Secondly, it is reasonable and I can save money for other activities.<br /> Above all, I can take care of my family by self-prepared breakfast when<br /> everyone can have happy moments before working.<br /> 3. What times are good to have meals?<br /> At breakfast time, between 6 A.M to 8 A.M when out body could absorb the<br /> nutrition significantly after long hours sleeping at night, it is beneficial for our<br /> digestion. The lunch should be at 11 A.M to 12.30 A.M and the suitable<br /> timetable for dinner is between 6 P.M to 8 P.M<br /> <br /> LỚP ÔN THI VSTEP – 0987 924 268 –<br /> <br /> TEST 3<br /> A. Let’s talk about parks<br /> 1. Do you like to go to the park?<br /> I am passionate about going to park, especially at the breaking dawn. My local park is<br /> spacious and very clean. There are many kind of fauna and flora in here which are<br /> alluring in the morning. When I go jogging in the park every morning, I can enjoy the<br /> beauty of the scene and absorb fresh air. All these marvelous things make me love the<br /> nature more and also close me to the natural environment.<br /> 2. Do people go to park in your area?<br /> Green Park is a favorite destination of my local residents so they always have great<br /> moments at here. The senior goes jogging around the lake and sitting at like side to enjoy<br /> the shade of big trees, as well as the cool wind in the summer. The couples find it<br /> preferable to contemplate the romantic atmosphere in the park and the children are<br /> interested in the large space with many games.<br /> 3. What make a good park?<br /> Firstly, a great park should be clean and green. Trees and flowers should be cultivated<br /> and the paths in the park are tied up without rubbish. The facilities should also be<br /> modernized with the area for children, the coffee house for food and drinks and the area<br /> for doing exercises. The safety in the park should be well assured and the ambulance<br /> service should be available.<br /> <br /> B. Let’s talk about neighbors<br /> 1. Do you know people who live next door to you?<br /> My house is located in the countryside and the relationship with neighbors is close-knit.<br /> We share with others when being in trouble or being happy and we are willing to assist<br /> each other. Every member on my stress lives harmoniously and the face interaction is a<br /> funny routine.<br /> 2. Do you get on well with your neighbors?<br /> <br /> LỚP ÔN THI VSTEP – 0987 924 268 –<br /> <br /> I get along well with my neighbors who I consider as my fellows. They adore me because<br /> I am a young devoted tutor in the area. They often bring their children to my house at<br /> weekends and I teach the kids English. I also give feedback to their parents and give them<br /> advice for their children’s orientation.<br /> 3. In what way are neighbors helpful?<br /> The neighbors would be nice if they can sympathize and forgive others. When<br /> understanding others’ situation and sharing with their difficulties, almost misunderstood<br /> things could be solved and a hospitable atmosphere is created. They can avoid conflict<br /> then the union in a small community contributes to a united society.<br /> TEST 4<br /> A. Let’s talk about house<br /> 1. Do you live in a house or a flat?<br /> I live in a private house which is large and well equipped. My house has a big yard in<br /> front of and many trees are planted around. My father is a fan of taking care of trees and<br /> birds so he cultivates them himself. My 3-floor house is installed such modern facilities<br /> as air-conditioner each room, refrigerators, washing machines, ovens,… which create a<br /> convenient living space.<br /> 2. What are some advantages of living in an apartment?<br /> The benefits of being tenant in an apartment outweigh its drawbacks. First of all, the<br /> security in a living tower is taken on priority because the safeguards are on duty all the<br /> time. The second advantages of living in an apartment is the convenience. The<br /> supermarket is opened right at the entrance door thus residents can purchase the food<br /> items whenever they are on demand. Despite the small size of a flat and the restriction in<br /> communicating with neighbors, living in a department is worthwhile because of its<br /> comforts.<br /> 3. Can you describe your dream house?<br /> Actually, my dream house is same as my house which I live in now. It will be a spacious<br /> one with a big yard in front of. The trees are planted around and a wooden hedge with<br /> roses set on two sides of the path, from gate to the main door. It would be well-equipped<br /> <br /> LỚP ÔN THI VSTEP – 0987 924 268 –<br /> <br />



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