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Giáo án tiếng anh lớp 10: Unit 3: People's background Period

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Giáo án tiếng anh lớp 10: Unit 3: People's background Period
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  1. Giáo án tiếng văn 10 Unit 3: People's background Period 16: Lesson 16: Language focus * Aims : Distinguish the sounds / e / - / æ / Learning how to use past perfect , past simple. * Objectives: By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to : - Pronounce the two sounds / e / - / æ / correctly. - Use the past perfect tense appropriately & distinguish it with the simple past tense. * Skills: Speaking – Listening – Reading – Writing. * Methods: Communicative approach * Teaching aids : Textbook, handout,… * Procedure : Content Activities
  2. I. Preliminary activities : T: Raises the Qs. + Greetings : Good afternoon. T & Ss correct their How are you today? work. II. Warm up : - 2 Ss do the task on board. Check homework. - T: Show the things & III. New lesson raises the Qs. 1.Presentation (?) What’s this? A/ Pronunciation : The vowels (?) How is it /e/-/æ/ pronounced? pe n apple - Ss: Look at the things & /e/ /æ/ give the words. - T: Have Ss pronounce the two words/ the * / e / is a short sound sounds. * / æ / is a long sound; first - Underline / e / & circle pronounce the sound / æ / in the sentences. / e / then open your mouth a - Instructs the way to little more. Practice reading the
  3. sounds and the whole sentences pronounce. as well. Then practice in groups. - Asks Ss to practice reading & try to identify the two sounds in the sentences. B/ Grammar. Set the scene: e.g - do homework - watch a football match on TV. To link the ideas, we say: - T: Ask Ss to write out - Last night I had done two homework before I watched a football match on TV. activities they did before going to bed last night. - I had watched the football match, I went to bed. - Have two Ss write on board. Form.
  4. (+) S + had + P2 + O (-) S + had not( hadn’t) + P2 + O. (?) Had + S +P2 + O ? (+) Yes, S + had. ( -) No, S + hadn’t - T: Asks Ss to review the Use. past perfect tense. The past perfect can be used to - Encourages Ss to recall describe: the knowledge they’ve + an action before a pint of learnt. time in the past. E.g: I had done all my homework before 7 p.m last - Asks Ss to do the task. night. - Ss do the task. + an action that happened before - T: Have Ss compare another past action. their answers with a E.g: I had done all my friend. Make sure all the homework before I watched TV.
  5. 2. Practice. verbs have been put in the correct form. Exercise 1( P.39) Use the verbs in brackets in past perfect tense. - 1. had 6. had been broken 2.had done 7. had left Calls on some Ss to read 3. had met 8. had aloud their answers in moved front of the class. 4. had not 9. had not - Feedback & gives turned off seen correct answers. 5. had ever 10. had - Try to recall the seen broken in knowledge of past perfect tense. - T: Asks Ss to do the task in groups of 4 or 5. Take notes. - T: Helps Ss distinguish
  6. Exercise 2( P.40) Past perfect the two tenses. >< Past simple G/W Identify the past simple & the - Study sentence by past perfect tense. sentence & do the task. E.g: - I did my homework last night. - Last night I had done all my homework before I went to bed . * Past perfect used for 1st action. * Past simple used for 2nd action. Expected answers: - T: Have some Ss 1,. had just finished – came display on board. Others 2. had seldom traveled – went compare their work with 3. went – had already taken their friends. 4. Did you manage – had he - Feedback & give the gone correct answers.
  7. 5. had just got – phoned – had - Asks Ss to read the been story carefully& work in pairs to find 5 mistakes in the use of tenses in the story. Exercise 3 (P.40) Error - Recall the use of the correction. two tenses. Expected answers. - T: Have them join another pair to make a Sentence Mistake Correction group & compare the answers. had 1 climbed - Calls on some Ss to climbed explain their answers in had 3 turned front of the class . turned - Feedback & give had correction. 5 called called - Work in groups to do had the task. 7 heard heard Peer correction.
  8. G/W. had - Study the story 9 went already carefully & do the task. gone Note: If time is not allowed, E.3 can be given to do at home. IV. Homework assignment: E.3 + Test yourself. - Take notes.
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