Giáo án tiếng anh lớp 10: UNIT 9: UNDERSEA WORLD

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  1. Giáo án tiếng văn 10 UNIT 9: UNDERSEA WORLD Period 55: LESSON 1: READING I. Objectives: 1. Education aims: - Students read about the undersea world. 2. Knowledge: a. General knowledge: - Knowledge about the oceans and the undersea world. b. Language: - The present simple tense. - Vocabulary concerning undersea world like: whale, jellyfish, shark, ..... 3. Skills: - Speaking : Talk in pairs and in groups. - Reading comprehension: Better Ss' reading skill through vocabulary Matching and Table completion exercises. II. Anticipated problems:
  2. - Students may lack of vocabulary on undersea world. III. Teaching aids: - Board, textbook, chalk. IV. Procedures: Teacher’s Students’ activities activities 1. Warm-up: - Aim: Ss get used to the topic. + Networks: - Ss are required to work in - Work in groups of 3-4 groups of 3 or 4 to make a list Ss of words related to the names of the animals in the sea in written - Give the listens to the form. teacher - The group with the longest list will be the winner. 2. Before you read - Aim: -Prepare information and - Work in pairs and do vocabularies for the topic.
  3. the work orally. + Work with a partner 1: - Ask Ss to look at the map and - Some Ss report. give Vietnamese names for the + Pa'cific ocean: Thái oceans on the map. Bình Dương - Allow Ss to discuss in pairs in + At'lantic ocean: Đại 2 minutes. Tây Dương + 'Indian ocean: Ấn Độ Dương + 'Arctic ocean: Bắc - Get feedback and give Băng Dương remarks. + An'tarctic ocean ( Southern ocean): Biển + Work with a partner 2: Nam cực - Ss are required to do in the - Listen and copy down. same way as in “ Work with a partner 1” to name the sea animal in each picture. - Do as they have done in - Ask some Ss to report. the previous part - Listen and give remarks. - Some sts report.
  4. + Picture1: Seal + + Vocabulary: Picture2: Jellyfish - Provide the Ss with new words/phrases: + Picture3: Turtle + Picture4: Shark + Gulf(n): Vịnh - Self- correct + challenge(v): thách thức + Subma'rine(n): Tàu ngầm + 'organism(n): cá thể + Biodi'versity(n): sự đa dạng sinh học + at stake(phr) có nguy cơ tuyệt chủng = in danger - Listen and then copy - Read each word/phrase 3 down times and ask the Ss to repeat it. - Leave the Ss 1 minute to self- practise reading the words. - Listen and repeat. - Ask 4-5 Ss to read all the word/phrases aloud in front of - Read these words the class
  5. - Listen and help the Ss to read silently. the words/phrases correctly. 3. While you read: - Some Ss read these - Aims: Read the passage for words aloud and others information to do the tasks. listen. - Self-correct. + Set the scene: - You are going to read a passage about undersea world. Read it and then do the tasks that follow. + Task 1:Fill in each space with a suitable from the box. - Ask Ss to read the passage and - Listen to the teacher. do task 1. - Ss are required to compare their results with their partners. - 5 Ss are required to do the task - Read the passage and orally in front of the class (1 st/ then do the task.
  6. 1 time). - Share their answers with their partners. - Listen and help Ss to do the task correctly. - Some Ss report. + Task 2: Answering 1. tiny 2. Questions: investigate - Ask Ss to work in pairs to read 3. gulf 4. biodiversity the passage again and answer 5. samples the questions in task 2. - Require Ss to underline the information that supports the answers. - Work in pairs to ask - Ss are required to compare and answer. their answers with another pair. - Ask 5-6 Ss to read their - Compare their answer answers aloud in front of the with other pairs. class (1 st / 1 time). - Some pairs report. 1. 75% 2. They do that by using
  7. modern devices 3. They bring samples to the scientists to study - Give correct answers. 4. We can learn about 4. After you read: the temperature, depth, - Aims: Give the summary of the and the marine passage. population - Ss are required to work in 5. They are : + the pairs to fill in each numbered bottom depending space with a word/phrase in the + current box. independing - 8 Ss represent by reading + tiny organism aloud the answers. - Listen and help Ss to do their task well. - Work in pairs to do the task. - 8 Ss report. 1. three-quarters 2.
  8. mysterious 3. modern 4. discovery 5. plants and animals 6. huge 7. biodiversity 8. Homework: closely connected - Learn the summary of the - Others listen reading passage.
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