Câu hỏi trò chơi Rung Chuông Vàng - Phần 8

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Câu hỏi trò chơi Rung Chuông Vàng - Phần 8

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  1. Created by HA_VIP HA_VIP Page 1 4/26/2011 1. Hanger is to closet as tree is to…….. Answer: Branch 2. What would be the next number in this series? 15 ... 12 ... 13 ... 10 ... 11 ... 8... ? Answer: 9 3. Which one of the following five is least like the other four? Smile - Grin - Frown - Touch – Sneer Answer: Touch 4. Which one of the following five is least like the other four? Juice - Egg - Steak - Salad – Cheese Answer: Juice 5. DIDIIDID is to 49499494 as DIIDIIDD is to……….. Answer: 49949944 6 If you rearrange the letters NLIRBE, you would have the name of a Answer: City: Berlin 7What would be the next number in this series? 144 ... 121 ... 100 ... 81 ... 64... ?? Answer: 49 8 Niece is to nephew as brother is to 1
  2. Answer: Sister 9. Which one of the five choices makes the best comparison? LIVED is to DEVIL as 6323 is to…. Answer: 3236 10. Even the most ___________ rose has thorns Answer: ugly 11. HAND is to Glove as HEAD is to Answer: Hat 12. If you rearrange the letters "ANLDEGN," you would have the name of a(n): Answer: Country: England 13. A boy is 4 years old and his sister is three times as old as he is. When the boy is 12 years old, how old will his sister be? Answer: 20 14. Two girls caught 25 frogs. Lisa caught four times as many as Jen did. How many frogs did Jen catch? Answer: 5 15. Chinese is to Asian as Italian is to………. Answer: European 16. Which is the odd one out? Mars, Jupiter, Comet, Earth, Neptune Answer: Earth, 17. A rancher is building an open-ended (straight) fence by stringing wire between posts 25 metres apart. If the fence is 100 metres long how many posts should the rancher use? Answer: 5 18. 11. If the day before yesterday is two days after Monday then what day is it today? Answer: Friday 2
  3. 19. Which number should come next in the series 1, 3, 6, 10,15 , ……….. Answer: 21 20. Which number should come next in the series? 13, 57, 911, 1315, 1719 Answer: 2123 21. If two typists can type two pages in five minutes, how many typists will it take to type twenty pages in ten minutes? Answer: 10 22. Two ducks and two dogs have a total of ………legs Answer: 12 23. This sequence of four words, "triangle, glove, clock, bicycle," corresponds to this sequence of numbers "3, 5,12………” Answer: 2 24. 27 minutes before 7 o'clock is ……… minutes past 6 o'clock Answer: 33 25. If written backwards, the number, "one thousand, one hundred twenty-five," would be written "five thousand, two hundred ……….." Answer: Eleven 26. The words, "auctioned, education, and cautioned," all use the exact ……… letters. Answer: Same 27. If Monday is the first day of the month, the very next Saturday is the ……… day of the month. Answer: Fifth 28. The numbers, 3-7-2-4-8-1-5, are read backwards as …………… Answer: 5-1-8-4-2-7-3. 3
  4. 29. The odd numbers in this group add up to an …. Number: 15, 32, 5, 13, 82, 7. Answer: Even 30. This sentence has…….letters (without the words in the blank). Answer: 22. 31. Frank is taller than John. Ralph is taller than Frank. Therefore, John is the ……. boy. Answer: Shortest. 32. If each of seven persons in a group shakes hands with each of the other six persons, then a total of………. handshakes occurs. Answer: 42. 33 . ….. of the following numbers add up to the number 25: 17, 3, 2, 19, 5. Answer: Three 34. The first vowel appearing in this sentence is the letter "……" Answer: E. 35. Twenty- four hours are to one day as …… days are to June's length. Answer: Thirty. 36. In the English alphabet, there are exactly…….. letters between the letter "M" and the letter "G." Answer: 5. 37. By removing ……. letters from the word, "motherhood," the word, "home," can be formed. Answer: 6. 38. The letters of the word, "sponged," appear in ……….alphabetical order. Answer: Reverse. 39. Gary has only forty-eight dollars, but he can buy a bicycle that costs one hundred twenty dollars, (disregarding tax) if he borrows fifty-seven dollars from Jane and ….. dollars from Jill. Answer: Fifteen. 40. If Richard looks into a mirror and touches his left ear with his right hand, Richard's image seems to touch its ……. ear with its….. hand. Answer: left, right. 41. John weighs 85 pounds. Jeff weighs 105 pounds. Jake weighs 115 pounds. Two of them standing together on the same scale could weigh ……. pounds. Answer: 200 or 220. 42. Which one of the following five is least like the other four? Cat - Lion - Dog - Turtle - Elephant Answer: Turtle. 43. Emily is four years old. Her big sister Amy is three times as old as Emily. How old will Amy be when she is twice as old as Emily? Answer: 16. 44. Bowl is to cereal as envelope is to………. Answer: Stamp. 4
  5. 45. What would be the next number in this series? 2 ... 3 ... 5 ... 8 ... 12 ... 17 ... ?? Answer: 23. 45. WOLF is to FLOW as 8526 is to……… Answer: 6258. 46. Which city is the odd one out? Paris, Rome, Seville, Berlin, Athens Answer: Seville. 47. A pie can be cut into more than seven pieces by making only…… diameter cuts through its center. Answer: Four, 48. Nine chickens, two dogs, and three cats have a total of ……. legs. Answer: 38. 49. The words, "every, how, hand, school," can form ……. words using, respectively, "one, ever, finger, girl." Answer: Compound. 50. The following, disregarding punctuation, is spelled the same forwards as it is……: "Drat Saddam, mad dastard!" Answer: Backwards. 5



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