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Từ điển Nhật - Anh

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Tài liệu bao gồm các từ vựng, câu từ tiếng Nhật được giải thích bằng tiếng Anh. Tài liệu “Từ điển Nhật – Việt” được biên soạn với mục đích góp thêm một phần nhỏ và tủ sách học tiếng Nhật tại nước ta hiện nay, ngõ hầu đáp ứng nhu cầu hiện tại của, Rất có ích cho các bạn học ngoại ngữ...

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  1. Từ điển Nhật - Anh
  2. Level 2 Kanji List S.No Kanji Readings Meanings Examples 246 相 SOU , SHOU each other , 首相 shu shou - prime minister そ う , し ょ う mutual , 相合傘 ai ai gasa - 2 people sharing an umbrella ai appearance , 相変わらず ai ka warazu - same as always; あ い aspect same ole same ole... minister of state 相撲 sumou - Sumo (has a special su sound 247 愛 love 愛している - I love you! 愛妻 ai sai - beloved wife ai 愛知県 ai chi ken - Aichi prefecture あ い 愛読 ai doku - a Book lover 248 合 GOU , KATSU to be together; 相合傘 ai ai gasa - 2 people sharing an umbrella ゴ ウ, カ ツ to fit 場合 ba ai - a case, situation au 具合 gu ai - condition (of various things) あ う 都合 tsu gou - circumstances, condition, convenience 249 商 SHOU to sell; trade 商港 shou kou - a trade port しょう 商業 shou gyou - commerce, business akinau あ き な う 250 浅 SEN shallow, 経験が浅い kei ken ga asai - have little experience せん superficial 浅緑 asa midori - light green, pale green asai あさ い 1
  3. Level 2 Kanji List 251 預 YO to keep , 預け金 azuke kin - key money よ to take charge of 預言 yo gen - a prophecy azukaru , azukeru to deposit あずかる, あずける 252 汗 KAN sweat , 汗 ase - sweat か ん perspiration 汗腺 kan sen - sweat gland ase あ せ 253 遊 YUU play; to be idle 遊園地 yuu en chi - an amusement park ゆう 遊星 yuu sei - a planet asobu 遊牧民 yuu boku min - nomad あそぶ 夢遊病 mu yuu byou - sleepwalking 254 値 CHI value, price 価値 ka chi - worth, value ち atai , ne あ た い ,ね 255 与 YO to give , award , 与える ataeru - to give, to present よ cause , ataeru to assign (a task) あ た える 2
  4. Level 2 Kanji List 256 温 ON warm , 気温 ki on - temperature お ん temperature 温泉 on sen - Onsen, hot spring atatakai 温度 on do - temperature (degree) あ た た か い 257 暖 DAN warm , 地球温暖化 chi kyuu on dan ka - global warming だ ん cordial 暖まる atatamaru - to warm up; warm oneself atatakai あ た た か い 258 頭 TOU , ZU head , top 石頭 ishi atama - hard headed person (stone head) と う ,ず 赤頭巾 aka zu kin - Little Red Riding Hood atama (lit. red hood) あ た ま 259 辺 HEN , BE vicinity , この辺 kono hen - this vicinity, around here へ ん, べ neighborhood atai あ た い 260 当 TOU to hit , to win , 弁当 ben tou - lunch box, Bento と う to guess 本当 hon tou - truth, really ataru , ateru 当然 tou zen - naturally, of course あ た る ,あ てる 適当 teki tou - suitable, good, fit 3
  5. Level 2 Kanji List 261 圧 pressure 気圧 ki atsu - atmospheric pressure 電圧 den atsu - voltage atsu あ つ 262 暑 SHO summer heat; hot 暑中 sho chuu - summer (middle of) しょ atsui あ つ い 263 熱 NETSU heat , hot , 熱 ne tsu - a fever ね つ fever , craze 熱心 nesshin - fervor, zeal atsui 熱帯 nettai - the tropical belt あ つ い 264 厚 KOU thick 厚さ atsusa - thickness こう 厚紙 atsu gami - thick paper atsui あ つ い 265 跡 SEKI trace , marks, 足跡 ashi ato - footprints せき remains 遺跡 i seki - ruins, historical remains ato 奇跡 ki seki - a miracle あ と 4
  6. Level 2 Kanji List 266 暴 BOU to disclose, open, 乱暴 ran bou - violent, rough ぼ う exoise , abaku violent あ ば く 267 浴 YOKU to bathe 日光浴 nikkou yoku - sunbathing よ く abiru あ び る 268 危 KI dangerous , 危機 ki ki - a crisis き unsafe 危機管理 kiki kanri - crisis management abunai , ayaui unsteady 危急 kikyuu - emergency あ ぶ な い 危険 kiken - danger, peril あ やう い 危険人物 kiken jinbutsu - a dangerous person 269 油 YU oil 醤油 shou yu - Soy sauce ゆ 灯油 tou yu - kerosene abura 油絵 abura e - an oil painting あ ぶ ら 270 脂 SHI fat 脂肪 shibou - fat (body fat) し abura あ ぶ ら 5
  7. Level 2 Kanji List 271 甘 KAN sweet 甘口 ama kuchi - mildness, sweet flavor か ん amai あ ま い 272 余 YO to leave over , 余地 yochi - room, space よ more than , 平均余命 hei kin yo mei - life expectancy amasu , amari , amaru the remainder , あます, あまり to remain, あまる to be beyond (one's power) 273 編 HEN to compile , 詩編 shi hen - the Psalms へ ん to knit 編集 hen shuu - editing, compiling amu 編集部 hen shuu bu - editing department あ む 274 過 KA a fault, error , 食べ過ぎ tabe sugi - eat too much か to pass , elapse 過去 kako - the past ayamachi , sugiru , sugosu to exceed , 過去形 kakokei - the past tense (grammar) あ や ま ち, す ぎ る to go to excess 過ぎ越しの祭り sugi koshi no matsuri - the Passover すごす 275 誤 GO mistake 試行錯誤 shikou sakugo - trial and error ご 誤解 gokai - a misunderstanding ayamaru あ や ま る 6
  8. Level 2 Kanji List 276 荒 KOU violent, rude, wild 荒い arai - wild, rough こう become rough 荒れ地 are chi - desert, wasteland arai , areru あ ら い ,あ れ る 277 洗 SEN wash お手洗い o te arai - toliet, bathroom せ ん 洗い熊 arai guma - racoon (lit. washing bear) arau 洗濯 sen taku - washing; laundry あらう 洗脳 sen nou - brain washing 278 争 SOU to struggle, quarrel 競争 kyou sou - competition, contest そう quarrel , dispute 戦争 sen sou - war arasou , arasoi 南北戦争 nan boku sen sou - the US Civil War あらそう あらそい 279 改 KAI to change , 改革 kai kaku - reform; reformation; innovation か い reform , 経済改革 kei zai kai kaku - economic reform aratameru , aratamaru to be reformed , 改訂 kai tei - revision あ ら た め る reform あ ら た ま る 280 表 HYOU to show , 座席表 za seki hyou - seating chart ひょう to indicate , list , 時間表 ji kan hyou - time table arawasu , omute table , schedule 代表 dai hyou - representative あ ら わ す, お む て the outside, surface 発表 happyou - announcement 7
  9. Level 2 Kanji List 281 現 GEN actual , appear 表現 hyou gen - expression げん 愛の表現 ai no hyou gen - an expression of love arawasu 現金 gen kin - cash, ready money あ らわす 現在 gen zai - now, present days, current 現場 gen ba - the actual spot, scene of the crime 282 著 CHO author , 著者 cho sha - author ちょ to write a book 著しい ichijirushii - remarkable arawasu , ichijirushii remarkable, あ らわす conspicuous いちじるしい 283 在 ZAI to exist , 存在 son zai - existence ざい country , 滞在 tai zai - stay, sojourn aru suburbs あ る 284 暗 AN dark 真っ暗 makkura - total darkness あん 暗闇 kura yami - darkness, the dark kurai 暗記 an ki - memorization, to learn by heart く らい 285 委 I commit , 委員 i in - committee member い to entrust with 任せる makaseru - to entrust, leave ~ to 8
  10. Level 2 Kanji List 286 衣 I clothes garments 浴衣 yukata - a yukata; summer kimono い 衣服 i fuku - clothes koromo ころも 287 囲 I enclose ,surround 雰囲気 fun i ki - an atmosphere い 囲炉裏 irori - a fireplace, hearth kakomu , kakou か こ む ,か こ う 288 位 I rank , position , 一位 ichi i - first place い about どの位 dono kurai - about how much; how far kurai 位置 i chi - place, location, point く らい 289 胃 I stomach 胃 i - stomach い 290 易 I , eki easy 使い易い tsukai yasui - easy to use い,えき 分かり易い wakari yasui - easy to understand yasashi i , yasui やさしい や す い 9
  11. Level 2 Kanji List 291 移 I to transfer , 移民 i min - immigration, immigrant い to infect , to move 移住 i juu - migrate, migration utsuru , utsusu to remove , うつ る ,うつす to infect 292 依 I depend on 依る yoru - depends on, to depend on い 状況に依る jyou kyou ni yoru - depends on the situation e 依願 i gan - a request え 293 偉 I great , 偉い erai - great, important い remarkable 偉大 i dai - greatness erai えらい 294 違 I differ; wrong 間違い ma chigai - a mistake い ~に違いない ~ni chigai nai - I am sure of ~ chigau , chigaeru 違反 i han - violation , infrigement ちがう,ちがえる 295 怒 DO get angry 怒る okoru - get angry ど to get angry 怒声 do sei - a roar ikaru , okaru 怒らす ikarasu - to anger someone い か る ,お か る 怒り ikari - anger; hatred 10
  12. Level 2 Kanji List 296 息 SOKU breath 安息 an soku - rest, repose そく ため息 tame iki - a sigh iki 息子 musuko - a son (irregular reading) いき 297 域 iki boundary 地域 chi iki - a region, area いき 地域時刻 chi iki ji koku - local time 298 勢 SEI power 勢力 sei ryoku - influence, power, might せい 勢い込む ikioi komu - to go heart and soul into... ikioi い き お い 299 幾 KI how many , 幾つ ikutsu - how much?, how many? き some 幾多 iku ta - many, a number of iku い く 300 育 iku to bring up , 教育 kyou iku - education い く to educate , 生涯教育 shou gai kyou iku - education for life sodatsu , sodateru to grow 体育 tai iku - P.E.; gymnastics そ だ つ ,そ だ て る 体育館 tai iku kan - a gym 11
  13. Level 2 Kanji List 301 戦 SEN war 雪合戦 yuki gassen - snow ball fight せん 冷戦 rei sen - the Cold War ikusa , tatakau 戦場 sen jyou - a battlefield いくさ,たたかう 作戦 saku sen - tactics, stategy 302 池 CHI pond 電池 den chi - a battery ち 池 ike - a pond ike いけ 303 勇 YUU brave 勇気 yuu ki - bravery ゆう 勇者 yuu sha - a brave man, hero isamu い さ む 304 石 SHAKU , KOKU stone 隕石 in seki - a meteorite しゃく,こく 化石 ka seki - a fossil ichi , seki 磁石 ji shaku - magnet い ち ,せ き 宝石 hou seki - gem, jewel 石鹸 sekken - soap 一石二鳥 isseki ni chou - killing 2 birds with one stone 305 泉 SEN spring 温泉 on sen - hot spring, せ ん 泉水 sen sui - a fountain izumi いずみ 12
  14. Level 2 Kanji List 306 忙 BOU busy 忙しい isogashii - busy ぼう 多忙 ta bou - busy isogashii いそがしい 307 板 MAN , BAN board (wood) , 看板 kan ban - sign, billboard まん , ばん plate 板挟み ita basami - a dilemma, ita caught between a rock and a hard place いた 308 痛 TSUU pain 片腹痛い kata hara itai - absurd, ridiculous, laughable つう 痛み止め itami dome - a painkiller itai , itamu いたい ,いたむ 309 抱 HOU hug , hold 抱擁 hou you - hug, embrace ほ う 辛抱 shin bou - patience, to put up with... idaku , daku , kakaeru 抱腹絶倒 hou fuku zettou - convulsed with laughter, いだく, だく split one's sides laughing かかえる 310 頂 CHOU summit , receive 頂上 chou jou - peak, summit (of a mountain) ちょう 頂戴 chou dai - please, give me... itadaki , itadaku 頂く itadaku - receive (something) いただき ,いただく 13
  15. Level 2 Kanji List 311 市 SHI city 大阪市 oosaka shi - Osaka City し 姉妹都市 shimai toshi - sister cities ichi 市場 ichi ba - market, marketplace いち 312 糸 SHI thread 糸 ito - thread, yarn, string し 釣り糸 tsuri ito - fishing line ito いと 313 営 EI manage , 兵営 hei ei - barracks barracks 営業 ei gyou - business, management itonamu 営業中 ei gyou chuu - in business いとなむ 314 否 HI no , denial 賛否 san pi - pros and cons, approval and disapproval ひ 不定的 fu tei teki - negative, contradictory ina いな 315 命 MEI , MYOU order 一生懸命 isshou ken mei - with utmost effort, めい , みょう with all one's might inochi 運命 un mei - fate,destiny いのち 革命 kaku mei - revolution 使命 shi mei - a mission 寿命 ju myou - a life span 14
  16. Level 2 Kanji List 316 祈 KI to pray 祈り inori - a prayer き 主の祈り shu no inori - the Lord's Prayer inoru いのる 317 要 YOU require , 重要 juu you - important, momentous, major よ う necessary 必要 hitsu you - necessary iru 要求 you kyuu - demands, request いる 318 居 KYO reside 紙芝居 kami shi bai - a picture play, きょ telling a story with pictures iru 人形芝居 nin gyou shi bai - a puppet show いる 居間 i ma - a living room 319 岩 GAN rock; crag 溶岩 you gen - volcanic lava が ん 岩手県 iwate ken - Iwate prefecture iwa 岩登り iwa nobori - rock climbing いわ 320 祝 SHUKU , SHUU celebrate 祝い iwai - celebration, congratulations しゅく, しゅう 祝祭日 shuku sai jitsu - a festival day iwai 祝福 shuku fuku - a blessing いわい 15
  17. Level 2 Kanji List 321 引 IN draw , pull 割引 wari biki - a discount, reduction いん 綱引き tsuna hiki - tug-of-war hiku , hikeru 引き出し hiki dashi - a drawer (from a desk) ひく, ひける 引越し hikkoshi - to move 引用 in you - a quotation, citation 322 印 IN sign , mark 印象づける in shou zukeru - to impress someone いん 印象的 in shou teki - impressive shirushi 印度人 in do jin - a person from India しるし 323 因 IN cause 原因 gen in - cause, source いん 因って yotte - because of, accordingly yoru よる 324 羽 U feather , wing 羽 hane - a feather う 羽 wa - a counter for birds ha , hane 一羽 ichi wa - one (bird) は, はね 325 宇 U universe, 宇宙 u chuu - the universe, space う eaves, house 宇宙人 u chuu jin - an alien 宇宙飛行士 u chuu hi kou shi - an astronaut 宇宙旅行 u chuu ryo kou - Space travel 16
  18. Level 2 Kanji List 326 初 SHO first、 最初 sai sho - first, from the beginning, onset しょ beginning 初場所 hatsu basho - New Year's Sumo tournament ui , hatsu , hajime うい, はつ は じ め 327 植 SHOKU to plant , to set up 田植え ta ue - rice planting しょく 植物 shoku butsu - plants,vegetation ueru , uwaru 植民地 shoku min chi - a colony う え る ,う わ る 328 伺 SHI to ask , to visit , 伺う ukagau - to visit, to ask, inquire (honorific) し to hear ukagau うかがう 329 浮 FU to float , 浮く uku - to float ふ to come to mind , 浮世絵 uki yo e - Ukiyoe ukabu , uku to be left over (pictures of everyday life in the Edo Period) う か ぶ ,う く 330 受 JU to receive , 授受 ju ju - give and receive じゅ popularity , 受ける ukeru - to be received, become popular, ukaru , uke receptacle to catch on う か る ,う け 受験 ju ken - taking a test 受け身 ukemi - the passive (grammar) 17
  19. Level 2 Kanji List 331 承 SHOU to hear , 承知 shou chi - know, say yes, consent しょう to agree to 承認 shou nin - recognition, acknowledgement uketamawaru うけたまわる 332 失 SHITSU to lose , slip 失業 shitsu gyou - unemployment しつ 失敗 shippai - failure, mistake ushinau 失望 shitsu bou - disappointment うしなう 失礼 shitsu rei - rude, impolite, excuse me 333 薄 HAKU thin , light , 薄々 usu usu - dimly, slightly はく weak , pale 薄荷 hakka - peppermint usui うすい 334 疑 GI to doubt , suspect , 懐疑 kai gi - doubt, skepticism ぎ suspicion , 疑う utagau - to doubt utagau doubt 容疑者 you gi sha - a suspect (person) うたがう 疑問 gi mon - a question, doubt, problem 疑問文 gi mon bun - interrogative sentence 335 内 NAI , DAI inside 案内 an nai - information, guidance な い ,だ い 県内 ken nai - within a prefecture uchi 内緒 nai sho - secret, confidential, privacy うち 18
  20. Level 2 Kanji List 336 打 DA strick , hit , to beat 舌打ち shita uchi - click one's tongue, smacking lips だ 抜打ち nuki uchi - a sudden assault; be surprised by… utsu 打ち上げる uchi ageru - to launch, shoot up うつ (a rocket, space shuttle or fireworks) 337 美 BI beautiful , 賛美 san bi - praise び beauty 讃美歌 san bi ka - a hymn, praise song utsukushii 美人 bi jin - a beautiful woman うつくしい 美術 bi jutsu - art, fine arts 338 器 KI vessel , tool 火炎放射器 ka en hou sha ki - a flame thrower き 楽器 gakki - a musical instument utsuwa 消化器 shou ka ki - a fire extinguisher うつわ 炊飯器 sui han ki - a rice cooker 339 腕 WAN arm , talent ,ability 腕 ude - an arm わん 両腕 ryou ude - both arms ude 腕相撲 ude zumou - arm wrestling (arm Sumo) うで 340 産 SAN childbearing , お土産 o mi yage - a souvenir, さん product , present from a trip for someone ubu , umu fortune , 国産 koku san - a national product う ぶ ,うむ to give birth , 破産 ha san - bankrupt to produce 不動産 fu dou san - real estate 19



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