Super WinPE Plus 2004 Multi-Bootable All-In-One CD

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Super WinPE Plus 2004 Multi-Bootable All-In-One CD

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Super WinPE Plus 2004 Multi-Bootable All-In-One CD You can do whatever you want and/or need on anyones computer, hehe, school, office, work whatever Download links

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  1. Super WinPE Plus 2004 Multi-Bootable All-In-One CD You can do whatever you want and/or need on anyones computer, hehe, school, office, work whatever Download links: Code: password: Code: Welcome to Super WinPE Plus 2004 Multi-Bootable All-In-One CD This is a multi-bootable CD which put 5 different versions of Windows Preinstallation Environment (WinPE) onto one single CD. These 5 versions of WinPE are Windows PE XP-SP1 [Version 5.1.2600], ERD Commander 2003, Windows XPE [English Edition] & Windows XPE [Chinese Edition] (still in experimental stage) and Windows PE 2003 [Version 5.2.3790]. Coming together with the WinPE's on the same CD are installed programs of large varieties, enabling us to accomplish tasks in different area. Features: * Windows Preinstallation Environment (WinPE) 5in1: 1. Windows PE XP-SP1 [Version 5.1.2600], i386 folder renamed as \WXPE 2. ERD Commander 2003 [Version 4.0], i386 folder renamed as \ERDC 3. Windows XPE 2004 [English Edition], i386 folder renamed as \XPEW 4. Windows XPE 2004 [Chinese Edition], i386 folder renamed ast \XPEC 5. Windows PE 2003 [Version 5.2.3790], i386 folder renamed as \W2K3 * In stead of booting to the Command Console which is provided in WinPE as default at startup, users can now switch between 4 Windows Shells through the PEShell Swapper: NU2Menu (Default), BlueBox, Total Commander or ERD Commander. GeoShell is added on the top of the above mentioned shells, providing the additional GeoLaunch, GeoTask and GeoBar features. * Since the BlueBox Shell is to be run on RamDrive B:, its Styles can be switched instantly even though the WinPE is run on the CD. * RamDrive B: has been added onto the WinPE. (32MB for WinPE XP-SP1, WinPE
  2. 2003, XPE 2004 and ERDC 2003). The size of the RAMDrive can be changed easily during the use with simply some clicks, no reboot is necessary. * Registry will be imported to WinPE and ERDC at startup for those installed programs which had made changes and will check upon it. * Programs & Program_Files folders included are with installed programs, ready run on CD (and/or Hard-Drive). Programs which are expected to be run on Ramdisk B: have been compressed as Self-Extracted files. To run a Ramdisk Program, you should first extract it to the destination of Ramdisk B:, and then run the extracted program on Ramdisk. * Installed programs on CD are: Notepad, Wordpad, Editor2, MS-Paint, IrfanView, Calculator, Calendor, Explorer, 2xExplorer, A43 File Management Utility, Console, RegEdit, nu2menu, totalcmd, DiskCommander, Ad-Aware, ob1, FileZilla, WinRAR, WinImage, VNC, rdesktop, putty, DrvCloner, ISOBuster, Nero, CDCheck, Reshacker, Dependency Walker, PowerQuest & avast! Recovery Tools, Ghost32, BGInfo, Mcafee commandline virus scanner & AVERT Stinger, SetResolution, IPConfig, TaskMgr, DiskPart, Diskcopy, PESwapper, PENetCfg, ScrSet , Display, NJStar Communicator and Acrobat Reader. * Ramdisk programs included are bluebox, XVI32, Opera7, AVPersonal, UltraISO, CDImageGUI , Paragon Hardisk Manager 5.5 and lastly Partition Magic 8.0 (to be worked WinPE on Hard-Drive only). * A Chinese Plugin (chs-en.inf) has been applied to all 5 WinPE's for displaying Chinese Characters in BIG5 or GB coded web pages. The Simplified Chinese Plugin (chs-cn.inf) and the Chinese-Keyboard Plugin (keyboard_cn.inf) in the XPE Chinese Edition not only enable displaying of Chinese Characters, but input of Chinese characters as well. * Under Win32 environment, the Autorun CD-Menu will let you select to run Nu2Menu, view CD release notes, browse CD contents or create Stand-Alone ISO of a WinPE Xp- Sp1/2003 CD, XPE 2004 CD (English or Chinese Edition) or a ERD Commander 2003 CD on root directory of drive C: when this CD is inserted. Introduction: Microsoft Windows Preinstallation Environment (WinPE) is a minimal operating system based on the Windows XP kernel. It will give you a complete Win32 environment with network support, a graphical user interface (GUI, 800x600) and FAT/FAT32/NTFS/CDFS file-system support. The Good thing about WinPE is that it can boot from a CD, and we can customize it by adding various programs so that it acts as a min-Windows XP system running on CD. By booting the CD into WinPE, it is very handy for us to test system with no OS, rescuing files to a network share, performing virus scan and so on. WinPE will replace our DOS bootdisk experience in no time! Regular Windows Preinstallation Environment will normally boot into the Command Console where we can enter any supported commands. A shell is then expected so that we can run the commands and the installed program more easily. Instead of using the
  3. Windows Explorer which is too big to be set as the default shell, NU2Menu and GeoShell is chosen as our replacement Windows Manager while Bluebox provides us an alternate right-click pop-up menu as well as a multi-function tool bar. You can also switch to the other 2 alternate shells: The Total Commander or the ERD Commander 2003. Installed programs can be run by just one or two clicks because more buttons have been configured into the Command Bar of the Total Commander, and more icons/shortcuts have been put onto the Desktop of the ERD Commander 2003. Tweaks have been made onto the 5 WinPE's to push their resource limit boundary to a even greater extent. WinPE on Hard-Drive It is possible to establish a Windows Preinstallation Environment (WinPE) on Hard- Drive C:. You can then boot and run the WinPE on your Hard-Drive. This is a very useful way to learn and custom-make your own WinPE. You need to have a Windows XP-SP1 CD to accomplish the following procedure: 1. Under WinNT/2000/XP/2003, put your Windows XP-SP1 (or Windows Server 2003) CD into your CDROM-Drive X:. 2. Run the following command line: x:\i386\winnt32.exe /cmdcons. Follow the instruction to establesh a cmdcons folder onto your boot drive C:. It also will add a line into the boot.ini file under C:\ so that you have the option of booting into the Command Console (WinPE in our case) while you boot your PC. 3. Remove the WXP CD from your CDROM-Drive and replace it with this Super WinPE Plus CD. 4. Create a new folder named as MININT under the root directory of your Boot-Drive C:. Use Windows Explorer, copy all Files/Folders under X:\PeBldWXP\I386 (or X:\PEBld2K3\I386 if you used Windows Server 2003 CD to generate the cmdcons folder) to C:\MININT. This will put the WinPE onto your C: drive under the directory C:\MININT. 5. Copy C:\MININT\TXTSETUP.SIF to C:\cmdcons, copy X:\autorun0reg_pehd.cmd to C:\MININT\autorun0reg.cmd, overwrite the existing files. 6. Copy the folder X:\"Documents and Settings" to C:\MININT. 7. Copy the following folders from the root directory of the Super WinPE Plus CD (XSmile to the root directory of your Boot-Drive C:, overwrite existing Files/Folder: "Documents and Settings", "Programs", "Program_Files", "BART", "BIN", "EXECUTE", "PARAGON", "UTILITY". 8. Your WinPE on Hard-Drive will be ready upon next boot from your Hard-Drive.
  4. Bootable CD-Menu Using Boot Scriptor Version 1.2.18, the CD is now able to display BSI & BMP images during the booting time. The CD is bootable directly into a Main Menu (both GUI and TEXT based are provided) from which you can choose to boot WinPE XP-SP1 [Version 5.1.2600], Winternals ERD Commander 2003, Windows XPE 2004 (English or Chinese Edition) or Disk Commander 1.1.
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