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Đạo đức trong nghiên cứu

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Begin data collection by explaining to the participant the benefits expected from the research

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  1. What are Research Ethics? • Ethics are norms or standards of Chng 5: behavior that guide moral choices about ð o ñ c trong nghiên c u our behavior and our relationships with others • The goal is to ensure that no one is harmed or suffers adverse consequences from research activities 5-1 5-2 Ethical Treatment of Participants Deception • Begin data collection by explaining to • The participant is told only part of the the participant the benefits expected truth or when the truth is fully from the research compromised • Explain to the participants that their • To prevent biasing the participants rights and well-being will be adequately before the survey or experiment protected, and say how this will be done • To protect the confidentiality of a third • Be certain that interviewers obtain the party informed consent of the participant 5-3 5-4 Issues Related to Protecting Participants Ethical Issues related to the Client • Informed consent • Sponsor non-disclosure • Debriefing • Purpose non-disclosure • Right to Privacy/Confidentiality • Findings non-disclosure • Data Collection in Cyberspace • Right to quality research 5-5 5-6 1
  2. Ethics Related to Sponsor Ethical Issues related to Researchers and Team Members • Sometimes researchers will be asked by • Safety sponsors to participate in unethical behavior. • To avoid coercion by sponsor the researcher should: • Ethical behavior of assistants – Educate sponsor to the purpose of research • Protection of anonymity – Explain researcher’s role – Explain how distortion of the truth leads to future problems – If necessary, terminate relationship with 5-7 sponsor 5-8 2



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