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  • This article has the purpose to analyze the relevance of adopted in Morocco, in view of the proposal of a new exchange controls regime for Morocco.

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  • Economic performance evaluation problem consists many criteria and sub criteria. Therefore it is a kind of multi-criteria decision making (MCDM) problem. It is very important for a country to monitor performance parameters in order to ensure that appropriate and timely decisions and plans can be made. Suitable performance measures can ensure that governments adopt a long-term perspective and allocate the country’s resources to the most effective activities.

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  • This paper examines the relationship between fiscal deficit and economic growth for the period 1950-51 to 2014-15 in case of Odisha. The empirical result of Johansen-Juseilius cointegration approach established the long run association between fiscal deficit and economic growth and through VECM model we conclude unidirectional causality that runs from fiscal deficit to economic growth both in the short run and long run. This empirical finding goes in favor of Keynesian school of thought.

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  • Nigeria has been financing budget deficit overtime but their implications on economic stability have not been fully ascertained. This study sought to investigate the implications of deficit financing on economic stability in Nigeria between 1970-2013. The study adopted regression analysis.

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  • This paper investigates empirically the causal relationship between capital account liberalization and economic growth using the Toda and Yamamoto’s approach for selected emerging countries during the period 1975-2011. The evidence seems to be supportive of a causality running from capital account liberalization to economic growth.

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  • The aim of this paper is to apply a Gaussian process to decompose the time series of crude default rates into three components: age of the loan, quality of the loan and the exogenous economic environment. This is supported by the empirical result for a mortgage and personal loans portfolio based on five years of historic data.

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  • This paper examines impacts of macroeconomic news on Vietnamese state-owned enterprises’ (SOEs) performance. Macroeconomic news variables are based on changes in GDP, interest rate, and inflation, respectively. We consider Vietnamese non-financial listed firms, and panel data regression is proposed. Our results show that interest rate is found to be significantly negative associated with firm performance but changes in GDP and firm performance are positively related.

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  • Chinese economic prosperity strategies are discussed in detail in this paper. By examine Chinese economic present situation, 5 major strategies are demonstrated thoroughly: 1) Speed-maintaining strategies, 2) Healthy economy strategy, 3) Competiveness strategy, 4) People’s quality enhancement, 5) Balanced development strategy. All economic related factors must be balanced for a sustainable growth. The eventual goal is to achieve a homogeneous and balanced Chinese Economic Prosperity .

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  • Foreign Direct Investment becomes one of the business globalization forces. It is by this meaning, a strong factor having its evident impact on tying together the economies and forcing the exchange waves between them. In this context, the advocates of foreign investment claim that it brings new technology and know-how in an attempt to increase productivity and enhance efficiency.

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  • The aim of this paper is to analyze empirically the relationship between sectoral Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and macroeconomic variables in the long-run and short-run in Turkey for the period from 2005 to 2016. The cointegration analysis and error correction models are used to test long-run relationship and short-run effects respectively. It is expected that the using of sectoral level data may disentangle the relationship FDI and macroeconomic variables.

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